20 DIY Backyard Light Ideas for a Great Looking Outdoor Space

Making your own DIY backyard light is great way to add ambiance and style to your outdoor space, while also improving safety and security. There are many different types of DIY backyard lights that you can make.

When it comes to your backyard, it’s not just enough that you have a great-looking garden or an impressive outdoor kitchen, or a comfortable lounge area. You must take time to plan out you’re lighting too.

Lighting dictates the ambiance of any area, and it can set the mood too. After all, an outdoor area like your backyard should not only be limited to daytime use. With the right lighting, you and your family and guests can enjoy it when the sun sets too.

To help you out, here are 20 DIY backyard light ideas that you can easily pull off!

1. Wine bottle tiki torch

This is an easy DIY light project that will not only add a festive vibe to your backyard but will also help keep the bugs away. The gravel is a nice touch not only to make the bottles stable but also for making the torch look good.

It is also a very affordable project to do so you can make as many as you want! Check out Redeem Your Ground for the full tutorial!

A wine bottle tiki torch is a DIY festive vibe to your backyard light.
Image from: Redeem Your Ground

2. Grapevine balls

Your backyard can transform into a magical and relaxing retreat and be ready for an outdoor party with these lighting grapevine balls. It is a great way to bring in some light and cheer in your backyard without having to break the bank!

Visit Know It On for the full tutorial!

A tree with Grapevine balls is yet a wonderful DIY backyard light.
Image from: Knowlton and CO.

3. Stained glass lanterns

Want something colorful and warm? Check out this DIY stained glass lantern project! You can use any empty jar and choose if you prefer battery-operated tea lights or an actual candle inside.

Cut up some colorful tissue paper and use Mod Podge or white glue to stick it on the jar and you are all set. If you want more details, visit Hello Glow!

If you want to add color to your DIY backyard light put some stained glass lanterns.
Image from: Hello Glow

4. Dandelion paper lanterns

For those who are looking for something temporary but pretty, this is the DIY backyard light project for you. They are perfect for outdoor parties in the backyard. Get the tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow!

Dandelion paper lanterns a temporary but pretty design for your DIY backyard light.
Image from: A Piece of Rainbow

5. Magic mason jar oil lamp

This DIY backyard light project is an easy and pretty lighting solution for your backyard. This is actually safer than candles because if the lamp gets knocked over, the flame will be extinguished by vegetable oil and water. And you can make different kinds with different herbs, spices, and essential oils for different fragrances.

Visit A Piece of Rainbow for the full tutorial!

Magic mason jar oil lamp will fragrance your DIY backyard light.
Image from: A Piece of Rainbow

6. Basket pendant lighting

This DIY project allows you to repurpose a basket and transform it into an interesting pendant light for your backyard. Hang them over your al fresco dining area and it will add a decorative element to your dining experience.

This project is incredibly easy to make too. Drop by Unexpected Elegance to see the tutorial!

A recyclable basket turns into basket pendant lighting.
Image from: Unexpected Elegance

7. Glowing solar mason jar

This is a simple and effective DIY backyard light idea that will make your outdoors glow when the sun sets. And because they are solar, you can also take them with you when you are out camping!

Most of the supplies you will need are just in the dollar store. Visit Crafts by Amanda for the tutorial!

The glowing solar mason jar is an energy-saving light.
Image from: Crafts by Amanda

8. Wine bottle citronella candle

One of the things that make it hard for people to enjoy their outdoor area at night is the pesky presence of bugs and mosquitoes. This DIY wine bottle citronella candle not only helps repel bugs and mosquitoes, but it also looks beautiful and will add to the decorative look of your backyard light.

Check out Hello Glow for her full tutorial!

This wine bottle citronella candle will help to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes.
Image from: Hello Glow

9. Solar chandelier

If you are looking for an outdoor chandelier that is easy to make and cheap, this DIY project is for you. This DIY solar chandelier can add some mood light to your backyard area, making it a must-have for some evening cuddling with your loved one. 

All it takes is a solar light and a hanging floral basket! Get the full tutorial from Down Home Inspiration!

