20 Cheap Patio Decor Ideas that Will Fit Even in a Tight Budget

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cheap patio decor ideas

If your home comes with a patio, you sure are in luck! It’s an opportunity for you to have an outdoor living space that you can use to lounge and dine.

Therefore, you should make some effort to decorate and make the patio look better so that everyone would want to use it on a nice day. You can even make it look good enough to entertain your guests out when it gets stuffy in the living room.

And don’t worry! Decorating your patio does not have to be expensive. Here, we gathered 20 patio decor ideas that are cheap, and you can copy when you are on a tight budget.

Let’s dive in!

1. Make it cozy with cushions.

Cushions do not only make seats comfortable – they also help pretty up the place. Just make a more conscious decision when choosing colors and patterns!

cheap patio decor - Make it cozy with cushions
Image from: Big Leaf

You can create the outdoor cushion covers yourself and you do not have to be an expert in using a sewing machine to make one. There are a lot of tutorials online and outdoor fabric only costs about $3.

2. Make your own lanterns.

You can add some romantic lighting around your porch and spend almost next to nothing by upcycling a couple of tin cans.

Drill in your lantern pattern in the can, paint it with outdoor paint, then simply place a small candle in it. When nighttime comes, light up the candles and you can enjoy the dim romantic glow of your DIY lanterns.

cheap patio decor -Make your own lanterns
Image from: HGTV

3. Lay out an outdoor rug.

A change of pattern in the floor can easily entice people to gather and lounge. If your patio has a deck or is cemented, you can lay out an eye-catching outdoor rug.

There are lots of low-cost but stylish outdoor rugs that you can buy. You can even DIY the project by painting over an old rug!

4. Use curtains.

Curtains are not just for indoors. You can use them to make your patio a bit more private if you want to – especially if it can easily be seen from the street!

There are outdoor curtains that you can purchase online. Or save money by making your own drop cloth curtains. If the weather is too hot for curtains, you can still use this cheap patio decor tip, but use sheer or mesh fabric.

cheap patio decor -Use curtains
Image from: DIY Joy

5. Add some shade.

When the sun gets too sunny in your area, it is better when your patio has some shade. There are some cheap alternatives to setting up a permanent roof over your patio like a shade sail.

It’s easy to set up and take down and does not cost that much. It doubles up as a decor too!

cheap patio decor -Add some shade
Image from: Homedit

6. Hang up a hammock.

You do not need an outdoor lounge set or a dining set on your patio. You can go minimalist or simple by just setting up a hammock instead.

Add a rug and some outdoor floor pillows and cushions and you now have a low-maintenance bohemian spot to hang out in your house!

cheap patio decor -Hang up a hammock
Image from: House to Decor

7. Hang an outdoor wall clock.

It is easy to lose track of time when you are lounging and enjoying the sun. One useful but cheap decor that you can put up on your patio is an outdoor wall clock. There are lots of decorative pieces that you can buy online that can withstand the elements just like this one!

8. Use potted plants.

You can turn your patio into your own private oasis with a couple of potted plants. This is a great idea if you don’t have room for a garden.

Being surrounded by greenery and plants can turn your patio into a relaxing area to lounge and rest. Just look at how all the plants in this patio instantly remind you of a spa!

9. Build a pallet bench.

Outdoor furniture is usually costly but that does not mean you can’t have them. You can easily create a bench with just a couple of pallets! You can also use sealant on the wood to help it last longer.

Add some cushions and outdoor pillows and now you have your own outdoor furniture for more than half the price!

cheap patio decor -Build a pallet bench
Image from: RK Black Inc.

10. Create your own rope ottoman.

This ottoman project is turning out to be one of the best ways to recycle old tires. It is a very simple DIY project that is easy to make and all you need is some rope, a tire, and a glue gun!

When you are done, you will end up with a cheap but perfect patio decor that looks like you got it from a store.

cheap patio decor -Create your own rope ottoman
Image from: Style me Pretty

11. Light up your walls.

Here is another fun yet affordable way to light up your patio at night. These wall lights are solar-powered, so you do not have to deal with additional wiring to set them up.

This one puts up a lotus pattern on your wall at nighttime. Impressive, right?

12. Set up a stone bench.

Here is a cute DIY outdoor bench made out of stacked stones and a wooden plank. You can do the same with cheap bricks instead of stone slabs. Just make sure they are stable enough to support the weight of one or two people. It is a simple décor and seating solution and blends in well outdoors.

cheap patio decor -Set up a stone bench
Image from: Lina Palandet

13. Put up a sign.

Signs can help set a vibe. Welcome everyone to hang out on your patio by putting up a sign like this one.

There are ready-made products that are made for the outdoors and do not cost much. You can also save money by creating your own sign.

14. Hanging lounge chair.

For adults who still love the swing, you can enjoy your favorite playground activity with this hanging lounge chair. Now you can have the perfect seat to do some lazy lounging and it’s not that hard to make!

Hanging lounge chair
Image from The Merry Thought

15. Hang potted plants on a ladder.

A cute way to display potted plants on your patio is to lean a ladder in a corner and hang your plants on the steps. You can even make your own ladder if you have a lot of sticks and twigs lying around your rug just like this DIY project.

Hang potted plants on a ladder
Image from: Ashbee Design

16. Terracotta accent table.

This is a great affordable decor when you have a small patio. You can still have a cute and small accent table even with limited floor space thanks to this DIY project. And all you need is just a huge terracotta pot and some gorilla glue! You can use this to hold flower vases or your drinks as you lounge on the patio.

Terracotta accent table
Image from: Thrifty and Chic

17. Beat off bugs with a Tiki torch.

Here is one cool and cheap way to have some dim lighting at night while repelling bugs like pesky mosquitoes. It is a very easy project and does not cost you much – most of the materials you will need are readily available in your home.

Beat off bugs with a Tiki torch
Image from: Redeem your Ground

18. Make flowers stand out with rainboots planter.

Add some cheer to your patio by turning a pair of rainboots into a planter. They make cute decor and an interesting conversation piece for your guests. If you have some old rainboots lying around, you can make them look pretty by painting them.

Make flowers stand out with rainboots planter
Image from: Twelve Oaks Manor

19. Light up your table.

Dim lighting is usually used for patios. If you have an outdoor table in your setup and you want a brighter light focused on it when it gets dark, you can make use of this solar LED night light.

Its design can make your tabletop light up in different colors, making your table the focal point of your patio at night.

20. Hang up string lights.

The patio can also be enjoyed at night and one of the best ways to do that is to hang up string lights all over the area. Take note that not all outdoor string lights are not waterproof – electric shock can take place when it rains so you should hang them down when you have rainy weather or just use them under a shade to be on the safe side.

Hang up string lights
Image from: HGTV

Enjoy spending more time in your patio!

Making the patio pretty and comfy will be a game-changer in your living quarters. Everyone will be able to spend time outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, and perhaps appreciate the hard work you put into your garden and plants.

As you can tell from the suggestions above, these patio decorating ideas are not only affordable – they are great too! You will surely find two or more suggestions here that can help spruce up your patio without breaking your budget.

Need more tips for your patio? Check these out!

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These cheap patio decor ideas will make your patio looking better without breaking the bank! Everyone can enjoy the patio in affordable ways!

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