20 Awesome Patio Lighting Ideas that are Stylish & Creative

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patio lighting ideas

When it comes to outdoor gatherings and hot summer days, the patio is a great spot at home for your house guests and family. That is why these days, a lot of homeowners are decorating their patios well and making sure it is a nice and comfortable spot to use.

But even the most beautiful patio is underwhelming without the right lighting. Nobody wants to hang out on a dark patio or an overly bright one. Whether it is an outdoor party, a casual hangout, or just wanting to dine outdoors the patio should be a well-lit area to set a great atmosphere so that the conversations and the bonding will go on even after the sun sets.

To help you out, here are 20 great patio lighting ideas that you should check out and copy for your own home!

1. String lights on the patio ceiling

If you have a covered patio, you can place string lights all over the ceiling. Hang them in rows or crisscross them. When it lights up at night, it will definitely add some wow factor to your patio.

String lights on the patio ceiling
Image from: A Cultivated Nest

2. Recessed lighting

If your patio has a ceiling, you can use recessed lighting. This is a good option since the lights will be protected from the elements. Also, it is low maintenance because it does not need constant cleaning.

Recessed lighting
Image from: Home Decor Bliss

3. Planter pole lights

Do you need poles to hang your string lights but do you have concrete floors or a wooden deck? There is a solution to that. Stick the pole in a sturdy big planter and you will see that it works as well as sticking it into the ground.

It helps to have an actual plant in the planter for aesthetic purposes – this way, the planter poles will still look pretty under broad daylight.

Planter pole lights
Image from: Dwelling by Design

4. Wrap up the pergola.

Turn your pergola into a dreamy, fairy tale space by wrapping the poles and the top with fairy lights. This one is done using a staple gun and wires attachments so that the wire will not be punctured.

If you have vines around your pergola, you do not have to worry about them harming the greenery as long as you use LED fairy lights.

5. Post cap lights

Another great layer of lighting for your patio is solar post caps that you can place on railings. The solar post caps will automatically adjust their brightness depending on the surrounding light.

They are very easy to install since they are solar, and they require little maintenance. This means that you do not have to stand up to turn on the lights as it gets darker.

6. Ladder lantern chandelier

This is a DIY project that repurposes an old ladder and mason jars. Tea candles are used for the light and you can easily create lantern hangers with wires. In this project, the mason jar jas sand in it to help keep the tea candles in place.

Ladder lantern chandelier
Image from: Beth Bryan Designs

7. Decorative floor lanterns

You can light up your patio and make the ground look better with these decorative floor lanterns. This lantern is designed to place patterns on the surfaces around it. It turns the floor into a decorative space and the effect is magical. It will be a delight to look at and it would be a hit if you have an outdoor party.

8. Pergola post lighting

If your patio area has a pergola, you can place lights on its post. The light will not only make the posts glow in the dark but it will highlight the structure as well. You can easily spend a romantic evening under it any time you want to.

Pergola post lighting
Imagr from: Pinterest

9. Solar curtain lights

You can close off your patio with these solar-powered curtain lights. These lights are controlled with a remote control and they can light up in different modes, so you can choose what kind of lighting you have depending on the mood for the night.

These lights are also waterproof and are made to resist the elements so you can still use them even when it’s raining.

10. Tiki torch planters

If you are fond of having backyard barbecues and other outdoor gatherings at home, your patio can look more festive with these tiki torch planters. This great idea combines lighting and plants to create a decorative effect that you and your guests will enjoy.

The plants in the planter will also add an extra dimension to this decorative element.

Tiki torch planters
Image from: The Gardening Cook

11. Light up the patio umbrella.

Are you using a huge umbrella out on the patio? You should use it for your lighting too. All you have to do is place a string of lights on the inside of the umbrella. When it’s time to light up, you will have a soft glow overhead.

Light up the patio umbrella
Image from: Sunnydaze Decor

12. Birdcage and string lights

Here is another great idea not just for the patio but for any outdoor lighting needs. And they can be a hit for a party. All you have to do is get a couple of nice-looking bird cages and wrap some solar-powered string lights around them.

You can even put other things inside the bird cage like figurines, succulents, old books, flowers, and many more.

Birdcage and string lights
Image from: Pinterest

13. In-floor lighting

Image from Lights.Co.UK

In-floor lighting or floor recessed lighting is a low-voltage lighting option for the patio. Place them in the perimeters of the patio or near the steps if there are any and they will make a perfect layer with other types of lighting.

Recessed lights are usually made with LED which is energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

14. Light up the trellis.

If your porch works against a wall or a trellis, you can use that for your patio lighting. You can easily weave string lights or fairy lights in the trellis and they can easily stay in place.

Make sure to use LED lights so that it does not affect the greenery.

Light up the trellis
Image from: The Range

15. Under-rail lighting

If your patio has a railing around it, one way to provide a soft and warm glow is to use under-rail lighting. It does not only make your patio look welcoming but it also lights up the perimeter, discouraging any thieves from pursuing the patio entrance.

Under-rail lighting
Image from: Decks Direct

16. Hang LED lights with plants

Here is a patio lighting idea that is also decorative at the same time. Hang some cute potted plants on the wall and add some mason jars with LED lights in them. This means people can still appreciate the greenery even when the sun sets.

Hang LED lights with plants
Image from: Closette

17. Solar mason jar lights

This DIY project will add some magic to your patio at night. It’s a project that you can do without any wiring since you are dealing with solar string lights.

When done, all you have to do is mount it on the wall around the patio and you got a great warm glow all over the place.

Solar mason jar lights
Image from: The Navage Patch

18. Techno tiki torch

Want to give your patio a party vibe or lighting with fun colors? This techno tiki torch can do the job for you. They are basically LED torches that glow in any color. And since there are no real flames involved, it is safe to use and you can use it indoors.

Techno tiki torch
Image from: Adafruit

19. Candle chandelier

This DIY project hives an old chandelier new life. The old chandelier is repainted and instead of using electricity, it uses candles. This means you do not have to deal with wiring anymore. You just have to hang them up and then light up the candles when it’s time to use them.

Candle chandelier
Image from: Hey There Home

20. Under-counter lighting for outdoor cooking area

Do you grill out on the patio or have an outdoor cooking area because you like dining outdoors so much? A great layer of light to add to your overall patio lighting is to place lighting under your workspaces. This will help you see what you are doing as you cook.

Get the right lighting for your patio.

The patio is an outdoor space that should not be taken for granted. It should be used all the time! After all, it is not healthy to be stuck indoors all day. With a great-looking patio, everyone will be encouraged to hang out more outdoors.

Patio lights can give a good ambiance to your home, making your family relaxed and making your guests feel welcome. Not only that but patio lights is also a layer of added security to your home. Burglars would think twice before they try to get in through the patio doors.

So, when it comes to decorating your patio, do not forget how important lighting is. The right patio lights can dictate the mood and ambiance you get.

Need more ideas for your patio? Check these out!

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The right patio lights can dictate the mood and ambiance you get. So, here are creative and stylish patio lighting ideas that you will love!

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