20 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas

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The garage is actually the car’s place in the home. But you know very well that it’s not just the car that lives there.

It’s a catch-all place for almost anything that you won’t store in the house – woodworking stuff, kids’ toys, garden tools, camping gears, seasonal decors, etc.

It does get cluttered and disorganized. But if you can make time to organize the house, why not include the garage too?

You’ll be thankful when you do.

Here’s a roundup of garage storage ideas that you will definitely find useful!

1. DIY when you can.

There are lots of things you can do yourself when it comes to organizing the garage. From containers to shelves, and other organizing tools, you can DIY.

It will take more time and effort than when you don’t build things yourself, but it’s worth it and you save lots of money doing so.

Hence, my first advice is to DIY when you can! Here are garage storage ideas to DIY!

2. Use small mason jars for the small stuff.

Give your nails, bolts, nuts, screws and other small items their own place in the garage – inside mason jars.

Mason jars are transparent so you can see clearly what’s inside. Just let those mason jars sit nicely in shelves.

Or attach the covers to the shelves just like this!

When you need to get something, just twist the jar and you’re good!

3. Keep leftover paint in mason jars.

Here’s another practical use of mason jar in the garage – a place for all your leftover paint!

It really looks so cluttered when you just let all your paint stay in their containers. But when you transfer them to mason jars, it looks neat, organized, and pretty too!

Really colorful, isn’t it?

4. Make use of decorative metal wire baskets.

Wire baskets lets you keep your stuff organized in one place and easy to grab.

One sample is this row of wire baskets. Inside are various gym equipments so you can exercise in your own garage.

Wire baskets have many uses when it comes to organization, not just in the garage. Here are more ways you can use wire baskets in your home.

5. Use plastic containers and label them.

This is one of my favorite organization tricks in the bedroom. As you see, this is also very much applicable in the garage!

Buy plastic containers and use that to categorize and keep your stuff in the garage.

Also put labels so you don’t get confused as to what is inside each bin.

6. Use plastic baskets.

Just like plastic containers, baskets are also great in organizing.

plastic baskets for the garage
From Tidbits

You can use them to create a toy storage system in the garage for your kids. If you have cabinets, place the baskets inside so that your stuff won’t get dusty even if they’re not covered.

Don’t forget to put labels as it’s confusing without them.

White baskets are great but colorful ones are also cool!

7. Invest in metal shelf units that are easy to install.

A shelf is definitely a must-have when you speak of garage storage.

Where will you place those mason jars? In shelves.

How about those bins with various stuff? In shelves too.

Using a metal shelf is an easy solution when you need a shelf right away. It’s easy to install. And it’s strong too, so it can hold heavy stuff in the garage.

8. Use wall-mounted shelves.

Install plenty of shelves on your wall and maybe that’s all the garage storage you’ll ever need.

Keep your stuff in bins. Again, label them. Then stack those bins in the shelves like this.

9. Use a peg board.

Peg boards are so practical organization tool. You can use it to hang almost anything.

Cleaning tools…

Woodworking tools…

Paint tools…

Gardening tools…

You see? Pegboards are so flexible! You can use it in a lot of ways in the garage.

And not just in the garage. But all around the house actually!

10. Attach small metal wire baskets.

Small metal wire baskets are great for those little tools and frequently used items.

It makes it so easy to grab a tool, and even easier to return it. You just drop it to the basket and that’s it!

garage storage ideas - small metal wire baskets for regularly used tools
From Tidbits

Here are more ways you can use wire baskets in the home.

11. Use a slat wall.

If you need an open space that’s bright, easy to clean, and which can hold every stuff that you use everyday, a slat wall is one of your best choices!

With bins, baskets, hooks and cords, you can easily customize it according to your needs. Plus, you can add the decors that you want.

You want it to be colorful? Go ahead and paint it with bright colors!

Do plants look good on it? Add some!

Do it in a way that’s refreshing to the eyes and inspires you to work!

12. Install rain gutter shelving for spray paints.

Keep your spray paints visible and easily accessible by putting some rain gutter shelving on your walls.

organizing spray paints in rain gutter
From flickr

Just add more gutter shelving if you have a lot of spray paints to store.

13. Invest in school lockers.

At first, this makes me laugh, really. Why in the world would anyone use a school locker in the home???

Answer: Because they have kids whose shoes, coats, and bags, and a lot of other items always get tossed around the house! And it’s messy… always.

Now if you’re a Mom who likes to keep things hidden, out of sight, this one is a cool organization idea.

So me asking that question is in fact… silly… so silly of me!

If you have kids and if you want to move their storage area to the garage, this is one great option!

14. Use the ceiling for storage.

When you need to keep a lot of things off the floor, you need to take advantage of that space in the ceiling.

Mount a rack into your ceiling. Make sure that it’s strong to hold your stuff up there. You don’t want them falling onto you!

Use that to store seasonal things like camping gears, and other stuff that you don’t regularly use.

15. Hang your bikes!

Yup! If they’re taking too much space in the garage, hang them up vertically to the wall!

Just make sure they’re still easy to reach. There are several ways to do that, but my favorites are these two.

Using wall hooks.

And using a monkey bar storage.

16. A rack for the lawn tools.

Store your lawn tools vertically using a tool rack.

The rack holds the tools perfectly well so you can be confident that your tools won’t topple on each other.

17. Have a multi-functional work table.

A multi-purpose work table lets you do your garage work and store stuff in it at the same time.

Choose a table that fits in your space well. And if you can afford one with wheels, take that!

18. Use a magnetic tool holder.

Just stick your tools onto it and that’s it! Your tools are all organized! Super easy!

19. Keep all your kids’ balls in mesh bins.

When your kids love ball games, then you must have a lot of balls rolling around in the garage and all around your house.

Keep the ball clutter under control simply by setting up mesh bins in your garage.

Train your kids to always put the balls back there when they’re done playing.

20. Conceal your stuff with curtains.

Wanna keep those big things hidden but too big for a cabinet? Just cover them with curtains and they’re out of sight!

You can keep the garage organized.

If you feel that the garage is too difficult to organize, you’re not alone. I feel you.

Personally, I find it the most difficult place to organize in the house. Well… maybe because I don’t know most of the stuff in there. I mean… it’s my hubby’s place.

But… with the right tools and the most appropriate ideas for your place, you can keep it organized!

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