Simple Rules for Tea Storage Plus Organization Tips!

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simple rules for tea storage

A lot of people would agree that when it comes to needing a relaxing and calming drink, nothing beats tea. A cup of tea not only soothes you, but it also comes with a lot of nutrients that can help you with your overall health.

Freshness is an important factor when it comes to the nutritional potency and flavor of your tea. Because of this, proper storage is a must!

Storing and organizing tea can be a challenge for tea lovers. Tea comes in different types of packages – some come in bags while some come in loose leaves. Plus there are some tea accessories to deal with.

Where do you find the right space and storage to gather everything?

Whether you just discovered the joys of drinking tea or you are an avid tea drinker but have lost control of your stock, here are some simple rules and ideas on proper storage of tea.

Rules for tea storage

You should be aware of the following.


Tea is made out of herbs and plants, so they are best served fresh. Hence, when purchasing tea, make sure that you know when it was harvested.

The amount of time that passes once the tea is harvested and gets to you matters – especially if you are drinking it for nutrients or for getting some natural medicine benefits. Keep in mind that most teas are harvested during summer and spring.

Tea bags can last for around 3 to 4 months. Tea stored in airtight or tin containers can last for up to a year.


Tea leaves can easily oxidize once it is exposed to air then the leaves will continue to deteriorate even if you move them to another container. So, make sure that you store your tea in airtight containers.

Heat and light

Tea can easily deteriorate when exposed to heat and light. They dry out and as it happens, the tea leaves lose their color and fragrance. This diminishes the nutrition and flavor.

So, it is best to store your tea in dark containers to block out the light. Keep them in a cool and dark area, away from direct sunlight.

Humidity and odor

Tea can absorb humidity and odors and this diminishes its quality significantly. It is best to store tea in waterproof containers and in areas where there are no strong odors.

Food-grade stainless steel, ceramic, and glass are the preferred material for tea storage. For air-tight containers, you have to make sure that they do not have rubber seals with a strong smell.

How to store and organize tea bags

Most prefer using individually wrapped tea bags because it is fast and convenient. It is the most common way to consume tea these days. Tea bags come in individual packages and most of these packages are the same size and shape, which makes them easy to organize.

Because tea bags are popular, there are more options available for storing and organizing them. Some containers are designed to be organizers for drawers, some help you stack tea bags, and some are containers that you can display on the counter.

Below are different varieties of tea bag containers – check them out!

Plastic tea bag storage bin

Plastic tea bag organizers are very popular these days. They usually come with built-in compartments to keep your tea separate and neatly stacked.

This particular tea bag organizer comes in a set of two and they are stackable so they do not need to occupy a lot of space. This is a great option if you love to try out different kinds of tea.

Enamelware tea bag box

An enamelware tea storage box is a great container for your tea bags because it keeps them away from sunlight.

Here’s a tea bag box that has enough space for 15 to 20 tea bags. If you have a farmhouse theme going on, it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen with its distressed white color!

Tea bag carousel

If you want to keep your tea bags on display, then consider a carousel. This way, you do not have to struggle when looking for a particular tea bag. Simply give the carousel a spin and everything is within reach.

It’s a great space-saving option too when you have limited space!

Tea holder and dispenser

If you are looking for a storage option that you can display, consider this tea holder and dispenser.

The opening at the base of the caddy is where you can easily pull away your teabags when you need them. It can store up to 32 tea bags. That’s a space-saver!

The crystal holder on the lid also is a glamorous touch for your tea corner.

How to store and organize loose teas

Some prefer loose tea leaves because they like the old-school way of making tea.

Unlike tea bags though, you have to be more careful when it comes to storing loose teas. Airtight, food-grade containers are key to making the tea leaves remain fresh and potent.

Here are different organizers to store loose teas!

Tin can containers

Tin is a durable and good container for loose tea.

Here’s a tea tin in a set of 3, which is great if you enjoy more than one type of tea.

You can also be assured that your tea leaves will remain fresh since it has two lids – an outer lid and an inner one. Plus, the container is lined with moisture-proof paper on the inside!

Stainless steel tea canister

Here’s a tea canister made of stainless steel and comes with an airtight clamp-down lid so you can be assured that your tea leaves would remain fresh.

The lid is see-through so you can see how your tea is doing from the top without the need to open the canister.

Glass canisters

This type of container is great for storing loose-leaf tea. The fact that the container is transparent makes it an aesthetic and eye-pleasing way to store your tea as well.

Here’s a glass canister in a set of two. It is made with high-grade borosilicate glass and has an airtight lid made out of natural wood.

Clay jars

Although not as airtight as the other options in this list, clay jars are not a bad storage option if you are the type who consumes tea every day.

Clay jars can isolate peculiar smells and moisture. The number one benefit of storing your loose tea in clay jars is that they gather the aroma, so your tea ends up becoming more fragrant.

How to store and organize tea accessories

Drinking tea is an art and some would use several tea accessories in the process of making themselves tea. This goes especially for those who drink loose tea.

So, how do you organize these tea accessories? Below are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep them close.

It helps to have a permanent place for your tea and the accessories you need to make it needs to be nearby. This will make it easier for you to make a cup when you need it because everything is within reach.

Tea storage tips - keep your tea and tea accessories close to each other.
Image from Pinterest

Use a tiered tray.

A space-saver when it comes to organizing your tea and your tea accessories is to set them all up in tiered displays like this one.

Tea storage tips - use a tired tray to keep everything together.
Image from The Happy Housie

Notice how everything is gathered together in one corner and how little space it occupies on the kitchen counter.

Set up a tea station.

One way to keep everything together is to have a permanent space for your tea collection, tea accessories, any additional ingredient, and mugs and spoons.

Having them all in one space allows you to make a cup of tea anytime in one spot without having to move around. House guests can also easily help themselves this way!

Tea storage tips - set up a tea station.
Image from Tribe for Beauty

Use a rolling cart.

If you have guests over all the time, you can benefit from getting a rolling cart and making it your tea station. This makes it easier to serve tea for your guests and there is enough room to hold all the tea accessories you need as well.

Simply set them to one side of the room when there are no guests around, so they do not get in the way.

Store your teas well!

A tea collection can grow fast with a lot of different types of tea available in the market. Proper storage is the key to maintaining the quality, preserving the flavor, and extending the shelf life of your tea.

With the tips above in mind, you will have no problem making sure that your tea stays fresh and delicious whenever you need a cup!

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Proper storage is the key to maintaining the quality of your tea. Here are tips for keeping them fresh, including organizing ideas for your tea accessories!

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