Morning Routine Ideas: How to Create One that Works for You

morning routine ideas

They say that the way your morning starts out can affect how the rest of your day will turn out. This is why many leaders place a lot of thought into their morning routine.

Your productivity starts the minute you wake up. So, learning healthy habits are important when you want to have a successful, productive, and good workday.

Having a good morning routine has its benefits like feeling that you are in control, reinforcing that you are capable, anticipating what lies ahead, knowing your priorities, and feeling more productive.

The key is to come up with a morning routine that will fit you and your goals. You may notice that you can’t just copy the morning routine of other people.

For instance, some would wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning. But this would be impossible if you are working late. Some would do their exercise routine in the morning while you may prefer doing it after you work. Your morning routine must be personalized to fit your lifestyle and needs.

It can be a bit overwhelming to create a morning routine on your own. This is why we gathered ideas and tips that will help you create a morning routine that will work for you.

Here goes!

1. Have a consistent sleeping and waking time.

When it comes to creating a routine, consistency is key. Maintaining a fixed bedtime and waking time sets your circadian rhythm or internal clock. When this happens, you get better sleep quality. So this will not only set you up for a better day. It will also allow you to have more rest.

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2. Determine how much time you need.

For a morning routine to work, you have to give yourself enough time for it.

Consider your first engagements of the day. For example, what time do you usually send the kids to school, or begin school if homeschooling? What time do you hit the gym or your treadmill? Or what time do you have to be at work?

Most people would need 30 to 60 minutes for their morning routine, depending on how many things they want to accomplish at that time.

Make sure that you set aside enough time for your morning routine in a way that you do not end up rushing. This way you get to start your day calmly.

3. Quit the snooze habit.

If you have the tendency to hit the snooze button frequently, discipline yourself to quit that habit. You may also want to assess why you hit the snooze button. If you are doing it because you need more rest, then you should adjust your sleep schedule.

If you are hitting the snooze button because you already feel like you are overwhelmed or you are dreading the day ahead, it is best to create a morning routine that includes one or two activities that calm you down or something that you would enjoy.

make the bed

4. Get out of bed right away.

Once your alarm goes off, get out of your bed right away.

Getting out of bed will always be the first step in any kind of morning routine. It helps you give full attention to the first activity of your morning routine – whether it is saying a prayer, journaling, stretching, or preparing breakfast.

5. Don’t check your phone until your morning routine is done.

We all have developed the habit of checking our phones first thing in the morning when we wake up. When you do this, you often end up scrolling through your social media feeds or reading the news in bed.

This takes it longer for you to get out of bed and start your day. It’s not exactly the most productive way to start the day.

6. Practice self-care.

You can add self-care to your morning routine by adding any activity that makes you feel good. It could be something like taking a hot shower, writing on a journal, reading an inspiring book, or treating yourself to a good breakfast.

Doing something that makes you truly happy will support your happiness and well-being and reduce the risk of feeling burnout.

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7. Start with a glass of water.

It is recommended that you should drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

For some people, that can be a lot. But you can get a head start on that glass count when you start your day with water instead of tea or coffee. After all, your body actually needs it more first thing in the morning. This is because you had no fluid intake the whole time you were sleeping.

According to nutritionists, drinking enough water is very important. This helps your body digest your food properly and flush out waste products effectively. If you need your usual glass of tea or coffee, have it after the first glass of water for the day.

8. Stretch out.

Studies show that doing a few stretches when you get out of bed helps warm up your joints and muscles for the day ahead. If you add a bit of exercise, this will also help regulate your sleep and wake cycle. This will make it easier for you to maintain a fixed morning routine.

9. Have your breakfast within an hour of waking up.

It is recommended that you eat something within an hour of waking up to stimulate your metabolism. If you include this in your morning ritual, it can greatly improve your metabolism.

This will not only help you burn more calories but also make you feel more energetic. If you plan to work out as part of your morning routine, nutritionists recommend that you eat something light before your session to fuel your body.

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10. Remember to pray.

As a Christian, it is a must that we put God first before we start on our daily tasks.

You can say a simple prayer right after you wake up. Thank the Lord for the peace of the night and for the chance to live again for another day. Then ask for His guidance to help you be productive throughout the day, that you may do things according to His will.

You may also include Bible reading as a part of your morning prayer routine. Include a journal to write learnings and reflections on what you read. Memorize a verse that will help you focus on the Lord and on His will throughout the day, especially when things are tough.

11. Do breathing exercises.

Insert a session of breathing exercises to your morning routine. This will help you feel more relaxed and calm every morning and works great for stress management.

It also helps if you pair this with praying and meditating on God’s Word.

12. Write a to-do list.

Writing down a to-do list every morning helps your mind transition from personal mode to professional mode. It also helps you to think better and plan things better than when they’re just in your mind.

So, write down the things you need to do or want to accomplish within the day. Give each item a schedule to help you manage your day better.

Others prefer to do this the night before. If you are more comfortable with that, then by all means, make your to-do-list at night. What’s important is you have a to-do-list so that you already have a vision of how to tackle your day.

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13. Feed your mind.

Start the morning by reading something interesting or listening to a podcast. It does not have to be educational or motivational. The key is that you are interested in what you are reading or listening to.

This could easily help your mind be more active in the morning as it takes in new information.

14. Express gratitude.

Waking up to a new morning will always be a blessing. It means you have more time to appreciate what you already have and more time to make things better. Research shows that expressing gratitude has positive benefits for emotional health, mental stamina, and overall happiness.

You can start the day with a gratitude journal or say one thing that you are grateful for out loud in front of the mirror.

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15. Give some loving.

This will not take much of your time but will have a lasting impact on your day. Hugs and cuddles are a great way to boost your oxytocin and serotonin levels. These hormones create happiness and elevate your mood. This is why doing it with somebody you love feels good all the time.

So, when you wake up in the morning, give your family some love. You will be in a positive mood for the rest of the day!

Ready to create your own morning routine?

Figuring out a morning routine that works for you and something that you can stick to long-term will take some time. What works for others may not work for you because your morning routine should depend on your needs.

If you are not a morning person but want to start your day with a better routine, you can always start small. Practicing any one of these activities every morning can already be rewarding to your mind and body. Then if you are ready, add more activities or make your morning routine longer.

To make sure you end up with a morning routine that will work out for you, figure out what needs to be done and when you want them to be done. You should also be more honest about your lifestyle and how much time you have so your morning routine will be realistic.

With the ideas above, we are sure that you will be able to create a morning routine that is specially made for you, your needs, and your goals!

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The way your morning starts out can affect how the rest of your day will turn out. So, create a morning routine that works for you. Check out these ideas!

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