20 Living Room Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home!

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lighting ideas for the living room

What good is a beautiful, well-arranged living room if you do not have enough lighting to show it off?

We have seen some homes with great living rooms during the day but at night, you find that the room is too dim. Dark surroundings may be great for enjoying the TV but what if you want to do some reading or do some work in the living room? You probably won’t be able to see what you are doing.

You and your loved ones should not suffer in the dark. But we know hard it is to choose the right lighting – after all, there are different types of light fixtures and lamps that are designed for different uses. So, to help you out, here are 20 lighting ideas to brighten up your living room!

1. Double your ceiling lights.

If you have a great ceiling light fixture, why not get two of them?

Living room lighting - Double your ceiling lights
Image from: Home Bunch

Having two identical major center lights from the ceiling can create symmetry in your living room. And it’s not something you normally see so it adds a fun element to the living room’s design as well.

This trick can make any living room look larger than it is.

2. Place a floor lamp behind a furniture.

We are used to the style of pushing furniture against the walls to get more floor space. But when it comes to lighting, a great trick is to place a tall or arching floor lamp behind a chair.

Living room lighting - Place a floor lamp behind a furniture
Image from: Decor Pad

This will not only brighten up the room, but the floor lamp will also add visual interest in the living room. This tip is great for an accent chair in a dark corner. With the floor lamp, you would realize that it makes a great reading spot!

3. Pick the right lampshade.

The type, weight, and color of the lampshade will affect the amount and tone of light it emits. So, when choosing a lamp, you have to pay close attention to its shade.

For instance, if you want brightness, you should go for lampshades made out of glass or mesh material.

Meanwhile, you might like this stained glass lampshade.

4. Invest in LED recessed lighting.

LED recessed lighting is becoming very popular when it comes to living room ceiling lights. Although it could be a costly project, the result is usually worth it.

Living room lighting - Invest in LED recessed lighting
Image from: Rezigo

It is not only visually pleasing, but it is very easy to maintain. Plus, you get to save money in the long run because LED light bulbs often last for more than 10 years.

5. Frame your couch with two identical lamps.

For those who have a great couch, here is a great lighting tip that will turn your couch into the focal point of the room. Frame it with matching lamps!

Living room lighting - Frame your couch with two identical lamps
Image from: Home Decor

It could be matching floor lamps or matching table lamps (just make sure the tables are on match too). It adds more symmetry to your living room and makes the room look bigger because it is more cohesive.

6. Get a floor lamp with a widespread reach.

To maximize the use of a floor lamp, get ones that have multiple light bulbs or “branches” that you can spread out into different directions to shed more light in different areas.

Living room lighting - Get a floor lamp with a widespread reach
Image from: Lights.ie

7. Use task lighting for watching TV.

If you watch TV in the living room with your family, you will probably find that dimmed lighting is preferred to reduce the glare on the TV screen. Instead of an overhead light, you should choose task lighting.

This means that even when the overall room is dim, you can still have enough lighting to read because there is a lamp in the corner.

8. Use sconces to frame wall art.

Sconces are light fixtures that are great space savers because they simply take up wall space. If you have great wall art, you can use sconces to frame it and make it a focal point of the living room while adding additional lighting to the room.

Living room lighting - Use sconces to frame wall art
Image from: Linly Designs

9. Place a low-hanging lamp over the coffee table.

The living room is a place in your house that everyone should enjoy. When there is a lamp hanging over the coffee table, it draws focus to the furniture. By setting the focus on the coffee table, you are making people think subconsciously that they should hang out.

Living room lighting - Place a low-hanging lamp over the coffee table
Image from: Real Homes

10. Use exposed bulb lamps for brightness.

Another way to work with brighter lamps is to go for designs that expose the light bulbs – no shade. This idea is great when you have an industrial theme going on in your home.

11. Light fixtures that double as art.

If you do not have much space for decoration in the living room, your lighting can do the job for you. So, forget about the standard designs and go with bold and creative lighting to add more interest to a simple living room!

This will help brighten up your living room while giving it a personality as well.

Living room lighting - Light fixtures that double as art
Image from: Dandelion Lighting

12. Get a multitasking floor lamp.

If you have a small living room, it is easy to think that a floor lamp is not worth the floor space. But if you want one, you can invest in a multitasking floor lamp so that it becomes worthy.

There are many floor lamp combinations available these days, like this side table that comes with a built-in lamp. You do not only get additional lighting but more storage space for your things as well.

13. Use track lights.

Track lights are often seen in kitchens but these days, they are now being used in different rooms, especially for those who have modern or industrial interiors. They can be perfect for your living room too!

You do not only get multiple light bulbs lighting up in the room but also have them angled or tilted to focus on different areas of the room.

Living room lighting - Use track lights
Image from: Archdaily

14. Use an oversized overhanging floor lamp.

A huge floor lamp can provide a significant amount of brightness plus it is one of the best ways to get more light for shared living areas. They do not need to be placed on a table or a shelf and they take advantage of vertical space.

Make sure that the arm is pointed towards the center of the room to brighten up your living room.

Living room lighting - Use an oversized overhanging floor lamp
Image from: Pinterest

15. Add shelf lighting.

Another way to add light to your living room is to install shelf lighting. This works well if you have something interesting on your shelves like books, picture frames, or art since the lighting will call attention to the shelf.

This type of lighting fixture will add some soft background light in the living room. And it’s great because it is not overwhelming!

16. Light up corners with a floor lamp.

Corners often end up as dark spots in the living room if you are only working with one overhead light. There is a simple solution for that. Simply add a large floor lamp in the corner of the room!

The tall lamp can transform any dark area into a luminous and soft sanctuary. Plus, if you have good taste, it can also be an additional decorative piece to the room.

17. Get a sculptured lamp and turn it into a conversational piece.

The living room is the place where we often entertain guests. Your lighting can be turned into a conversational piece to get everybody talking if you choose a sculpture and lighting combination to help add more light to your living room.

18. Use pendant lighting.

Pendant lights are usually used for kitchen islands or dining tables. But they do a great job as an overhead or accent light in your living room as well.

Use pendant lighting
Imagae from: Niche Modern

The key is to place them strategically. You can have a couple of pendant lights hanging from the ceiling as an overhead light. You can have a row of pendant lights over the sofa. Or you can have one or two in a corner to create a reading nook.

19. Contemporary LED sconces on the wall.

Sconces are usually used just for highlighting art or an architectural spot in the house because they are known to give off a soft and gentle light. But LED wall sconces are now capable of being brighter and stronger so that they can light up your living room by themselves.

Contemporary LED sconces on the wall
Image from: Like Mois SM

20. Make the switch to LED.

LED lights such as smart light bulbs emit very bright light without giving off heat. Installing them may be a bit costly but they are long-lasting and energy-efficient, so the initial cost is worth it.

Switch to LED.
Image from Porcelanosa

Brighten up your living room!

Figuring out the perfect lighting to brighten up your living room can be challenging. But with the tips above, we are sure you will be able to get some ideas that you can implement in your living room. Go try them out!

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Brighten up your living room with these different lighting ideas! It's a challenge to find the perfect lighting, so here are tips to make it easier for you.

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