20 Simple Bullet Journal Doodles for the Fall Season

Make your bullet journal exciting this fall with these doodles especially meant for the season!

bullet journal doodles for the fall season

Who does not love fall? The earth transforms itself into warm hues and the temperature starts to drop, but not cold enough for you to still enjoy the outdoors.

A lot of bullet journal users love doing fall-themed layouts because of all the warm colors and the endless possibilities that they can create. You see, the best thing about bullet journals is that they are not only helpful when it comes to organizing your life and keeping track of things – they are also a great outlet to express the artist in you!

A lot of impressive BuJo layouts are often paired with doodles. Bullet journal doodles are easy to do, and they do not take much time to create. They are also fun to make if you need a great time killer.

Now that Fall is here, why not add some art to your bullet journal pages with Fall-themed doodles? Imagine flipping the pages of your bullet journal and landing on something warm and cozy – this will inspire you to fill it in!

Don’t worry if you are the type who struggles when it comes to anything artsy. With these tutorials, you will be able to pull off doodles as if you have been drawing all your life!

So are 20 easy and simple bullet journal doodles that you can use for the fall season.

1. Pumpkin

You can’t enjoy the fall season without seeing pumpkins everywhere. Fall is pumpkin season and it is considered a symbol of natural abundance.

A lot of Thanksgiving recipes center around pumpkins too! So, you should add pumpkins to your fall-themed BuJo pages! Here is a tutorial by Lemony Fizz!

bullet journal doodles for fall season - Pumpkin
Image from: Lemony Fizz

2. Maple leaf

The maple leaf is a favorite fall symbol. Maple leaves turn into different shades of orange, red, and yellow during the fall season and these colors will be a warm and welcoming addition to your bullet journal pages.

Here is an easy maple leaf doodle tutorial by @appy.doodles!

bullet journal doodles for fall season - Maple leaf
Image from: Instagram

3. Coffee to go

As the winds get cooler, people love to warm themselves up with a good cup of hot coffee. You will find yourself seeing people going around with a cup of coffee in hand. This is a great fall-themed doodle to add to your pages!

Check out this tutorial from How to Draw Easy!

bullet journal doodles for fall season - Coffee to go
Image from: HOW TO DRAW EASY

4. Tea set

If you are more of a tea person than a coffee lover, then you should learn this tea set doodle by @appy.doodles. I love how this doodle gives you room to explore your creativity more because you can design the tea cup and kettle any way you want.

Plus, you can use other colors if you want something other than warm hues in your pages.

bullet journal doodles for fall season - Tea set
Image from: Instagram

5. Apples

While you can have apples any time of the year, apples are known to taste best when they are harvested during the fall season. During this season, apples are more crisp, juicy, and flavorful.

Apple doodles will give you a chance to place some red or green color on your pages! Here is a tutorial from Hello Artsy!

bullet journal doodles for fall season - Apples
Image from: Hello Artsy

6. Scarecrow

Harvest season means the crops are ripe and ready to be eaten. Because of this, scarecrows are a common sight in farms and orchards to scare away birds that would pick on the crops.

Scarecrows are a symbol of hard work and protection. You can dress them up and color them however you want, making it a fun doodle to show your creativity. Here’s a doodle tutorial from Kid Scoop!

bullet journal doodles for fall season -  Scarecrow
Image from: Kid Scoop

7. Candle

Another common item that sells like crazy during fall is candles. Candles are used for a lot of fall celebrations. Lighting up a few scented candles at home just adds a layer of warmth and coziness that you would just want to hang out indoors all the time!

You should add this symbol of hope and warmth in your bullet journal pages as well! Here is a burning candle tutorial from Easy Line Drawing!

bullet journal doodles for fall season - Candle
Image from: Easy Line Drawing

8. Scarf

A great way people stay warm and cozy during fall is by using scarves. As it turns out, scarves make great bullet journal doodles for your fall-themed layouts too and you can design and color them any way you want!

