20 Awesome Bedroom Shelves for Saving Space

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Does your bedroom feel so small? Bedroom shelves could be just what you’re missing!

One of the best things you can do to maximize your space is to install shelves in your bedroom. Let these shelves serve as a storage area, a working desk, a nightstand, or a simple nest for nice decors.

You may feel limited by your own space. But the truth is, what you lack in floor space, you can make up for by maximizing the walls – using shelves. So there’s really nothing that’s stopping you from making the most of the space you already have.

This post will show you different bedroom shelves ideas (mostly are bedroom shelves for the wall) that you can follow to save space in your bedroom, and feel relaxed and at home in it.

Your bedroom is your very own sanctuary. Now let me help you feel that way!


1. Install a floating nightstand.

A bedroom is always more functional with a nightstand – a place for your lamp and your favorite book. However, traditional nightstands may not be what’s ideal when you’re in a tight space.

So instead of the usual nightstands that you see, opt for a floating nightstand!

bedroom shelves - floating nightstand
From Pinterest

Floating nightstands open the space underneath to visually enlarge the space. It’s the perfect fit for any room!

Now, it doesn’t have to be a one-shelf nightstand. There can be two shelves like this one.

bedroom shelves - 2-shelf floating nightstand
From Bob Vila

And then there’s this minimalist nightstand where you need just a little space for it.

No matter what kind of floating nightstand you choose, always pick something that fits your bedroom’s space, style and mood.

Here are similar shelves from Amazon.

Check out this page for similar shelves from Amazon.

2. Go for a hanging nightstand!

Just like the floating nightstand, you’ll save lots of floor space with a hanging nightstand. Not only is this space saving and functional, but it’s a way for you to create your own vibe.

Usually, hanging bedside nightstands are made with three strings and a wood that’s spherical in shape.

However, you can be as creative as you like. You can even try a swing style hanging nightstand for a more playful look!

bedroom shelves - hanging nightstand swing type
From Pinterest

Here’s a similar one from Amazon – Boho Wall Hanging Shelf.

And here’s another – a round one – a flower pot holder actually, but, I think it can be like the round hanging nightstand! It’s really cute!

If you don’t like what you see, here are more options from Amazon.

3. Maximize the corner with floating shelves.

An often-overlooked space is the corner.

With floating shelves, transform any corner into a bookshelf! This is a great way to save space, and still have a place to display your framed photos or favorite books. You can either choose wood or glass shelves for decorating the space.

How many corner floating shelves you need to put in your corner is fully dependent on your needs.

You may need a few short shelves, just to display décor.

Or you may want a full-length shelf to display book collections and still put some nice decor into it.

Either way, having some floating corner shelves is such a great idea to put that space into good use.

Here a similar set of corner shelves from Amazon.

Check this page for more choices.

4. Install shelves near the ceiling.

Install shelves near the ceiling for items that you don’t use a lot.

If your room allows it, provide space between the ceiling and the shelves, so that you can still use the space in between. Maximize the length of the room.

bedroom shelves - floating shelves near the ceiling
From Pinterest

Add baskets to the top of the shelves so it’s easy to organize the things that you put in there. You can fill it with extra blankets and sheets, or seasonal clothing.

Put labels on your baskets. This makes it easy to know what’s inside each one without having to go up there, and searching for what you need.

Image from Ideal Home

5. Use crates.

Crates have become very popular and are the perfect DIY project. Recycled old wooden crates can become interesting storage containers in your bedroom. 

Wooden crates can be fitted together to create a mini library in your bedroom and a place for some nice decor.

6. Try a hanging storage bin.

Hanging storage bins are a quick and easy storage solution. Use them for storing office or craft supplies in your bedroom.

The bins easily slide out keeping everything organized and can be hung close to your work area. They are also perfect for keeping important things away from small hands or curious pets.

Plus, you can still use the top part of the shelves to arrange other stuff!

7. Go for a ladder display shelf!

Ladder shelves are trendy and functional, a stylish space-saving solution designed to fit into tight places.

They fit nicely against a corner wall – a great place to store books or display framed photos.

bedroom shelves - ladder display shelf
From Pinterest

Ladder shelves come in many different colors and sizes, so there’s always a ladder shelf that will fit your needs and style!

8. Go for a multi-purpose ladder shelf!

If using a ladder for storage and display sounds intriguing, why not go all the way? Why not go for a multi-purpose ladder shelf?

For example, you may need work space in your bedroom. A ladder like this allows you ample work space without cluttering your room. You can also use the top shelves for decor and storing some supplies .

bedroom shelves - multi purpose ladder
From Pinterest

Isn’t this an excellent way to organize your work and study area?

Multi purpose ladders are designed with smaller spaces in mind. They provide lots of storage even if what you have is just a little corner. It’s perfect for any bedroom!

Even in the living room, this idea is applicable! So if you prefer working in the living room rather than in your bedroom, you can, by all means, use a multi-purpose ladder!

9. Attach a tiny shelf just above the bed.

Why not use that space above your bed? This area is often a neglected storage opportunity, so mount a floating shelf above your bed.

