How to Reward and Treat Yourself in Budget-Friendly Ways

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways

Rewarding and treating yourself is a good habit to build. It is a good motivation to encourage you to continue, inspire you to do better, and of course, feel proud of your accomplishment. Life is already tough as it is and dealing with it is not an easy job. So, you do deserve to reward and treat yourself every now and then.

But what happens if you do not have the extra cash to splurge? Or maybe you are thinking that it is a waste of money.

Most of us feel guilty at first. After all, we were brought up to get rewards only when we have reached a major milestone or achievement. But the truth is, you should reward yourself more often than you think.

But at this time and age where earning money is hard work and there are so many things demanding your time and attention, rewarding and treating yourself becomes a necessity to help you keep going. Aside from that, it helps you focus on the more positive side of life and makes you realize that the struggles are worth it.

And guess what? Rewarding and treating yourself does not have to be expensive! There are even ways to reward yourself without leaving the house or spending a single cent at all.

To help you start out the habit of rewarding yourself for the small and big wins, we gathered a list of budget-friendly ways to treat yourself.

Here goes!

Read a good book.

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways - read a good book

We all have that one book we bought because we heard it was good or that the summary at the back was interesting. But then you bring it home and you find that you simply have no time for it.

It can be very frustrating when you are a book lover. Hence, reward yourself by taking some time off to finally curl up and read that book! Find a comfortable spot and start getting lost in those pages.

Create a great meal in the kitchen.

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways - prepare a great meal

If you have been busy lately, it must have been a while since you last created a great meal from scratch.

I know that cooking or baking something yourself sounds more like work than a reward. But it is actually therapeutic. Especially when you are preparing your favorite meal, or something that you have not had for a long time. Plus, it is cheaper than actually eating out at a restaurant!

Have a spa day at home.

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways - have a spa day at home

For most work-at-home and stay-at-home moms, maintaining our appearance is mostly non-existent. There is just so much to do and only your family gets to see you. So why bother, right?

Hence, pampering yourself with some spa treatments at home can feel truly rewarding. Hang out all day in your robe, give yourself a facial and a manicure, and have a long soak in the tub complete with candles, essential oils, and wine. That is one great way to reward yourself without having to leave the house!

To ensure a satisfying experience, give your bathroom an optimal spa care. Clean and sanitize the surfaces, so that when it’s time to use it, you’re in for a relaxing session!

Go out for a walk.

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways - go for a walk

One of the best ways to reward yourself without spending a single cent is to simply go out for a walk. When you are usually cooped up in the house, this can be a real treat!

Take a walk to the park or stroll around the neighborhood. Aside from the many health benefits that come with walking, it also helps boost your creativity and mood. Plus, you can do it anywhere, anytime!

Have a couch potato moment.

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways - have a couch potato moment

Another way to reward yourself is to just park yourself in front of the TV. Then binge on inspiring videos, or your favorite TV series.

Put on your most comfortable clothes, have tons of snacks and drinks nearby, and burrow yourself into the couch. Worry about the mess later – remember, you are rewarding yourself!

Catch up with an old friend.

how to reward and treat yourself in budget friendly ways - catch up with an old friend

These days, even maintaining friendships takes time and work. And for busy moms, we sometimes neglect our friends because we prioritize family and work.

One way to treat yourself is to give yourself time to catch up with an old friend. Treat yourself to some good company by meeting up somewhere or organizing a reunion and spending the afternoon chatting away.

Watch the sunset.

Watch the sunset.

Looking for a free way to make yourself feel good? Catch the sunset!

Drive up to a great spot where you can appreciate the great view. Watch it with a loved one and it will double as a special moment.

If you are alone, take the time to think of how blessed you have been and practice gratitude. Watching something as natural as the sunset is a very humbling and overwhelming experience for some, reminding us that there is still beauty in this world.

Get your coffee from a good coffee shop.

Get your coffee from a good coffee shop.

For those saving up money and cutting expenses, getting coffee outside is considered a luxury. Instead, they prepare their own coffee at home to stay on budget. But sometimes your coffee machine is just not good as a trained barista.

If this is how you are living, why not treat yourself by getting good coffee?

If you work from home, take your laptop with you and do your work at a great coffee shop. A change of atmosphere may just give you new ideas and inspiration!



Whether it’s just one afternoon, a whole day, or the weekend, disconnecting is a treat. No cellphones, laptops, emails, calls, Internet – the works. Unplugging these devices can recharge your soul.

Disconnect and focus on wireless activities like camping, hiking, playing an instrument, or doing some art. You can also disconnect and spend time with the young ones. They will surely appreciate having your full attention on them.

Go to a place you’ve never been to in your area.

Go to a place you've never been to in your area.

While traveling may seem the ultimate treat, that may have to wait when you are on a budget. So why not go for something a little closer to home?

Is there a new tourist spot in the area? A new restaurant? A new shop? Take the chance to check it out. Seeing and experiencing something new can give you a burst of life!

Dress up!

Dress up!

When you barely go out of the house, dressing up is a way of reclaiming your life. You do not even have to shop for new clothes! Just put on the ones you usually save up for occasions.

Go on a date night or have a night out with your friends. Pampering yourself by paying attention to the way you dress and the way you look can easily boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Sleep in.

Sleep in.

If you are not the type who maintains a morning routine, then why not reward yourself by sleeping in? This is more ideal when the kids are grown enough to prepare their own breakfast and get themselves to school though.

But hey, maybe you can leave them with your parents for the weekend? While they are away, you can catch up on some luxurious bedtime!

Go to the dollar store.

Go to the dollar store.

For some people, retail therapy is a real treat. But that’s just not feasible for moms on a budget. So, if shopping makes you happy, why not challenge yourself while at it?

Go to the dollar store where things are incredibly cheap and just get two or three items to reward yourself. If you want more but already have your three items, aim for that item for your next reward.

Another way to enjoy yourself without spending much in the dollar store is to limit yourself to a $5 to $10 budget.

Take the day off!

Take the day off!

If you have been experiencing work burnout lately, taking the day off will be a treat. These days, taking a day off work could mean serious consequences.

Aside from missing out on a day’s pay, you may also end up with more tasks for the next day. So, it is no surprise that people barely take time off from work.

Why not reward yourself by scheduling to take a real day off later in the week? Spend the day doing whatever you want and fill it with moments that make you happy and relaxed.

Don’t feel guilty to treat yourself.

Never underestimate the impact of self-reward in your life. If you practice it regularly, you will find it easier to complete tasks, be more determined, procrastinate less, be more focused, and feel more fulfilled.

Remember, rewards and treats can be different for everyone. The important thing is that you go for something that makes you truly happy and good inside. Regardless of how you prefer to reward and treat yourself, it is a practice that you should do regularly to keep you going. Besides, regularly does not mean every day.

Treating yourself is not selfish – it is healthy. Others may cheer you on as you work through your struggles and responsibilities, but the truth is, you are your biggest source of motivation and inspiration. Life is tough so spoil yourself a little when you can!

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Dealing with the day-to-day tasks is not an easy job. So don't feel guilty to treat yourself every now and then! It doesn't have to cost too much.

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