This is another chance for you to introduce other colors if you are not fond of the warm hues of fall. Here’s a tutorial from How to Draw for Kids!

9. Whole pie

Pie is the best way to consume a bountiful harvest during the fall season. We see an abundance of pies in different flavors like apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, pecan, sweet potato, cranberry, and many more during this season.

Your bullet journal pages should also have a pie doodle! Here is a tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things!

10. Pie slice

Pair up your whole pie doodle with this sliced pie doodle! You can have the whole pie on the head of the page and have the slices spread out on the rest. Here is a tutorial from Life Family And Fun!

 Pie slice
Image from: Life Family and Fun

11. Acorn

When it comes to fall decor, acorns are a fixture. You can pick a whole basket just by taking a walk in the park or the woods and there are a lot of acorn crafts that you can make.

Acorns are also a popular fall-themed doodle for bullet journal users. Here is a tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things!

12. Squirrel

With acorns in abundance this season, it is no surprise to see some squirrels running around.

Squirrels are one of the woodland creatures that symbolize fall, and they make cute doodles too! Here is a tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things.

13. Sunflower

Though sunflowers are popularly associated with summer, they do bloom until the middle of fall and this makes it a staple in fall decorations.

Sunflowers are cheery and known to radiate positivity and happiness. You should add them to your fall-themed layouts too! Check out this tutorial from How to Draw Pics!

Image from: How To Draw Pics

14. Mushroom

Fall is the peak season for sprouting mushrooms. Mushrooms are a symbol of transformation and it is just the right symbol for fall. Here is an easy doodle tutorial from Hello Artsy!

Image from: Hello Artsy

15. Fox

Fall season is a time when woodland creatures start to focus on gathering and storing food for the coming winter. The red fox happens to be one of the most popular woodland creatures that symbolizes the fall season probably because of its warm colors.

Here is a cute tutorial from @_doodle_me_this!

Image from: Instagram

16. Corn cob

There is a bountiful harvest of corn in the early part of fall. You can find it everywhere from farmers’ markets to grocery stores. It just makes sense that you include corn cobs as part of your fall-themed bullet journal layouts!

Here is a simple tutorial from Hello Artsy!

 Corn cob
Image from: Hello Artsy

17. Beanie

During the fall season, it is common to see people start wearing their beanies to warm themselves up. Beanies happen to be a great fall-themed doodle and you can color and design them any way you want!

Here’s an easy tutorial by I Heart Crafty Things!

18. Football

Football season always starts during the fall semester so you can expect to see a lot of football news and fun during this season. If you are a huge football fan, whether you are supporting a local high school, college, or professional team, footballs are great doodles for your fall-themed bullet journal pages!

Here is a tutorial from How to Draw for Kids!

19. Baskets

Since it is harvest season, baskets are a common sight. Baskets are a symbol of abundance which is why they are a popular choice for harvest containers.

Doodling baskets will remind you of memories of hand-picking fruits in an orchard or having a picnic in the park. Here’s a tutorial from How to Draw for Kids.

When you’re done with the basket doodle, fill it in with the fruit or food of your choice!

20. Fireplace

This season is all about staying warm and cozy. A lot of people prefer to stay indoors as the temperature starts to drop – especially those who have the comfort of owning a fireplace.

Add a fireplace doodle to your bullet journal pages with the help of this tutorial!

Consider adding doodles to your fall-themed bullet journal for an artistic touch.

Doodles are one of the best ways to personalize your bullet journal and make it truly your own. And as you can see from the list above, you don’t have to be gifted to draw doodles. Think of all the themes and doodles that you can do each month!

Your bullet journal should not only be functional, but it should also inspire you to use it! These doodles will bring more life and color to your pages this fall season, and make you look forward to filling them in!

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Have fun with your bullet journal this fall by including simple doodles that are crafted for the season. Get your pencils and pens ready!

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