How to Set Up and Design a Nursery in a Small Space

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nursery in a small space

Setting up a nursery in a small space can be very challenging since your baby has lots of needs. It definitely will take much of your creativity and organization skills to pull it off.

Whether you are trying to make the best of a small bedroom or have to share a corner of your bedroom for nursery space because you live in a one-bedroom apartment, you do not have to worry. Any small space can give you a functional nursery!

Here, we have gathered 20 nursery ideas that you can do for small spaces. No matter what your situation is, you will surely find an idea in this list that will work for you!

1. Think vertically.

If your small nursery is greatly lacking storage space, look at your walls and think vertically. Even a nook can give you a lot of space with several floating shelves up on the wall!

For example, just think about how much storage space you get to have when you use the small space by the door.

2. Go for a minimalist theme.

Minimalism is a huge deal these days. More people are starting to realize that simplicity is the key to living a stress-free life.

You can apply that theme to your nursery too. The fewer things you own, the wider your small nursery will look. The fewer items around the nursery, the less clutter you have to deal with too!

nursery in a small space - minimalist theme
Image from Rios Talk

3. Corral the items in containers.

A very effective organizing tip to keep the nursery tidy is to corral items in containers. These can be baskets, cubes, plastic tubs, and the likes.

Baby items come in lots of colors and sizes, and they can be a mess to look at sometimes. Having them corralled in would make the space look neat.

4. Paint the walls white.

White walls can make any room look and feel bigger. Clean white walls with white ceilings will create an illusion of spaciousness. And this effect works best if you pair the room with dark accents.

nursery in a small space - paint the walls white
Image from Happiest Baby

5. Get a multipurpose crib.

If you have the space for a crib, consider getting a multifunctional one. This way, you don’t need to buy any additional furniture.

Here’s a crib that comes with a removable changing table, bassinet, and storage space for your baby’s things. Not only that but it has wheels so you can move it around easily. It is foldable too so you can carry the crib with you anywhere you go.

Getting a multipurpose crib as this can definitely give you your money’s worth. Plus, its multifunctionality lessens the space you need for a nursery!

6. Create a focal point.

In a small space, it helps to create a focal point. A focal point is where your eyes would naturally land once you enter a room.

In a nursery, the focal point is most likely the wall behind the crib. You can use wallpaper, or wood panels, or paint that wall differently so that it immediately grabs a person’s attention when entering the room.

nursery in a small space - create a focal point
Image from Digsdigs

With a focal point, nobody will notice right away how tiny the space is.

7. Get a nursery dresser.

In any small space, multipurpose furniture is always key.

Now one of the best multipurpose furniture that you can get is a nursery dresser. This is where you will organize all your baby clothes and stuff.

The surface doubles as a changing table so it is a pretty convenient piece of furniture to have!

8. Use a bassinet instead of a crib.

Most couples living in small apartments in the city go by without a crib at all. Instead, they use a bassinet as a crib.

Most bassinets are portable. So, you can move yours to your bedside when you sleep at night. You can also move it into any room so you can keep your eyes on your baby all the time.

This bassinet for example has wheels, making it easier to move around. It also comes with storage space underneath, so you can have whatever your baby needs right away!

9. Set up a mirror.

One trick to make any room look bigger is to use mirrors. An oversized mirror in a small nursery can make the room look bigger and brighter. You will not feel so cramped while tending to the baby.

10. Ditch the changing table.

Part of raising babies is having to deal with changing diapers many times a day. This is why most think that a diaper-changing table is a necessity. But it can take up so much space.

When you have a small area to work with, it is best to ditch the changing table. Instead, go for a space-saving and portable alternative like a changing pad! After all, you can change your baby on any flat surface.

The fact that it is portable also makes it easier to clean!

11. Refrain from shopping too much.

Baby stuff is so cute and we, moms often tend to over shop especially when it’s our first time having a baby.

Refrain from buying every cute onesie you set your eyes on or buying too many children’s books. Chances are you will be receiving a lot of baby stuff from your friends and family anyway.

Start investing your money in things that can be used for a long time. For instance, onesies are usually just good for a few months so why splurge on them?

12. Lay down a large rug.

A large rug in a small nursery can make the space look bigger. This is because it helps anchor out the space. It also adds a sophisticated touch to a nursery if you prefer a classy and elegant look.

nursery in a small space - lay down a large rug
Image from Project Nursery

13. Use crib hanging storage.

Another way to make use of storage space is to buy a crib hanging organizer like this. This way, the essentials will be within reach every time you check on your baby.

You may choose to remove this once the baby starts standing and moving around a lot for safety purpose.

14. Get a clothes rack.

If your small nursery does not have its own closet, opt for a clothes rack instead like this one.

get a clothes rack
Image from Contemporist

It’s affordable and very easy to set up. You can even use baskets to corral the items that you do not want to be put on display in case you have visitors dropping by.

15. Turn the walls into a closet.

If the nursery does not have a closet and you also want to conserve floor space so you can easily move around, why not create a closet on your walls like this one?

turn walls into a closet
Image from Gray House Studio

As you can see, you can have shelves, racks, and hanging baskets with this idea.

16. Install floating shelves.

When it comes to adding more storage space for small spaces, again always think vertically. That means making the most of the vertical space on your walls.

Having floating shelves also gives you more floor space so your small space will not feel so cramped.

17. Use the space under the crib.

Try getting a crib that allows you to store things beneath it. This will be a great space saver.

You can slip in a couple of baskets under the crib. You can even cover up the storage space you created with a crib skirt.

use the space under the crib
Image from Project Nursery

18. Use photo ledge shelves for books.

If you like reading to your baby, you may have a lot of children’s books. One way to keep all the children’s books from occupying so much space is to use the wall and go vertical.

All you need is to put up photo ledge shelves. They are the right size to support children’s books.

use photo ledge shelves for books
Image from Project Nursery

19. Use wall decals.

Can’t afford to create an accent wall or do a paint job in your nursery? Use wall decals instead!

It is an effortless way to add some personality and color to the nursery without committing to it permanently. Plus, they are easier to deal with compared to wallpapers.

use wall decals
Image from ICON

20. Do frequent decluttering sessions.

It is very easy to accumulate a lot of baby stuff and your baby will outgrow most of them in several months. So, it is important to do a decluttering session regularly like every 3 months.

This way, you only have to deal with stuff that is still being used. Then, you can make space for additional items that your baby may need in the future!

do frewuent decluttering sessions

Raising a baby in a small home can be challenging.

Yes, that’s true. But it does not mean it is impossible. You just have to be creative about it and stay organized.

With these tips above, we’re confident you’ll be able to create a nursery even if you just have a small space available.

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