20 Beautiful Flower Doodles to Decorate Your Bullet Journal

flower doodles for your bullet journal

Doodling is a great way to add a personal touch to your bullet journal. One of the easiest themes that you can work with is a floral theme. The best thing about it is that you will never run out of flower doodles to try in your bullet journal pages!

Flowers come in different forms and colors. And even the most complicated and exotic ones are actually easy to draw. If you think about it, most floral designs are just a mixture of basic shapes.

To help you get started, here are 20 beautiful flower doodles that you can use for your bullet journal.

1. Daisy

Daisies are one of the simplest flowers that you can draw. They symbolize new beginnings, innocence, and loyalty.

Here, you get two ways to draw a daisy. The first one is the flower head and the second one is an upturned one with the center leaning towards the sunlight.

flower doodles for your bullet journal - Daisy
Image from: Craftsy Hacks

2. Sunflowers

When your bullet journal page needs some warmth, you can always count on sunflower doodles to do the job. Sunflowers are a symbol of positivity, happiness, and good fortune. They are also mostly associated with summer and would be great for summer-themed pages.

flower doodles for your bullet journal - Sunflowers
Image from: Craftsy Hacks

3. Muscari

Muscari flowers look like berries gathered on top of a stem. Because of its rich blue color, the flower is considered a symbol of confidence and power.

In Christianity, the muscari flower is seen as a symbol of peace and wisdom. So that’s one flower you should add to your bullet journal pages, especially when you’re also using a bullet journal to strengthen your Christian faith.

flower doodles for your bullet journal -Muscari
Image from: Masha Plans

4. Dandelion

Technically, the dandelion is a weed. Yet it is a welcome sight to most of us because it’s a symbol of hope, resilience, and healing.

Just as we love to blow them away, you will love drawing dandelions on your bullet journal with this easy guide !

flower doodles for your bullet journal-Dandelion
Image from: Instagram

5. Lily

Lilies are a symbol of rebirth, innocence, and purity. This beautiful flower may seem hard to draw but when you check out this guide, you will see that it’s actually achievable.

flower doodles for your bullet journal-Lily
Image from: Instagram

6. Stained glass rose

Roses are known to be a symbol of love and passion. Here is a doodle that lets you draw three roses together easily – in fact, you can make as many as you want!

The end result looks like a stained-glass image.

flower doodles for your bullet journal-Stained glass rose
Image from: Masha Plans

7. Rose head

If you love roses but you like a more realistic or detailed approach, then you should check out this doodle tutorial. Sometimes we just love how an actual rose head looks when the bloom opens up to reveal the many layers of petals it has.

Here is a tutorial that will help you achieve a rose head doodle for your bullet journal. The trick is to start from the center and work your way outwards.

flower doodles for your bullet journal-Rose head
Image from: Sarah Renae Clark

8. Lotus

Lotus are special flowers because they rise up from muddy and murky waters when it’s time to bloom. When it emerges, it does so without showing any stains. This makes it a symbol of resilience, rebirth, and purity.

Here’s an easy trick to doodling this pretty flower!

flower doodles for your bullet journal-Lotus
Image from: Instagram

9. Tulip

Tulips are sought-after flowers. Known for their long-lasting blooms, they are considered to be a symbol of enduring love. Turns out these bulbs are very easy to doodle and you can have them all over your bullet journal page in just minutes!

Image from: Planning Mindfully

10. Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a popular tropical flower that comes in different vibrant colors. Each color comes with a different meaning.

The red hibiscus is a symbol of love and passion. The yellow hibiscus is a symbol of good luck and happiness. Meanwhile, the pink is a symbol of friendship. Hence, if you love to color in your doodles, the hibiscus is surely a great choice!

Image from: Archer and Olive

11. Lavender

When it comes to purple flowers, one would immediately think of lavender. This flower represents serenity, devotion, silence, and elegance. Lavender doodles will be a great addition to your BuJo page.

Here’s a tutorial that gives you two options on how to doodle a lavender.

Image from: Silk and Sonder

12. Cherry blossom

Who doesn’t love it when cherry blossoms start to bloom in spring? These delicate and pretty flowers are so easy to doodle and you can have them all over your bullet journal page in just a few minutes!

Here, you get five easy ways to draw cherry blossoms. Try them all!

 Cherry blossom
Image from: Art Jungle

13. Chrysanthemum

This beloved flower comes in various colors. Chrysanthemums have lots of petals, but don’t let this intimidate you. This tutorial will show you they are easy to draw and that even kids can do this!

14. Violet

Violets are a symbol of faith and the mystique. When you look at the petals, you may think they look a bit complicated but there is actually an easy way to draw them without breaking a sweat. Take a look at this!

Image from: Marvy Uchida

15. Poppy

This bright flower represents so many things over the years such as peace, rebirth, and sleep. Poppies are a popular flower during Memorial Day as they are considered a symbol of the men and women who lost their lives protecting the country.

This flower is easy to doodle and you can soon have them decorating your bullet journal pages. Here’s how to do it!

16. Anemone

Anemone is a flower that comes in many colors and every color comes with a different symbolism. For instance, white anemone flowers are a symbol of sincerity and purple anemone flowers are a symbol of protection from evil.

If you look at the end result of this doodle alone, you might think it’s a complicated doodle. But, this step-by-step tutorial shows that it’s actually easy to make!

Image from: Planning Mindfully

17. Plumeria

The Plumeria is known to emit a strong scent at night. It’s also seen as a symbol of new beginnings.

It’s easy to draw – perfect for any doodle beginner! See how it’s done here.

Image from: Archer Olive

18. Peony

Peonies are known for their beauty and are a symbol of happy marriages, romance, and good fortune. They come in different colors and each color can mean something else in different cultures.

The beautiful pony has a lot of petals which may make it seem intimidating to draw. But, as shown in this tutorial, just do it slowly, step-by-step, and you’ll be able to make it!

Image from: Instagram

19. Dahlia

Considered to be a consoling and comforting bloom, dahlias are a common favorite. They are considered to be a symbol of inner strength and steadfastness because they can bloom for a long time even when other flowers around them start to wilt.

What an inspiring flower! It should be part of your doodles for your bullet journal pages.

20. Hydrangea

If you are up for a challenge, you should try this hydrangea doodle. It is a bit more complicated compared to the other doodles on this list. But as you can see, the end result is worth it. It’s definitely worth a try!

Hydrangeas represent beauty, gratitude, and grace. A head is made out of several flowers, so it is also seen as a symbol of abundance.

Image from: Surely Simple

Embellish your bullet journal with flower doodles!

Indeed, you don’t have to be a gifted artist to create doodles! Doodles are just basic shapes that you put together to form an image. When you think of it that way, it becomes less intimidating than what you’d usually feel when you are asked to draw something.

Take the time to practice in a separate sheet first before you draw in your journal. You will find that it won’t take long for you to master these doodles. In fact, you may even find drawing these flower doodles to be a relaxing pastime that brings life to your bullet journal!

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Flower doodles are easy to draw, hence a great way to add decor to your bullet journal pages. Here are a bunch of these flowers. Try these in your own BuJo!

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