20 Best Places for a Fall Vacation in the US

20 best places for a fall vacation in the US.

Do you know when is the best time to take a vacation in the US? While summer and winter are popular seasons for vacation, you might be surprised to find out that seasoned travelers prefer to go all out during the fall season.

Think about it – by fall, everyone is back in school, and adults are at work. This means fewer crowds and lower prices on the best fall tourist spots. As trees turn into warm hues of orange, red, and brown, you are bound to have a pretty picture no matter what. Plus, this breezy season also means you get to enjoy a cooler temperature on your trip!

But where are the best vacation spots in the US during fall? If you don’t know where to go, here is a list of the 20 best places for family vacation!

1. Acadia National Park, Maine

If you plan to take a vacation in early Fall, Acadia National Park is the best destination during this time with its many scenic landscapes taking a yellow and orange hue. There will be lesser tourists around too, allowing you to take solo pictures with the bright and colorful foliage without having to edit out anyone in the background.

The park offers several trails, some of which give you a chance to spot some wildlife. Take note that if you go by the end of September to October, the temperatures would start dropping so you might start bringing in your winter clothes during this time.

Experience the beauty of fall at Acadia National Park, Maine with this stunning landscape of colorful trees and clear skies, perfect for fall vacation.
Image from: Down East

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has almost everything you would want for a Fall vacation. The downtown area has several galleries, breweries, restaurants, and unique shops.

The best way to enjoy the fall colors is to explore the Biltmore Estate. The Gilded Age mansion is known to be the biggest privately owned house in America, and it has a winery and an impressively huge garden. The place is so beautiful it is a common proposal spot!

Blue Ridge Mountain and colorful trees in the foreground, create a stunning landscape for a fall vacation.
Image from: Romantic Asheville

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle explodes with color during the Fall season. Unlike some cities, this one still has a lot of foliage to enjoy.The Seattle Japanese Garden is considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the area during this season.

Another spot in Seattle where you can enjoy the warm and vibrant colors of the season is the Washington Park Arboretum.

Explore the beauty of Seattle, Washington during the fall vacation with a stunning image of the city skyline, surrounded by colorful trees.
Image from: Visit Seattle

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe offers a different kind of vibe during the Fall season because its fall colors are mostly yellow – it’s like a golden destination!

Head to the Santa Fe National Forest, which is just an hour away from downtown. You will see how the forest is a sea of green and gold. Aside from loving the golden foliage, you can also explore the city, which is well-known for its architecture and art.

5. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge should be on your must-see list when it comes to taking trips during your fall season vacation. The 80-mile river that divides Oregon and Washington is a paradise for outdoor lovers.

There is a lot to do like hiking, wine tasting, harvesting from local farms, and lots of photo op moments against the Fall foliage. The most famous spot in the area is the Multnomah Falls.

6. Sedona, Arizona

If your family consists of hardcore hikers or you love to go on an outdoor adventure, you should check out Sedona in Arizona. The place is breathtakingly beautiful every year but the cooler temperatures and fall colors make it a popular and memorable hiking destination for tourists.

There are hiking trails available for all levels. If you are not up for a hike but want to see what the fuss is all about, take an off-road adventure trail so you can see the most popular Sedona sites without breaking a sweat.

Experience the beauty of Sedona, Arizona during the fall vacation stunning images of red rock formations.
Image from: Ugly Hedgehog

7. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston may not offer vast forests for colorful fall foliage as some destinations have to offer. But its fall colors are unique as they are more in shades of red and brown.

Charleston is also full of charm and has a romantic vibe that is perfect for those who want to strengthen their relationships over a vacation break. This place is also home to several fall festivals where you can enjoy southern BBQ treats.

Charleston, South Carolina
Image from: CHS Today

8. Telluride, Colorado

Telluride may be more popular as a winner and ski destination but this town in Colorado is actually beautiful during Fall. It is one of the best places to head to if you are looking for a lot of colorful foliage with a breathtaking mountain view.

There are a lot of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy like hiking, biking, cable rides, and gondola rides. It is best to head to Telluride during mid-late September or early October because that’s when the Fall colors look most vibrant.

 9. Virginia Beach, Virginia

If your family wants to spend some time on the beach before winter comes, Virginia Beach is one of the best vacation destinations during the fall season.

The sunrise and sunset during the Fall season in the area are more beautiful than ever. The beach is not the only thing you can visit too – there are a lot of marshlands and maritime forests nearby that can give you a great view of the colors of Fall.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Image from: Virginia Beach

10. Napa Valley, California

Wine lovers should make it a point to drop by Napa Valley during the fall. For those who still want to cling to warm weather, you will be glad that it’s always warm enough in Napa Valley to walk around without a jacket.

The vineyards transform into warmer colors during the Fall. Take one of the many tours in the valley that lets you go around the wineries. Some would even give you the experience to become a winemaker for the day.

