How to Declutter Your Kids’ Room

Check out this simple guide to help you declutter your kids’ room.

how to declutter your kids' room

Do you trip over toys whenever you enter your kids’ room?

Do you often run out of places to store things whether it be for their study desks or clothes?

If so, then it’s about time to declutter!

Apply the same basic guidelines when you declutter your kids’ room. Empty out closets and shelves, clear all surfaces, and sort through your items so you can determine which ones to keep, donate, and toss out.

However, when it comes to the kids’ room, decluttering can be an emotional process filled with tantrums on their part and frustration from yours. As parents, we all know how draining it is to be cleaning and dealing with your kids’ tantrums, at the same time.

Involve your kids in the decluttering process.

Since you are dealing with items that may have special value to your kids, it is important that you implement some additional considerations such as involving your kids in the process. This will lessen all the drama that could possibly take place.

Before you start decluttering, explain the whole process to your kids. Kids actually become more cooperative when they have a good idea and understanding of what is going on and what is expected from them.

Kids are possessive by nature and the little ones have little reasoning skills so you have to give them a good reason why you are getting rid of their things. It could be a task to give them more space to play in, or making room for newer and better things.

You can be surprised how your kids can be very compassionate. You can explain to them the concept of giving things to charity and making sure that another kid would benefit from their items. They often do not mind after you explain that another child would be happy having their old toys and clothes.

Now before you start talking to your kids about doing a declutter, decide first on what guidelines you want to establish so you can be firm and decisive when you do the task together.

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Why should you involve your kids?

I know this will take more time compared to when you do all the work by yourself but the benefits can outweigh the challenges. Here is a list of reasons why your kids should be around when you declutter their room.

1. It teaches them how to get organized.

A lot of people grew up not having basic organization skills simply because they were not taught to do so. Starting your kids young is a great head start on raising organized, neat, and tidy individuals.

So teach your children how to sort and store their items by type so they will be able to find things faster. Have a designated spot for every item so that their room is easier to maintain.

2. Decluttering teaches them about responsibility.

Explaining why a toy has to be tossed out because it has missing parts can be a teachable moment for your kids. If they are able to take good care of their belongings, they would not have to throw them out every time you do a decluttering session.

3. It develops their capacity to part with things.

The main advantage of involving your kids when decluttering their room is that you get to avoid all the tantrums that can happen when you give away their favorite jacket or toss out their favorite toy.

You can let them choose a limited number of items that can stay but the rest has to go. This will help your kids develop the capacity to part with material things that they no longer need.

More importantly, decluttering teaches your children early on that they are not defined by the number of toys, games, clothes, books, and other stuff they own.

How to declutter your kids’ room

Now that we have that covered, we’ll now proceed to decluttering. It is best to tackle one type of stuff only when you declutter so you can focus on it and it won’t take much of your time too!

By the way, if you’re always busy and it seems that there’s no time for declutter, set aside at least fifteen minutes everyday for it. That makes it manageable and very possible, especially for a busy mom!

Now here are common kids stuff that you will definitely encounter in your kids’ room.

1. Clothes

Empty out the closet and drawers so that you can go through all the items. Place all the clothes that need mending in one pile, clothes that you need to toss out because they can not be mended on another, and prepare a donation pile for clothes that no longer fit.

If your child does not like to try these clothes on, you can use a pair of pants, a shirt, or a dress that you know fits them well and use it as a size reference for the clothes that will stay.

Kids can be extra picky about what they wear sometimes so make sure that what you keep are clothes they will actually wear.

If you have a lot of brand name clothing that is still in good as new condition, you can resell them.

2. Toys

Again, when your kids are old enough to know what they like or not, it is best to involve them in the decluttering process. Let them decide which toys to keep and which ones to part with.

Broken toys and those that have missing pieces are unusable so you should toss them out.

For toys that are still in good condition but your child no longer plays with them, set them aside for donation.

If you find yourself left with more toys than you actually hoped to get rid of, have a sit down with your children and show them a container. Now ask them to fit their favorite toys in the container.

Let them understand that you will be keeping what is in the container but for the toys that do not fit, you will have to give them away so that another child can enjoy them.

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3. Games

This includes board games, card games, and puzzles.

Gather these items together and check which ones have complete pieces and are still fully functional.

Your child can decide if they still want to keep them or not. If they have outgrown them, set them aside for donation. Example of places that usually accepts donated games is daycare centers, schools, churches, and retirement homes. Just call ahead and ask if they are accepting the donation.

For those that have essential pieces and cards missing, you should toss them out or maybe find a DIY project that allows you to use these pieces.

4. Books

Kids can easily outgrow their books, especially in this digital age. Divide these books into two piles. One for the books that they still read and another for the books that they do not read anymore.

You can donate outgrown books to children’s hospitals and orphanages. There are also old book shops who would be willing to buy them as long as they are in mint condition. Here is a list of places accepting book donations.

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5. Art/school supplies

If your kids have their own study desks in their room then they will have art and school supplies around. Make sure to declutter their desks too and check if there are items that need to be replaced.

For younger kids, you may be tempted to keep every artwork they made for their sentimental value. But this will just add up to the paper clutter around the house.

I suggest you take a picture of the artwork and keep it digitally. This way, the artwork is preserved and you can get rid of the actual copy.

Keep only the artworks that are meaningful like their best artwork, one with a special message, or their first handprint.

Declutter your kids’ room on a regular basis.

Regular declutter helps maintain the order and neatness that you achieved in your first declutter season. Be patient as you go through the whole process again. Its needed to keep your kids’ stuff under control.

It is recommended that decluttering be done every five months. You should also consider doing it before your kids’ birthday or during Christmas. These are times when they will be receiving a bunch of new items.

Implement practices such as the “one in, one out” rule. Your kids must let go of an old toy to get a new toy.

Every decluttering session is a chance for your kids to learn life-long lessons.

Decluttering is not as easy as you want to – no matter what room you are working on. It takes a lot of time and energy.

However, when you do it regularly, you will find it to be relaxing. The process becomes therapeutic rather than a dreadful chore.

Now when it comes to decluttering your kids’ room, again, involve them in the process. This will let them learn about organizing, donating, being neat, and being less materialistic at a young age.

Remember that there is always a teaching moment every time you make your child let go of their things. Remind your kids that the less they own, the less they have to clean up.

With these tips above, I’m confident that your kids room will become more organized. More importantly, your kids will have the chance to learn the the joy of owning less.

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