Best Notebooks for Bullet Journal

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10 best notebooks for bullet journal

The most important thing you need when starting a bullet journal is your notebook, or simply, journal.

When you check out the options you have, it can feel overwhelming. There are so many sizes, so many colors, so many page types, and covers to choose from.

So let’s simplify it. Here are factors to consider when choosing a bullet journal:

  • Size
  • Cover type
  • Binding style
  • Paper quality
  • Page format
  • Number of pages
  • Price

Now how would you know which bullet journal is the best for you?

Do not worry! There is no need to overthink this decision. Here are 10 of the most popular bullet journal notebooks that are being used in the bullet journal community:

1. The Official Bullet Journal Notebook

Ryder Carroll, the bullet journal method’s creator, teamed up with the Leuchtturm1917, one of the most popular bullet journal notebooks, to come up with the Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal Notebook.

The result is a journal that has formatted pages from the bullet journal method. This helps you easily track past events, put your present appointments and tasks in order, and plan out the future.

This is an A5-sized notebook with 80 gsm paper and has 249 numbered pages. The notebook is thread-bound and can open flatly so you can draw or write in all angles without ruining its spine.

It has three ribbon markers for easier access. Then it has an elastic closure band to keep your notebook closed and keep any loose content secure. It has an inner pocket to hold receipts and coupons.

This journal notebook comes in 3 colors: black, nordic blue, and emerald. It also has 3 bookmarks to give you access to specific pages.

the official bullet journal notebook
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2. Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebooks

Leuchtturm notebooks are well known for their quality. They have been around since 1917, which says a lot about their foundation as a reliable brand.

You can find Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebooks with lined, squared, dot, and blank pages. We use the dotted notebook for bullet journal.

The pages are high-quality and ink proof with 251 numbered pages.

You will find a pre-printed page in the first pages to use for your index and BuJo key. There is also a pocket in the back for you to keep loose paper like receipts, ticket stubs and coupons.

The notebook has two ribbon markers and it also has an elastic closure to keep your notebook sealed securely.

It comes in 17 different colors, which is a wide range of colors to choose from.

Here’s a dotted Leuchtturm1917 A5 journal from Amazon.

3. Scribbles that Matter A5 Dotted Journal

The Scribbles That Matter notebook is a favorite in the bullet journal community. Indeed it was made explicitly for bullet journals. It comes with a pre-printed index page and key page.

The pens and markers can easily glide through the ink-proof and acid-free pages of this notebook. You can expect that there will be no bleeding and ghosting that may ruin your hard work and layouts. You can quickly write back to back on its pages with no problem.

Also, it has a Pen Test page in case you are using a new pen, marker, or highlighter, and you have to test it out first.

The notebook has two color-coded bookmarks to help you open to the pages you usually access or the page where you left off. It also comes with a pen holder so that you can write in your journal right away.

The Scribbles That Matter A5 dotted journal comes in 12 different colors. It uses silky faux leather for its cover. Also comes with an elastic closure band.

Here’s a Scribbles that Matter A5 Dotted Journal from Amazon.

4. Moleskine Classic Notebook

This is a popular notebook used for journals, diaries, and note-taking. Moleskin notebooks are well-loved for their slim design.

It has lightweight paper. Therefore, it is not ideal for watercolor or elaborate colored doodles because the paper is too thin.

It is best for those who do minimalist bullet journals where all you need is just a pen and the occasional highlighter.

The Moleskin Classic Notebook is available in 10 different colors. It is also available in ruled, grid, dotted, and plain pages. The pages are ivory and thick enough for fountain pens.

Its cover is faux leather. You can also find this notebook in hard and soft covers. It also comes with an elastic band closure and has an inner folder for additional storage.

Get this Moleskine Classic Notebook at Amazon

5. Northbooks Dots Hardcover Notebook

If you want a notebook for bullet journal that has a hardcover, this is an excellent option! It is a very simple notebook that has a sophisticated feel.