It’s an extra space for your books, or an easy place to put your glasses.

It can be a simple open shelf like this.

a shelf above the bed
From Pinterest

Or cubic shelves like this. Above the shelves is a space that you can still use for framed photos or decor. And you can add lights for evening reads in your bed!

beside and above the bed shelving
From Pinterest

It can also be something like this – a little space just below the cabinets.

above the bed
From Pinterest

So how about you? How’s that space above your bed?

10. Hide the shelves at the back of the headboard.

Do you love the idea of a hidden storage?

If you do, well… this is one!

Behind the headboard is a hidden storage area which is great for putting books and magazines.

using the back of the headboard
From Pinterest

Also, keeping things hidden from view will make your bedroom appear clutter-free and organized. But, just because it’s hidden, don’t leave that space cluttered.

Organize your things in there even if nobody knows about it but you.

By the way, here’s a comfortable headboard, in case you need something better for your bedroom.

11. Have some built-in shelves.

Built-in shelving saves space and makes your bedroom appear larger.

Aside from that, it allows you to stow away clothes, shoes, extra bedding, books and more, while ensuring that you still have enough space for other things. And that’s because, built-in shelves save a lot of floor space!

All you need is a corner or a wall. That’s how unique and useful a built-in shelf is.

built in shelves for shoes
From Pinterest

Even that space above the bed can be a great place for a built-in storage.

built in shelves above the bed
From Pinterest

12. Maximize the wall beside the bed.

Using the walls as much as possible allows you to have a larger floor space where you can freely move.

maximizing the wall

You are free to use that space for any activity that you need to do in your bedroom. Be it organizing, cleaning, crafting, working, meditating, etc.

Not just that, a larger space also feels calming after a long day’s work.

So consider using up your wall for storage. I’m not saying don’t leave any space on it anymore. But what I’m saying is… use your walls as much as you can for storing and organizing your stuff.

Use it for cabinet space and build lots of bedroom shelves on it!

13. Fully make use of that vertical space.

Don’t forget your vertical space! If there’s only so much horizontal space in your bedroom, fully utilize that space from floor to ceiling.

Install your bedroom shelves vertically!

vertical shelves
From Pinterest
vertical shelves
From Pinterest

14. How about a floating corner desk?

Do you have a small piece of wood that is left unused?

That could be just the material that you need to create a discreet nook in that little corner of your bedroom! Optimize your space with a floating corner desk!

Recycled pallet wood will also work wonders in your little corner! If you have a bit more space, see if it can accommodate your desktop computer, and it can be just the home office space you need!

15. Try a fold-down working table.

A pull-down working table is another great idea when you need a desk in your bedroom.

It takes up just a fraction of the space that a traditional desk needs. In fact, it can even be better than a floating shelf. And that’s because, when you’re not using it, you can fold it, and it just sticks there on the wall.

You’re then free to use that vacant space for activities that won’t require a desk.

Fold down desks can fit anywhere. You just have to find the right size for your bedroom.

Take this one for example. It’s just like a very tiny box.

And here’s something for your teen’s room too!

fold down desk for teens
From Pinterest

Check these cute fold-down working tables we found at Amazon!

Tangkula Wall Mounted Table with Storage Area

Yu Yusing Fold Down Laptop Table with Storage

Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table

Visit this page for more choices!

16. Make this really unique DIY shelf.

What makes this DIY shelf really unique is that, an elastic was used to hold the books underneath. Then you can use the top portion for your favorite plant, and display photos and other decors.

Watch its video at Pinterest so you, yourself can say how cool this project is!

17. Maximize the space by the window.

Shelves around a window can add an interesting touch to your bedroom, while maximizing unused space.

Great place for your book collections!  But of course, you’re free to customize it for your needs.

bedroom shelves by the window
From Pinterest

18. Use that space above the door.

The space above your door is the perfect place to mount a shelf.  It’s perfect to stash away your book collections.

shelves above the door
From Pinterest
above the door
From Pinterest

19. How about a staircase railing?

Here’s a pretty useful idea for your staircase railing. Don’t let it be just something to hold when you go up and down the stairs. Make it a bookshelf at the same time!

bookshelf in the staircase railing
From BookBub

Lengths can vary to hold just a few books, to holding an entire collection.

I say it’s cool, isn’t it?

20. Make some for the kids too!

Let your creativity flow with these bedroom shelves for your kids too! This is not just for storage, but it’s also a great way to add some color to their bedroom.

for your kids room

Paint them bright and interesting colors. Then use the shelves to display your child’s favorite toys and books.

This one here uses crates. Crates are cool for your kids’ bedroom. Install a couple on the wall, and that can be your vertical storage for the toys! Organize the toys well and it looks pretty nice – like a home decor in itself!

bedroom shelves - crates for your kids' room
Image from Hus & Hem

It’s shelving time!

You now have different ideas on bedroom shelves that can transform your room from tight to just the right space.

So what are you waiting for? Decide which shelving is the most appropriate for every nook and cranny of your bedroom. Put it into reality and start enjoying your place!

Looking for more space-saving ideas for your bedroom? Try these!

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