20 Cute Doodles You Can Easily Draw in Your Bullet Journal

cute doodles for your bullet journal

The sky’s the limit when it comes to doodles. But in this post, we will focus on some really nice and cute doodles you can easily draw in your bullet journal.

I really love doodles! They’re very simple to make, so I love collecting doodle samples and just drawing in my spare time. Plus, doodling can be therapeutic too!

Also, when you’re a beginner and you’re not that much of an artist, you can simply doodle your way to decorate your bullet journals. You’re going to love it, especially when your doodles are so cute and lovely, as you will see in this post!

1. Cactus and Other Potted Plants

These are very simple to draw, as you can see in this step-by-step tutorial.

There’s cactus, a snake plant, a jade plant, and a bonzai. If you love to garden, I’m sure you will like these doodles too! The simple colors make this collection even more adorable!

2. Peacock

This peacock doodle looks so cute and playful! Oh, even the kids will love this!

If you look at the finished drawing, you might get the impression that it’s hard to draw. So, my advice, is just do it slowly, step-by-step, with a pencil first. Then just trace with your pen when done. Lastly, don’t forget to color because it’s just so lovely with colors on!

3. Cute Faces

Who doesn’t love a cute smiling face?! Here’s a bunch of cute little faces, smiling on you, and it’s like they’re greeting you with a really good morning!

4. Hot Air Balloon

This hot air balloon looks small, but it’s so cute with its colors! What I like best about this is its size. Even if it’s just a small drawing, you’ll see intricate details there – it’s cute, it’s beautiful, and it can fit even in a small corner of a BuJo page.

5. Cute Panda Eating Bamboo

Say hello to this adorable panda! I like the way he’s eating the bamboo!

cute panda eating bamboo doodle
Image from julia.pezowicz via Instagram

This cute panda doodle just started with two shapes – a circle and an oval. I like to think of it that way because it seems complicated for me to draw. But again, just do it slowly, step-by-step, we will be able to draw this too!

6. A Cute Bus

This reminds me of one of the nursery rhymes my toddler loves to listen to – wheels on the bus. Now here’s a tutorial that shows drawing a bus is not so complicated at all.

7. Cute Sea Creatures

These will remind you of a day at the beach. Here are adorable sea creatures that you’ll love to swim in your bullet journal! I like the starfish, most especially.

Oh, here are more sea creatures! They’re even lovely with the colors! So do color them after doodling!

I love the starfish again, plus the jellyfish and the turtle – so cute!

8. Lovely Elephant

This looks like a little baby elephant, holding a heart balloon, making it so adorably cute! You’ll have the feeling that it’s smiling on you.

lovely elephant doodle
image from bows.and.bullets via Instagram

9. Disney Bubble Tea

I didn’t see a bubble tea when I first saw this. For me, these look more like cute little stuffed animals on top of a sippy cup. Haha! But that’s just me, okay?

disney bubble tea
Image from Little Coffee Fox

10. Weather

I especially love the snowman and the sun peeping from the cloud in this cute weather doodles collection! These are small drawings only, so they can fit anywhere in a bullet journal page.

Image from splendidscribbles via Instagram

11. Fall Doodles

Here are cute doodles for the fall season – perfect to add to the warmth and coziness of the season.

fall doodles
Image from themonsterofstationery

You can also draw these even if it’s not fall – they’re great to add in any BuJo page! Now because we love doodles, here is a separate doodles collection, especially made for the fall season.

12. Travel Doodles

If you love traveling, and you often use your bullet journal for traveling ideas, this is a nice addition to that. I especially love that suitcase doodle!

13. Fries and Ketchup

Homemade fries is a family favorite! And yes, it gets better with ketchup. Even in doodles, this is a nice combination. Notice the little tomato in the finished drawing – it adds even more to the cuteness of this doodle!

14. Cute cupcake

In just four easy steps, you’ll have an adorable cupcake smiling at you. If you write your meal plans in your bullet journal, add this cupcake doodle to remind you to bake a cupcake for the kids!

15. Blue Whale

I’ve always wanted to draw a whale, but I wanted it to have a really friendly look. I guess I already found my model drawing! Take a look at this cute whale doodle!

I especially like its blue color!

16. Cute Cow

Here’s a cute and adorable cow! Do you get the impression that it wants to hug you? I sure do! It’s really nice and cute and it looks so kind in that drawing.

17. Cute avocado

My son and I love avocado very much. And if you do too, you’ll going to love this smiling avocado doodle!

Image from it’s claudia g

It’s very easy to draw. Its color combinations of green, yellow green and brown does make it stand out. You can never get mistaken – this is an avocado!

18. Coffee and Tea

If you often drink coffee or tea, try these cute doodles in your bullet journal! They’re incredibly easy to draw.

19. Cute Cat Doodles

I love cats! They are adorable pets! And even in doodles, they make you want to hug them!

Now these cute cat doodles are super creative, indeed! There’s a cat cupcake, a cat cup and a burger cat. They’re not just cute, but actually very funny doodles!

20. Cute Red Mushrooms

The red color does make these mushrooms stand out! There are two ways you can draw the mushrooms here. Just follow the drawing!

Ready to experiment with these cute doodles?

Grab your bullet journal and pencils. Then start experimenting with these doodles! You will love it for sure, as these doodles are easy to follow and they’re really very cute for your BuJo.

I guarantee, you will enjoy your time doodling!

Can’t get enough of doodles? We have more! Check these out!

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These doodles are so cute and very easy to draw! So, grab your bullet journal and pencils! Then start drawing! You'll love them all!

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