20 Backyard Lighting Ideas for a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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backyard lighting ideas

Ever tried having fun hanging out with family or guests in your backyard and the sky turns dark and you have to pause the good times because you need to go indoors? Why stop when it gets dark when you can keep the good times flowing with backyard lighting?

To help you out, we have gathered 20 lighting ideas that you should check out when it comes to lighting up your backyard!

1. Rows of string lights

String lights are one of the most popular choices when it comes to lighting up the backyard. They come in different shapes and sizes. If possible, choose string lights that are made for the outdoors and that are shatterproof for safety reasons.

It is also best if you choose solar-powered or battery-operated string lights so you can easily hang them anywhere. For outdoor open areas, rows of string lights can do wonders for your backyard!

2. Light up your pergola or roof.

If you have an outdoor lounge area under a roof or a pergola, you can make things a little more romantic and dreamy by wrapping the ceiling with string lights. This romantic setup is made possible with LED lights, wire attachments, and a staple gun.

backyard lighting - Light up your pergola or roof
Image from: This Old House

3. Tabletop tiki torch

A tabletop tiki torch is a great lighting idea for lounge areas in the backyard. It does not only provide the right amount of dim lighting, but it also helps keep the bugs away.

This is very handy when there are other outdoor lights nearby that attract bugs. With these mini tiki torches on the table, everyone will be comfortable in their seats!

4. Tabletop candle lanterns

You can never go wrong with tabletop candle lanterns when it comes to mood lighting!

There is just something soothing and romantic about watching a real flame flickering with the wind, don’t you think? Plus, you do not need any batteries or power to use them. And they are very stylish to look at too, doubling as great decor!

backyard lighting - Tabletop candle lanterns
Image from: Stuff

5. Battery-operated tabletop lantern

Sometimes, having an open fire and torches can get dangerous – especially when you have pets or kids around. You can still have dim lighting on your tabletops through battery-operated lanterns. With these items, you do not have to worry about a fire hazard in the backyard.

6. DIY mason jar oil lamp

The oil lamp is one of the oldest forms of lighting known to mankind and to this day, they still work wonders – especially when you are looking for powerless outdoor lighting.

These mason jar oil lamps are not only pretty to make but they smell good and are pretty to look at too so they can double up as decor and air freshener when used!

backyard lighting - DIY mason jar oil lamp
Image from: A Piece of Rainbow

7. Illuminate your walkway.

Path lighting or illuminating your walkways is not only an additional layer of light for the backyard but it also keeps everyone safe by letting them see clearly where they are stepping. Solar lights are perfect for this idea because there is no need to install any wiring.

This particular solar outdoor pathway light comes with a specially designed lighting pattern to make your pathways unique at night.

8. Solar-powered fence lights

Having lights on your fence may seem expensive at first but it is really worth it. You get to see the perimeter of your yard so much better so it can ward off thieves. Plus, it creates a warm layer of lighting that makes your backyard look welcoming and relaxing!

If you get solar-powered lights like this one, you actually get to save money in the long run because it does not add up to your electric bill.

9. Tiki torches

Setting up tiki torches around your backyard will fill your space with light. Tiki torches are also great to have around outdoor dining and lounge areas because they help keep mosquitoes away. They also add a cool, tropical vibe if you host backyard barbecues.

Just take note that since these are open flames and you have to deal with flammable fluids, you need to exercise extreme care when using them.

backyard lighting - Tiki torches
Image from: L’ Essenziale

10. Light up your plants!

Who says your garden or plants can just be appreciated when the sun is out?

Placing lights around your plants will enhance them at night. This also makes people aware of their borders – which are very hard to see at night. So, you do not only get to have additional lights in the backyard, but you also get to protect your plants.

backyard lighting - Light up your plants
Image from: All Your Land Care

11. Fairy light balls

This is a DIY project that can give a warm glowing ambiance to any backyard. And it’s hard to imagine that it all started with just a couple of plant baskets and some fairy lights. It is a very easy project that you can finish in less than 30 minutes!

backyard lighting - Fairy light balls
Image from: From The Blue Shed

12. Highlight the architecture of your house.

If a lot of thought and work has been placed into the architecture of your house, then you should show it off. You can use your backyard lighting to make architectural features like arches, balconies, columns, or a great wall texture more noticeable at night. You can easily do this with wall lights.

backyard lighting - Highlight the architecture of your house
Image from: Cutesy Home

13. Hula hoop chandelier

Just because you are outdoors does not mean that you can’t enjoy the grandeur of having a chandelier. This is a DIY project made out of a hula hoop, lace, and Christmas lights! These are probably things that you already have at home so you do not really need to spend much.

Hula hoop chandelier
Image from: Dollar Store Crafts

14. Use light to decorate outdoor walls.

Your backyard lighting can also double up as wall decor thanks to products like this solar outdoor wall light.

It provides a warm yellow light that projects a unique and beautiful pattern on your walls. It easily creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere if you want to hang out outdoors at night and is very suitable for backyard parties!

15. Hang down string lights from your trees.

Another way to light up your backyard is to hang down solar-powered string lights from your trees. The trick to not making it look too much or like a Christmas tree is to spread out the lights thinly and only use a few for each tree. You will find that it will look more romantic too!

Hang down string lights from your trees
Image from: Pinterest

16. Set up your own light poles.

You want the idea of hanging string lights around the yard but you do not have anything to hang them on? Just put up your own poles!

Take a look at how this family was able to set up their string lights by placing poles in huge planters. You can easily do the same!

Set up your own light poles
Image from: City Farm House

17. Tin can lanterns

If you want a lot of lights but you are on a tight budget, here is a very simple and affordable DIY project that you can do. You can make hundreds of these tin can lanterns and it won’t cost that much. And you do not have to be a great artist to create the patterns on the lantern.

Tin can lanterns

18. Light up the stairs.

If access to your backyard involves going through some stairs, it is best to have some lighting on the steps to avoid accidents. This way, nobody trips when they go up or down the stairs. Illuminating the steps will also add some beauty to your setup.

Light up the stairs
Image from: Best Pick Reports

19. Highlight the pool

If your backyard has a pool, you should highlight it. You can do this by installing LED lights in the pool so the water glows at night or making sure there are lighting fixtures surrounding the pool.

Lighting up this area will ensure fewer accidents too.

Highlight the pool
Image from: Design Rulz

20. Create a firepit.

A fire pit is a good investment for your home. It does not only help light up your backyard but it is also a great way to relax under the stars and get cozy. They are always a hit during gatherings and kids can do their own s’mores.

Create a firepit
Image from: Point 2 Homes

Get the right lighting for your backyard.

Your backyard can look like a magical place every night with the right lighting. If you want a well-lit backyard, go for layered lighting and make sure that your lights are strategically placed.

Just remember that you are not supposed to overdo your outdoor lighting and make it as bright as your interiors. A warm, dim glow is enough without causing light pollution in your neighborhood.

With the right lighting, you do not only get to transform your yard, but you also get to use the space to its full potential even when the sun is down. Now the conversation can keep going all night long!

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Make your backyard a magical place with the right lighting! Here are various ideas you can try to give your outdoor space a nice glow at night.

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