Organize the Living Room with these 20 Simple Solutions!

Looking for various ways you can organize your living room? Check out these tried and tested solutions!

how to organize the living room

The best way to keep a neat and tidy living room is to implement an organizing system. Doing so will allow you to maximize your space so that you can use it efficiently!

Organizing the living room is as personal as decorating it. If you need some inspiration, here’s a list of suggestions to try!

1. Go for hidden storage.

As much as possible, it is best to conceal items that have the tendency to look cluttered. These are items that are hard to arrange in a tidy and organized manner, or those that do not go well with the scheme of your interior design or color palette.

Go for cabinets with doors and drawers or when you have open shelves, use decorative baskets or bins to have things covered up or hidden.

how to organize the living room - go for hidden storage
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2. Arrange items by function.

Maximize your living room space and improve traffic flow by organizing your items and furniture by function. Each area must have its own purpose.

how to organize the living room - arrange items by function
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For instance, the bookshelf should be near the reading nook, your music collection should be near the entertainment center, your throw blankets should be near the sofa.

You get the idea? This lessens the need to move around.

3. Have a basket for throw blankets and cushions.

Does your family love to turn the living room into a nest where you snuggle in blankets while watching a movie?

If so, have a large decorative basket by the couch. Use this to store the throw blankets or as a temporarily place for the cushions to make room for more seating.

how to organize the living room - have a basket for throw blankets and cushions
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4. Add a ladder to hang throw blankets.

Another way to organize throw blankets in the living room is to use a ladder to hang them. It also looks like a nice decor in there!

5. Use storage ottomans.

You can never go wrong with investing in storage ottomans for your home! You do not only get hidden storage space but these also double as footstools, coffee tables, and chairs!

Using an ottoman in the living room will give you additional storage space to organize your stuff.

how to organize the living room - use storage ottomans

6. Set up a charging station.

Gadgets being charged in different places in the living room does not only look messy but also increases the risk of someone tripping over the cords.

Hence, set up a charging station in the living room so that there is a designated place for everyone to leave their gadgets while charging.

how to organize the living room - set up a charging station
Image from Decoist

It will also help if you add a storage place for all the chargers and cords.

7. Do not fill your bookshelves.

If you have a bookshelf in the living room, do not cram it with books. Allow some space to avoid a messy cluttered look.

You may also use that vacant space to place other things that will enhance the beauty of your living room.

For instance, insert a small potted plant or a decor in between.

Also, try grouping your books by height or by color, or have them standing straight up on one side and laid flat on the next.

how to organize the living room - do not fill your bookshelves
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8. Use floating shelves instead of standalone furniture.

For small living rooms, it is better to install floating shelves for storage and display instead of using standalone furniture. This will give you more space to move around and will make the living room look wider!

9. Get a coffee table that offers storage.

Is your coffee table often cluttered? It might be a catch-all for all kinds of items.

To make this easier, replace it with a coffee table that offers storage space. It can be drawers, secret compartments, cubbies, etc. This will help you clear off the items on the coffee table easily.

how to organize the living room - get a coffee table with storage
Image from addicted 2 diy

10. Use a round coffee table for small living rooms.

When you use a round coffee table, you get to have a better traffic flow and people can easily move in and out. This also helps give any small living room a wider and less cluttered look!

how to organize the living room - use a round coffee table for small living room

11. Maximize the vertical wall space.

If you have generous wall space, make use of it by building tall vertical shelves to give you a lot of storage space. You can use the shelves for your books, trinkets, decor, and other items.

Maximize the vertical wall space.
Image from My Domaine

12. Create a play area under the stairs.

If you have little kids in the house, it is most ideal to have them playing in the living room where you can keep an eye on them. However, this could also mean toys scattered in the living room.

If your home has a second story, the stairs will usually be in the living room. The space underneath the stairs can be converted into an official play corner for your kids. This means most of the toys stay in that area and it will be easier to clean up!

13. Use the space behind the sofa.

When there’s an open space for the living room and the dining room, you may position the couch or sofa in a way that it acts as some sort of divider between both rooms.

You can then utilize the space behind the couch for additional storage. Simply place a low bookcase, dresser, ottoman, or shelf behind it. This will give you another space for a lamp, for keeping your stuff, and for displaying decors.

Use the space behind the sofa.
Image from Almafied

14. Invest in an art cart.

If you are fond of art projects like crochet or knitting, it is just natural that you do not want to stay in an art room all the time.

Get a rolling cart and turn it into an art cart! This way, you can bring your art projects in the living room without making a big mess. And you can bring it anywhere in the house!

You can also provide one for your kids’ art projects. Simply place it in a corner, or into another room when you have guests over.

Invest in an art cart.
Image from Chalk Academy

15. Provide storage for your pet’s toys too.

If your pets have lots of toys, give it a proper storage too. And if you can train them to return their toys where they belong, that would be really great too!

16. Have a serving cart.

Here is another good idea for a rolling cart. Turn it into a serving cart when you have guests over!

This will allow you to carry in everything you need for snacks, coffee, or cocktails in one trip. You don’t have to keep excusing yourself then to get something from the kitchen.

Have a serving cart.
Image from Home with Keki

17. Hide your cables.

The living room houses a lot of electronics so you have a lot of cables and wires to deal with. It can look very messy!

Hence, it’s always best to keep these wires hidden. This will lessen the risk of anyone tripping over them.

Hide your cables.
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18. Get a remote control organizer.

Losing remote controls in the living room is a common problem. Investing in a remote control organizer that you can just place on the coffee table solves all the hassle for you.

Modern remote organizers now have different compartments too. You can store other items in there like pens, notepads, tissue paper, and your gadgets.

19. Consider placing a trash bin in the room.

Most households do not have a trash bin in the living room. That’s because trash bins can smell in just a couple of days and this can stink up the living room.

However, if you notice that there is a lot of trash accumulating in the living room, consider placing a decorative and sealed trash bin in the area. It will greatly trim down the amount of clutter in the living room!

Consider placing a trash bin in the room.

Simply deodorize your trash bags to avoid any foul smell.

20. Declutter regularly.

Declutter first before you organize. And do it on a regular basis.

For the living room, do the purge at least once every 3 months to make sure that you are not accumulating clutter and that you are getting rid of things that no longer serve their purpose.

Remember, the less you own, the less you have to clean up!

Ready to organize your living room?

Your living room creates a strong statement about you and your home. It’s also this place in the home where you will always gather with your family and do activities together. It’s a precious space – enough reason for us to keep it clean and organized!

And now that you have already reached the end of this post, I am sure you now have a good idea on how to organize your living room.

Take action now. Make use of solutions that will keep your space free from clutter. And you can take pride later on in a more functional, more spacious, and more relaxing living room!

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Be inspired to organize your living room with these simple tips and ideas!

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