Northbooks Dots Hardcover Notebooks have cream-colored pages that allow you to read your work effortlessly even in direct sunlight. The paper is strong, smooth, and thick enough to prevent ghosting, feathering, or bleeding. However, it is not recommended to use alcohol-based markers or very wet ink forms on its papers.

It does not have the extras like ribbon markers, pre-printed pages, or pockets. It is a very simple notebook with a quality hardbound cover.

The hardbound cover is very durable. The notebook can lie flat despite the hardcover. Your bullet journal will surely last till you reach its last pages.

Get this Northbooks Dots Hardcover Notebook at Amazon

6. Rhodia A5 Webnotebook

The Rhodia A5 Webnotebook uses 90g brushed vellum paper. This is a good thing because it is strong and thick enough to handle calligraphy inks and fountain pens.

This notebook comes with an elastic closure, a ribbon marker, and a pocket attached to the back cover.

The cover is made out of leatherette material, and it is available in 7 different colors. You can choose whether you want dotted or lined pages. But again for bullet journal, we use the dotted notebook.

Get this Rhodia A5 Webnotebook at Amazon

7. Miquelrius Soft Bound Medium Journal

If you need a notebook with lots of pages, this is the best bullet journal for you. The Miquelrius Soft Bound Medium Journal gives you a generous 600 pages to work with.

It has a durable leather cover made out of cowhide fibers. Although this one would be thicker than most journals, the elastic strap closure helps it become portable and easy to handle.

The downside is that the binding is not threaded – it is glued, so you have to take extra care when writing on it to not loosen the pages.

Get this Miquelrius Soft Bound Medium Journal at Amazon

8. RETTACY Dotted Journal

The RETTACY Dotted Journal is sold in packs of two. This is a B5-sized notebook with 192 pages, giving you a total of 384 numbered pages for bullet journal.

The pages are made of acid-free paper that is smooth to the touch. Your pens will glide all over it quickly. The paper is also thick enough to ensure that no bleeding will take place.

The softcover is made out of durable PU leather. It may be a softcover, but the material is durable enough to make your journals last for years.

The RETTACY Dotted Journal comes with a pen holder, two bookmarks, a back pocket, an elastic closure, and a free journal stencil.

Get this RETTACY Dotted Journal at Amazon

9. Amazon Basics Classic Notebook

Suppose you want a decent notebook for bullet journal that comes with an affordable price tag. In that case, you should try this simple notebook from Amazon.

Amazon Basics Classic notebooks have acid-free paper, which can resist light and air damage. You can choose if you want to get a notebook with lined, squared, plain, or grid pages. The notebook has 240 pages, but they are not numbered.

The journal has a cardboard bound cover with round corners. It comes with an elastic closure that helps keep your journal closed and has one bookmark.

If you are the type that stores loose items on your bullet journal, there is an expandable inner pocket available.

Here’s an Amazon Basics Classic Notebook

10. Moleskin Cashier Journal

If you are still new to using a bullet journal, or if you want something totally slim and portable, this moleskin notebook is excellent for you.

The Moleskin Journal is perfect for short-term BuJos – some bullet journalists even use one for each month.

The notebook has only 16 pages, and it is sold in packs of three. It comes in a 5 x 8.25 size, and you can choose if you prefer dotted, ruled, plain, or square pages.

The blank paper cardboard cover allows you to make your own cover. You can easily place a backdrop of doodles, watercolor art, or calligraphy.

Get this Moleskin Cashier Journal at Amazon.

Take your pick!

Picking the right notebook for your bullet journal may indeed be an overwhelming task because of all the options available. But again, you should not overthink this.

With this list, you can narrow down your options, and we can assure you that no matter what you pick, you will end up with a journal that you will love!

You can find these notebooks in your local stores – probably in the school supplies or office supplies section. You can also cut down to the chase and order them directly online like in Amazon, so you do not have to go out to get them.

These are very popular bullet journal brands, so you will not have any problem looking for them.

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