20 Small Patio Ideas Which You Will Definitely Love!

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small patio ideas

If your patio is more on the small side, that does not mean you should give up on having a nice outdoor living area where you and your guests can lounge. After all, a patio is made to be enjoyed so you should do what you can to make use of the space – no matter how little it is.

To help you start, here are 20 ideas that you should check out to enhance and maximize your small patio.

1. Create zones.

If you want a multifunctional patio, you should create zones – especially in small spaces. But be warned that you may need to use minimal furniture this way.

For instance, you can have the grill and small bistro table set up on one side while you can have your space for lounging on the other side.

small patio ideas - Create zones
Image from: Homes and Gardens

2. Define your priorities.

If your patio is only small enough for one function, then you should pause to think about your priorities. What do you want out of your patio? Do you want to use it for entertaining guests or outdoor dining?

If you want it for your guests, you do not need to squeeze in a dining table. If you want to dine al fresco all the time, then you should just do the entertainment indoors in the living room.

small patio ideas - Define your priorities
Image from: Homes and Antiques

3. Scale your furniture appropriately.

Before getting outdoor furniture, you have to make sure that you get the right size. For one, big tables and chairs will not fit a small patio because it limits the space for people to move around.

Because of the limited space, you should also think well of the number of furniture you use. Do you have enough space for both a lounge and dining area or just enough space for one of the two?

4. Get a corner bench to save space.

Placing a bench in the corner of your small patio against a wall, fence, or railing, gives you more floor space. You can fill that space with a coffee table or leave it open for other activities like working out.

This tip helps you utilize every inch of space on your patio.

small patio ideas - Get a corner bench to save space
Image from: Nine

5. Use folding chairs.

Folding chairs are very practical and they can put a charming vibe for your small patio. They are easy to move around and you can just fold them and set them aside if you need a bigger space for another activity like barbecuing or doing yoga.

6. Stick to a color palette.

Just because it is an outdoor space does not mean it should all be drab and neutral. It helps to incorporate some colors in there – especially if it is always sunny in your place.

You can incorporate a color palette through your rug, pillows, plant holders, and other patio decor and accessories. A common color unifies the look of the place, making it look neater.

small patio ideas - Stick to a color palette
Image from: Plow and Hearth

7. Build a fold-down bar.

If you want to have a bar on your patio but lack the space, you can copy this DIY fold-down bar.

Fold down the floating table when you need it and then tuck it back into the wall when not in use. You can get foldable stools to match it too. The table can be used for anything – to hold food, do your crafts, and even serve as a desk so you can work on the patio.

small patio ideas - Build a fold-down bar
Image from: Turtles and Tails

8. Surround the area with anti-bug plants.

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate a nice day outdoors when there are a lot of bugs.

If you plan to have plants in your patio area, you can hit two birds with one stone when you choose bug-repelling plants like lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and scented geraniums. These plants work well to repel mosquitoes and flies.

small patio ideas - Surround the area with anti-bug plants
Image from: Tidy Mom

9. Use your walls for decor.

A small patio has limited space so you should stray away from decorations that take up floor space – unless they are functional.

If you want to decorate, use the wall space available instead. They are easy to spot and will not take up so much space. You can put up wall art or paint a mural on the wall.

small patio ideas - Use your walls for decor
Image from: Happy Gardens

10. Get an outdoor storage bench.

A bench that comes with storage space beneath the seat is very helpful for small patios. You can use the space to hide garden tools, outdoor toys, and many more.

If your patio does not come with a roof, you also can easily store away the pillows underneath when it rains so they don’t get wet.

small patio ideas - Get an outdoor storage bench
Image from: Jen Woodhouse

11. Add in a fire pit.

If your patio space is the ground, why not add in a fire pit and have your lounge seats around it? A fire pit is not only great for the cooler seasons. You can also enjoy them year-round.

You can use the fire pit to keep warm and to grill your food. And when you are not using it, you can put a lid over the pit and turn it into a table!

12. Create this mini charcoal grill centerpiece.

Don’t have space for a firepit or your patio is a deck? You can make do with this mini grills centerpiece project!

It does not only look cute, but it is also a genius way for you to enjoy grilling food without having to leave your guests or miss out on the conversation. Just put this in the center of the table and everyone can grill and talk away.

small patio ideas - Create this mini charcoal grill centerpiece
Image from: HWTM

13. Invest in a foldable dining set.

If you want the option to eat outside on your patio but it is not something that you will get to do often, skip the full outdoor dining set. Instead, go for a foldable dining set.

This one looks like a slim table when all folded up that you can easily set to the side.

14. Go bold and bright.

One advantage small patios have over bigger ones is that you can use bold and bright colors without making them look tacky or too much. Bold and bright colors give out a cheerful and youthful vibe and would want people to hang out a little more.

small patio ideas - Go bold and bright
Image from: Homedit

15. Have a cooler for the patio.

If you like to enjoy your cold drinks on the patio during a hot afternoon or at night when you need to unwind after a long day, you would love this patio cooler stand.

small patio ideas - Have a cooler for the patio
Image from: Eddie and Steph

With this DIY project, you no longer have to go inside to get another drink. Just fill the cooler with ice and place your drinks there. It also comes with a lid that gives you an additional surface area to hold items temporarily when the cooler is not in use.

16. Put up a wall.

Sometimes, it is hard to enjoy your patio when people from the streets can see you or you have nosey neighbors. It helps to have some privacy so why not put up a wall?

This DIY Garden slat wall will not only give you some privacy away from prying eyes, but you can also use it as a decorative backdrop. You can easily change the decors every season.

Put up a wall
Image from: Taryn Whiteaker

17. From railing to bar table.

Here is another way to maximize space in a small patio that has railings around it. Turn one side into a bar table and then set up some stools for seating. This idea will give you some floor space left for other furniture, a mini bar, or a barbecue grill.

From railing to bar table
Image from: Cleverly Inspired

18. Use a small water feature.

Are you dreaming of having a tropical oasis for your porch? Aside from plants, it helps to have a compact water feature that allows you to enjoy the sound of running water too.

Pick a tall and narrow fountain art or go for small tabletop fountains. They are not as expensive as you think!

19. Get a living wall.

If you do not have enough floor space for potted plants but you want a “greener” patio, you can have a living wall installed. It’s like having a vertical garden and as the plants grow, they can eventually turn your small patio into a jungle paradise.

Just make sure you can handle the responsibilities of maintaining a living wall.

Get a living wall
Image from: Plants on Wall

20. Embrace minimalism.

For any limited space, you can’t go wrong with a minimalist theme – even for outdoor spaces like the patio. A small patio works best when there is less clutter. The fewer things you have to deal with, the more space you get!

Embrace minimalism
Image from: Shelterness

Try these creative ideas for your small patio!

As you can see, there are a lot of easy tips and ideas to enhance and maximize your small patio. You just have to be creative sometimes. Whether you go for space-saving furniture, divide the area or zones, or use multifunctional decors or designs, you will surely end up with a patio space that you would love to use every day.

With these ideas above, you will realize that there is always room to entertain guests even with the limited space that you have in your small patio!

Need more ideas for your patio? Check these out!

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