20 Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for January to Welcome the New Year

Be inspired to start the year! Pick any of these bullet journal theme ideas for January!

bullet journal theme ideas for January

January often triggers the start of something new – new beginnings, new goals, new habits. It’s like everyone is getting a fresh start when this month arrives. And for good reason – it’s the new year, and we all want to make positive changes in our lives.

It’s when we start making plans on how the year should look like. This is when we feel much inspired to make changes in our lives.

As a bullet journalist, it is also not surprising to look for new ideas for inspiration, such as new theme ideas for our bullet journal.

And yes, this is what this post is all about – theme ideas that are fit for the month of January. Now, I must say this, these theme ideas for the month of January are not at all new. They have been there for quite some time, done by fellow bullet journalists.

But still, these ideas have the capacity to inspire us, and make the month of January feel more promising. Hence, these are all worth revisiting. And if you find a theme that you like for your bullet journal, don’t hesitate to make one for your own BuJo.

Let’s begin!

1. Butterfly

Butterfly is a symbol of transformation – a beautiful transformation. And you can see in this cover page – what a beautiful way to start your BuJo this year!

bullet journal theme ideas for January - butterfly
Image from marthasjournal via Instagram

Notice the left wing of the butterfly. It’s very creative for the journalist to draw a wing of flowers. Very beautiful, indeed!

If you also love butterflies, it’s a beautiful theme for your bullet journal this January!

2. Snowflakes

There’s something magical about snowflakes. Or maybe it’s just me being nostalgic about Frozen.

Well anyway, January is still in the winter season. So, snowflakes theme is not just appropriate, it’s also artistic. Here is a calendar for the month with snowflakes theme. And it’s just lovely!

3. Fireworks

We often see fireworks display at the start of the month as part of the celebration. And they’re fantastic!

Now you can bring the same celebration mood in your bullet journal by using fireworks as a theme! Here is a weekly spread with the fireworks theme. And you can see how simple this has been made.

bullet journal theme ideas for January - fireworks
Image from itsbiasbujo via Instagram

4. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon symbolizes adventures. If you want to get inspired to begin new adventures this year, you will love this theme for your BuJo.

Here is a January cover page with the hot air balloon theme!

5. Kitchen

This is perhaps the most appropriate for me among these bullet journal theme ideas for January. That’s because I want to be able to work in our kitchen more – learn to cook, wash the dishes, maintain the fridge. I just want to spend more time in the kitchen this year.

If you can relate with me and you want to have more time in your kitchen too, this is one of the inspirations you can give yourself.

6. A New Chapter

Our lives are like books too. And January, being the start of the year, symbolizes a new chapter in our lives. Hence, books are so fit for a theme this month.

What shall this new chapter include for you? Write them down in your bullet journal!

7. Sushi

If you’re a fan of sushi, I’m sure you can’t start the year without one. Hence, celebrate January with this theme for your bullet journal!

Here’s a mood tracker and a habit tracker for the month using the sushi theme. It’s just so colorful and lovely!

bullet journal theme ideas for January - sushi
Image from its_marta_bujo

8. Winter Wonderland

Again, January is still in the winter season, hence, a winter wonderland theme is both appropriate and fun to make!

Here’s a cover page with the winter wonderland theme. That reindeer and rabbit is just so cute, and the place looks magical!

Winter Wonderland
Image from constancechel

Also, here’s a weekly spread with the winter wonderland theme. It’s so beautiful!

Winter Wonderland
Image from constancechel

9. Travel

If you have many travel plans this year, what better way to start your bullet journal than with the travel theme?

Here’s a monthly spread with the travel theme. Oh, it’s so inspiring to travel!

Image from bridgetsjournal via Instagram

10. Snow

Snow is another great theme for January. Cabin or village houses covered in snow makes for a great BuJo decor.

Here’s a weekly spread with a cabin in snow.

11. Oranges

Orange makes for a really nice and uplifting color for your bullet journal – perfect for the month of January! Plus, oranges abound during the winter season, so this is very much appropriate for the month.