You can also take the Napa Valley Wine Train to enjoy the scenery or book a ride around the valley on a hot air balloon.

Napa Valley, California
Image from: Candle Light Inn

11.Savannah, Georgia

The oldest city in Georgia is a must-see during Fall. The tree tunnel inside the Wormsloe Plantation is one of the most beautiful places to see if you want to appreciate Fall foliage.

You can also stroll around the city and drink in the Southern charm. Savannah during the Fall season has lesser crowds, so it is a lot quieter compared to how the city is during the summer.

Savannah, Georgia
Image from: Fine Art America

12. Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a nature-filled trip, then you should head to Pennsylvania and visit the Poconos. The Pocono Mountains are home to several valleys and beautiful lakes.

You are bound to enjoy beautiful fall foliage and your pictures will always have vibrant colors in the background. Plus, there are a lot of outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. The Pocono Mountains are just a two-hour drive away from the LaGuardia Airport.

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
Image from: Pocono Mountains

13 Boston, Massachusetts

The city looks very welcoming during the Fall season because the trees completely transform into warmer colors. The weather is also perfect for strolling through many of their public parks. Always try the cider donuts, which are a specialty during the season.

For those who love their beer, there are a lot of brewery tours that you can take in Boston. Drop by the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill for a lot of Instagram-worthy moments.

Boston, Massachusetts
Image from: Boston Uncovered

14. North Fork, Long Island

New York’s Long Island is a popular summer vacation but did you know that it is equally as popular in the Fall? The Fall season is harvest season in the area and North Fork happens to be home to numerous vineyards, farms, orchards, and flower fields.

During this season, a lot of these places would let you and your family gather your own harvest. Several hiking trails allow you to enjoy nature and the fall foliage. September is also a busy month with numerous festivals and fairs happening in the small towns.

North Fork, Long Island
Image from: Wine Traveler

15. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For the family that loves to do some hunting, the Fall season is hunting season in Jackson Hole. You can expect to find waterfowl, moose, deer, and elk all over the place. There are also a lot of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy like horseback riding and fishing.

Jackson Hole is also just a short drive away from the Grand Teton National Park and the Yellowstone National Park so you can also enjoy a scenic drive while in the area.

16. New York, New York

Not really into nature trips? You can still enjoy the beauty of fall foliage in the city when you head out to New York. There will always be a crowd in the busy city but there will be lesser tourists at this time of the year.

Aside from shopping and eating good food, New York City is filled with festivals and events during the Fall. Of course, taking a walk through the vibrant Central Park is a must for first timers.

New York, New York
Image from: World Travel Guide

17. Salt Lake City, Utah

The capital of Utah is a dynamic city that is home to a lot of religious and historical attractions so there are a lot of places to tour for the entire family to enjoy. Of course, you should also stop by the Great Salt Lake where you can enjoy the vibrant colors of Fall in all its glory.

You can also take a lot of scenic drives around the area to enjoy. You can take a drive to Wasatch Mountain Range and marvel at the warm scenery with snow-capped mountains in the background.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Image from: Visit Salt Lake

18. San Francisco, California

While the rest of the country is pulling out their scarves and sweaters, people in San Francisco are actually enjoying the sun.

The fall season in San Francisco is filled with warm and sunny days and fogless nights. So, if you still want to go somewhere with lots of sunshine, San Francisco is the destination for you. It is the ideal time to explore the city – especially its nightlife because the weather is so much better.

San Francisco, California
Image from: Santorini Dave

19. Orlando, Florida

Did you know that the best time to see Disney World in Orlando, Florida is during the Fall season? There would still be a crowd but it won’t be as crazy as the Summer crowd.

The temperature is also cooler during this time of the year so you will have more fun spending the whole day in the happiest place on Earth. Aside from Disney, you can also go to Universal Studios. There are also a lot of state parks nearby to satisfy the nature lovers in the family.

Orlando, Florida
Image from: Under Cover Tourist

 20. Yellowstone National Park

Of course, this list will not be complete without the famous Yellowstone National Park, which you can access from Wyoming and Montana. The leaves would start to transition into warmer colors as early as late August and the last bit of color would disappear in late October.

Make sure to check their official website for road closures before traveling to the park.

Immerse yourselves in the magical season of fall!

Fall is indeed a magical season. Nature changes its colors and looks warm and welcoming. The temperature is cooler so you can walk around all day without breaking a sweat. With lesser tourists and locals roaming around, you will surely have a more memorable time too.

Henceforth, whether you want to go on a nature trip to see the bright and warm foliage, or you are aiming for one last chance to enjoy the sunshine before winter sets in, indeed fall is one of the best times to have a family vacation and explore the US!

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Here are the best places for a family vacation in the US during the fall season, from the colorful foliage to the majestic mountains of the West!

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