How to Declutter Your Craft Room and Keep it That Way!

Declutter your craft room and enjoy being creative in a clutter-free space!

how to declutter the craft room

Do you enjoy doing crafts in your spare time? Have your passion for crafts turned into an extra way for you to earn money?

Whether you have a craft room for business or pleasure, you should give your creative space a thorough decluttering.

But how do you do it when it seems that you need everything you have in your craft room?

Don’t worry. Here’s guide on why you should declutter, how to do it, and how to maintain your craft room free from clutter.

Why should you declutter your craft supplies?

Sometimes, a craft room can be so cluttered that it feels like you are simply collecting craft supplies instead of actually doing any craft.

Overall, decluttering your craft supplies means that you get to have more time and space to enjoy your craft time.

Not convinced? Here are more reasons why a declutter is a good idea!

  • It will be easier to look for the supplies you really need when you have less stock.
  • It is also easier to stay neat and organized.
  • A clearly organized system makes you aware of what you already have so you do not end up buying duplicates.
  • With fewer supplies, you will get more space for the actual crafting.
  • You will have more time to work on your craft instead of wasting time sorting and looking for the supplies you need.

Simple steps to declutter the craft room

1. Take out everything.

You need to be able to see clearly what you have – your supplies and tools.

So, clear out a huge space for this – it could be the floor or a huge table. Once you have the space where you can gather all your craft room tools and supplies, take out everything and gather them in this space.

2. Group like items together.

Next is to group like items together so you can make a sound decision on which items get to stay and which ones need to go already.

Declutter categories

Okay here comes the hard part – categorizing each item into: Keep, Donate, Re-sell, and Trash.

Keep the items that you still need and those that you know you will be using soon.

Donate old and opened items that you no longer need but can still be used.

Re-sell items that are still good as new.

And trash out items that can not be used anymore.

How to let go

I know how easy it is to accumulate a lot of supplies for a craft room. There are just some products that are so good that you have to get one of every color. Sometimes you think you need to hold on to some things “just in case”, or you fear that you might need it someday.

If you have trouble letting go of some of your items, here is a quick guide to help you let go of your stuff:

Do you enjoy this craft?

There are lots of crafts to choose from. It is natural to try out multiple crafts at the same time like sewing, jewelry making, bead craft, cross-stitch and knitting.

However, there may be some crafts that just did not work out for you. If there are some crafts that you do not enjoy doing, then it does not make sense to keep supplies involving that craft.

Do not feel guilty about quitting. Craft time should be fun and you should be doing something that you truly enjoy!

How often do you craft?

Some of us do not have the luxury of time to do all the crafts that we want. If you only do crafting occasionally then it might not be worth it to keep a whole bunch of supplies, or even waste a whole room for it.

If you have limited time, why waste your space on things that you do not really need? Pare down your supplies to the ones that you really use and find another purpose for the room and convert to a craft corner instead.

How long have you had it?

You should also pay attention to how long you have had a craft supply with you. If you have supplies that have been untouched for more than 6 months, then you should face the fact that maybe you do not really need those at all.

Is it still usable?

You also have to consider if what you have is still in a good and usable condition. For instance, some paints get dried up, some scissors are not that sharp, some yarns have faded colors already, etc.

How to re-sell your supplies

Here are some ways for you to get money back from your supplies:

  • Online markets

The most common way to re-sell items these days is to make an account as a seller in online markets. You can sell your craft items and tools on online platforms like Etsy, eBay, Gumtree, etc.

  • Social media

Post the items on your social media accounts and see if there are any takers. This is best if you have a lot of friends who do crafting too. Or, you can find a crafting group on your social media platforms and see if there are any takers there.

  • Return to the store

If it is a recent purchase, and you still have the receipt, you can go back to the store and check if you can return the item. Most stores will only accept packages that are still intact meaning you have not opened them yet.

Where to donate your supplies

There are lots of options too when it comes to donating supplies. Here are some suggestions:

  • Schools
  • Child care centers
  • Retirement homes
  • Church
  • Community centers

3. Get organized.

Now that you have a clear stash of what items to keep, it is time to get organized!

Whether you have a dedicated separate room for a craft room or you are using a corner of another room as a craft area, you can benefit from having an organizational system for your tools and supplies.

The most common way a craft room is organized is grouping items by category. You have paints on this side, paper on the other, yarns on another, etc.

Another common way a craft room can be organized is to have items arranged by their color.

It is up to you – choose a system that you feel would work best for the way you function.

Re-assess your storage and see if it can work for the organization system you have in mind. If you think you need new bins or containers for your craft, take measurements to make sure that you buy storage items that will fit your space.

For a more detailed guide on organizing your craft room, check our related post on it – Amazingly Creative Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

4. Make it a habit.

Now that you have done a declutter and a new organizational system is in place, I bet you will feel really proud of yourself! Yay!

And yes you deserve it, give yourself a good pat on the back!

However, it does not end here yet. You need to declutter your craft room regularly. Make it a habit so you can maintain a clutter-free room.

Declutter once every three months to make sure that you do not overstock on supplies and that you are not accumulating things that you do not really need.

How to keep your stash under control

Many get addicted in the act of buying and collecting supplies of all color and types that it distracts from the actual crafting itself.

The best way to make sure your craft supplies are not overflowing is first use what you have before you buy more.

Have a list of the supplies that you run out of and only buy items on that list so you do not get tempted to buy something that you do not really need. Refrain from buying craft supplies without a particular project in mind.

It helps to ask somebody else to do the craft shopping for you if you have a hard time getting just what you need when you are in a craft store.

Another way to keep your stash under control is to work on one craft project at a time. This will not only limit your craft shopping but will also limit the number of unfinished projects and half-used supplies that you have.

The most important thing? Have a plan for your finished projects so you can cut down on clutter. Use them or give them away as gifts to family and friends. You can even sell and earn money from these!

Your family members will be more appreciative of your hobby if they see that you are putting it to good use instead of just adding to the clutter in your home.

Enjoy crafting!

Crafting should be fun! It should be something that you do to relax and unwind.

A cluttered craft room can get in the way of why you enjoy doing crafts in the first place. So declutter your craft room and keep it that way. Enjoy your crat in a neater and more functional space!

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Declutter your craft room and enjoy creating in a neat and clutter-free room! Follow these steps to rid your craft room of unnecessary supplies!

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