Apart from that, this is a deviation from the usual January colors of blue, white, black and purple. So, this will make your design really unique for the month.

Here’s a monthly spread with the orange theme.

12. Lantern

Imagine holding a lantern that radiates positive energy, bringing good luck, health, prosperity, and fortune into your life. That’s the magic of lantern!.

Choosing it as the theme for your journal can shape your mindset and actions, keeping you focused on attracting positivity and abundance all year round. With a lantern theme in your bullet journal, you’ll be inspired to achieve your goals while experiencing the joy and fulfillment that come with a life of prosperity and good fortune.

Here’s a January cover page with a mixture of yellow and red lanterns and it looks fantastic!

Image from: Pinterest

13. Party

January is also party time as we welcome the year with celebrations! Hence, a festive party time theme for your BuJo is just as appropriate as it is pretty and sweet.

Here’s a cover page for the month of January with the party theme.

14. Books

As we celebrate International Education Day on the 24th of January, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of education in our lives.

In order to stay motivated and excel in our studies, we can incorporate educational elements like pens, paper, and books into our daily routine. These simple reminders will help us stay focused and committed to achieving our academic goals.

Try this January bullet journal monthly cover page ideas for you to be inspired in your studies.

image from: Pinterest

15. Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, what better way to start your bullet journal than with a theme of your favorite drink?

Here’s a meal plan page following the coffee theme.

16. Flower

Flowers are one of the most versatile and timeless themes you can incorporate into your bullet journal. Whether you opt for simple and effortless doodles or go all out with an intricate, full-page spread that could easily rival that of a florist, there’s no denying that flowers can add a sense of cheer and joy to your journal.

With their vibrant colors, intricate petal patterns, and gentle curves, flowers can help you create a visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing journal that is sure to put a smile on your face every time you open it.

Here’s a calendar for January using the flower theme. Beautiful!

17. Rain

If you enjoy introspection and finding inspiration in quiet moments, rain can be a blissfully peaceful time.

Imagine having a journal adorned with a beautiful rain design, a constant reminder, and a source of inspiration throughout the year as you flip through its pages. Such a journal would undoubtedly be a cherished possession for anyone who finds solace in the serene rhythm of rainfall.

Here’s a weekly spread for January using a cool rain theme.

18. Mountains

Mountains symbolize positive things such as freedom, adventure, strength, protection, the force of nature, and sacredness. 

For an adventurous person like you, this theme for your journal in January will persuade your eagerness to go out more and hike the highest mountains.

Here’s a January mood tracker with the mountain theme.

Image from: Kyla Salonga Blog

And here’s for a nice cover page with a mini calendar. Looking great!

mountains theme
Image from: Kyla Salonga Blog

19. Music

Music is a timeless passion that transcends any particular moment or occasion. It not only captivates our hearts and minds but also soothes our souls.

Imagine opening your journal and being greeted by a music theme that instantly transports you to a world of relaxation and tranquility. Embrace the power of music and live a life filled with its enchanting melodies!

Here’s a weekly spread for January following the music theme. Nice and creative!

20. Home Sweet Home

As the first month of the year, January marks the celebration of Global Family Day which emphasizes the importance of family bonding.

To commemorate this occasion, creating a journal with a home-sweet-home theme would be a wonderful idea. Not only does it allow you to start the year with a focus on family, but it also serves as a great way to document memories and moments shared with your loved ones throughout the year, ultimately ending it on a positive note with your family by your side.

Here is a January cover page with the home sweet home theme. Ah, there’s no place like home!

home sweet home

Have you picked a January theme already?

January is the perfect time to be creative, as you start another chapter of your life. So, grab your bullet journal and make it uniquely yours. Let your imagination run wild and make it a reflection of your true self!

Start by selecting your bullet journal theme for January. Then use it to design your cover page, monthly spread, weekly spread, mood tracker, to-do list, and other spreads as you need them. With this list of inspiring themes for January, we’re confident you’ll find one that’ll suit your taste.

So don’t wait any longer, start now and watch your creativity soar!

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