How to Raise a Baby in a One-Bedroom Apartment

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How to Raise a Baby in a One-Bedroom Apartment

A one-bedroom apartment is enough space, but what happens if a baby gets thrown into the mix? Can you really raise a baby in such a small space?

Actually, you can! These tips on how to raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment will help you see that it is possible.

1. Turn a corner of your bedroom into a mini nursery.

Cribs come in all sizes so you can find one that is smaller than usual to fit into the corner of your bedroom. You can even find one that you can set at the foot of your bed.

how to raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment - turn a corner of the bedroom into a mini nursery.
Image from Rios Talk

Sharing the room with your baby actually has its advantages because it is easier for you to tend to him/her at night.

This has been the case for us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

2. Turn a closet into a nursery.

If your bedroom comes with a built-in closet you can try to convert it into a nursery if the space is large enough to fit a crib.

Remove the shelves, take off the closet doors, and find another place for your clothes. Then, place the crib inside. If there is still enough space, install some wall shelves for your baby’s stuff.

3. Use your dresser as a changing table.

You do not have to worry about baby furniture that much if you already have a dresser or a chest of drawers in your bedroom. Simply clear and clean the surface, put a changing pad on the top, and then it can double as a changing table!

how to raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment - use dresser as changing table
Image from Ten June

You can then transfer some drawer contents to make room for all the things you need while changing your baby.

4. Go for furniture with multiple functions.

If you have the space for furniture, shop for the ones that provide a lot of storage and have multiple uses. For instance, get a crib that provides storage space underneath it or on the side.

how to raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment - go for furntiture with multiple functions
Image from designrulz

Another idea is to get a bookshelf that can also store other baby stuff, or a bookshelf that comes with a seat.

5. Get a foldable and portable highchair.

When it comes to shopping for baby furniture, get foldable and portable ones. They will only take up space when being used and you can easily put them away when they are not in use.

A foldable highchair means you can bring it along wherever you go – like when you are visiting family or eating out.

6. Get a collapsible baby tub.

Small apartments rarely have space for a full bathtub. While some make do with the kitchen sink to wash their babies, it is not actually a hygienic solution.

It is best to invest in a folding or collapsible baby bathtub that you can hang up or hide away when not in use. This would make bath time an easier experience for you too!

7. Declutter and downsize.

When you first moved into your one-bedroom apartment, you may have filled it with decor and items that you do not really need. But now that a baby is on the way, you have to make some space.

One good way to do this is to declutter. Donate and get rid of the things that you are no longer using. Clearing out the clutter will help make your apartment feel and look spacious enough.

how to raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment - declutter and downsize.

8. Practice minimalism.

Here’s a thought when you declutter your apartment – why not practice minimalism too? Get rid of all the “multiples” that you own.

For instance, do you really need 10 glasses? Is your husband using all of his hats? Do you really need two different coffee machines?

how to raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment - practice minimalism

You really don’t need to fill every square inch of your home. Just think about it – the less stuff you own, the less clutter you will have. It will make your apartment more spacious too!

9. Rent a storage unit.

If you can’t part ways with a lot of items because you know you will still need them in the future, then consider renting out a storage unit.

rent a storage unit

It’s the perfect storage solution for seasonal items and other things that you do not use every day but don’t want to get rid of. Then just retrieve them when you need them.

This way, you still get to clear out space for all the baby stuff without having to get rid of important items.

10. Don’t go overboard with the cute baby stuff.

It is very easy to go overboard with the baby stuff especially when it is your first baby. There are just a lot of cute things available that’ll want your baby to have!

Don't go overboard with the cute baby stuff.

However, your baby doesn’t really need all those toys, stuffed animals, or books.

When shopping for your baby, prioritize the things that you will be using a lot. Your family and friends are bound to get the cute baby stuff for you!

11. Be conscious of sound.

The thing about living in small spaces is that you get to hear everything. This can be bad news if you have a baby who wakes up easily.

Do you have squeaky floors or doors? You might want to fix that so the baby won’t keep waking up.

Can you clearly hear the noise from the streets? If so, you might want to consider getting a white noise machine to drown out the noise.

Be conscious of sound.
Image from The Sleep Store

If the baby gets quality sleep, he/she will tend to sleep for a longer period. Hence, you’ll have more time to do chores and take a rest yourself.

12. Make use of vertical space.

If storage space is a problem, utilize vertical spaces! This is the first law when it comes to getting more storage space for any small area.

Make use of vertical space.

Use your walls and install shelves up to the ceiling! Doing so will give you a lot of storage space for all your items. And this organization tip works well with any room of the house.

13. Invest in a baby monitor.

You may think that since you live in a small apartment you do not really need a baby monitor. But it is actually one of the first things you should invest in.

Invest in a baby monitor.

A monitor over your baby’s crib will help you double-check if he/she is really awake. It also helps you keep an eye on the baby when you have to take a shower, or you have to cook.

14. Limit the baby clothes.

Baby clothes can be pretty cute. You see little versions of different types of outfits, and you just know that your baby would look so cute wearing the! But it is always best to limit the baby clothes.

Limit the baby clothes.

Babies grow up so fast that they can outgrow most of their clothes in just a couple of months. Save the clothes spending when they reach toddler stage. This way, you won’t need so much closet space for your baby.

15. Have a designated place for everything.

The easiest way to keep your apartment clean and tidy is to make sure that everything has a place. This goes for every room or area in your apartment too. Actually, this is the secret for a clutter-free home.

Have a designated place for everything.

Anyone living with you, like your husband, should know these official spots too. This way, it will be easier to clean up and keep things away because you already know where each item belongs.

16. Spend time outdoors.

If you have the time, go outside with the baby. Put your baby in a stroller and go for a walk. Stop by a cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee and a baked treat.

Spend time outdoors.

Staying in a small space all the time can make you feel cramped and eventually, you can get cranky about it. Worse, you may take it out on your baby. We don’t want that.

Getting some fresh air will help reset those mood swings!

17. Baby-proof the apartment.

Of course, the most important thing to do when raising a baby is to make sure that you baby-proof your one-bedroom apartment.

Baby-proof the apartment.

Make sure all unused electrical outlets are covered. Place locks on your lower cabinets. Put padding on furniture with sharp edges. Install baby gates on balconies and doors, and so many more.

Babyproofing eliminates all potential hazards in your home and will help in keeping your baby safe from harm.

Yes, you can raise your baby in a one-bedroom apartment!

So, as you can see, you do not really need a full-scale nursery to raise your baby. You can raise one in a one-bedroom apartment with some planning and adjustments.

Living with a baby in a one-bedroom apartment may seem impossible. It will definitely be a challenge but with the tips above, we are sure you will be able to realize that you have all the space you need!

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You can raise a baby in a one-bedroom apartment with some planning and adjustments. It's challenging, but possbile. Here are tips and ideas to help you!

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