10. Industrial-style tiki torch

Stay away from the traditional bamboo tiki torches and stand out with this DIY industrial-style tiki torch. This will add a soft glow around your backyard and the element of metal in the tiki torch will add more texture and give your backyard a contemporary and modern vibe.

Get the full tutorial from Pneumatic Addict!

Industrial-style tiki torch will add a metal touch to your backyard.
Image from: Pneumatic Addict

11. Faux metal star lantern

This DIY lantern project is inspired by Mexican tin star lanterns – but would you believe this one is just made out of paper? And it is easy to make too!

Hang several of these faux metal star lanterns all over your backyard and you will have a magical outdoor area. Get the step-by-step tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow!

A faux metal star lantern is a paper craft design for your backyard.
Image from: A piece of Rainbow

12. Cedar cube landscape lights

Are you good with woodwork? You might want to check out these DIY cedar cube lights that are perfect for your landscape. Make your plants shine when the sun sets by spreading them out all over your backyard.

Visit Home Talk for the steps!

Cedar cube landscape lights are a DIY woodwork design.
Image from: Home Talk

13. Outdoor light balls

This DIY backyard light project is made with chicken wire, twine, and battery-powered lights. The trees in your backyard can look magical when the sun sets if you hang several of them from their branches.

Check out Pine and Poplar for the tutorial!

Outdoor light balls made with chicken wire and twine.
Image from: Pine and Poplar

14. Mason jar lanterns

Lanterns spread out in any area are enough to make any type of space magical with their glow. So if you want to use lanterns, it is best if you get them in numbers. This DIY project will not cost much and will not affect your electric bill because you will be using candles!

Get the full tutorial from Orchard Girls!

A glowing mason jar lanterns.
Image from: Orchard Girls

15. Starry lights

You can bring the stars closer to you with the combination of craft and string lights. This DIY project was originally created for a Fourth of July party but they do work year-round.

Here, a string of lights is dressed up so that it looks like the stars are right in your backyard. Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith.

A starry light for your backyard light.
Image from: Lia Griffith

16. Jar pendant lights

Do you have a bunch of empty jars just lying around the house? You can turn them into beautiful pendant lights just like this one. It does not take much time or effort to do this DIY project. And it looks great if you have an industrial or modern-themed home too!

Get the steps from Decoist!

Jar turns into jar pendant lights.
Image from: Decoist

17. Tin can lanterns

If you are working on a tight budget, these tin can lanterns is the right backyard lighting project for you. All you have to do is clean out the tin cans and pierce patterns on the surface using a hammer and nail.

You have the option to paint the cans after or leave them in their natural silver state. You can use an LED light or place a candle inside to light the lanterns up at night. Visit Elise Engh Studios for the steps!

Tin can with led lights inside.
Image from: Elise Engh Studios

18. DIY light poles

If your backyard has no trees or you have a concrete space and you want to have string lights over your backyard, don’t worry! There is a DIY backyard light solution for that.

You can create your own light poles with the help of giant planters. Check out how this family pulled off their DIY light poles at City Farmhouse!

DIY light poles for those backyards that has no tree.
Image from: City Farmhouse

19. Hula hoop chandelier

You can the grand lighting and warm glow of a chandelier even when you are outdoors thanks to this DIY project. Everything you will need can be found in the Dollar Store so you can expect it to be a very affordable DIY project.

You can find the full tutorial from Sarah with an H!

The hula hoop turns into a chandelier.
Image from: Sarah with an H

20. PVC pipe lights

Want a lighting solution that is stable and can withstand the elements? You can do this PVC pipe light DIY project. The hard material of PVC pipes would call for the use of certain tools of course so you have to make sure you are careful and capable before attempting this one.

You can get the step-by-step instructions in Hometalk!

PVC pipe lights are a stable DIY light for your backyard.
Image from: Hometalk

Lighting up your outdoor area doesn’t have to cost a lot!

Backyard lighting is crucial to make everyone enjoy your outdoor area when the sun sets. Adding more lights does not have to be expensive and most of these options use solar lights so you do not have to worry about an increasing electric bill!

The projects above are very simple and they are an easy way to add some ambiance and flare to any outdoor space. We are sure that a combination of any of these ideas will make your backyard a lively and entertaining area. People will surely love to gather and use your backyard more after you install these DIY backyard lights!

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