How to Make Extra Money from Home

how to make extra money from home

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money while you are at home? Thanks to the Internet, now we have many choices to legitimately earn money from home through online methods.

Many are now actually doing full-time and part-time jobs without leaving their homes. That’s because, working from home is now possible for most jobs.

So, whether you are looking to make extra money for just a short while, or you are considering having a long-term income on the side, here are some proven ways to make money from home.

1. Teach conversational English.

Teaching conversational English is a popular way to make extra money from home. Basically, there are online tutoring sites, and they will usually provide lesson plans for you.

Clients can be elementary students, high school students who plan to study abroad, college students, and even businessmen who want to expand their businesses worldwide.

2. Set up a print on demand business.

This is a business that does not need much capital on your part. It’s all about customizing generic products (shirts, caps, tote bags, water bottles, etc.) and working with a print on demand supplier. Of course, it helps if you have an artistic side – the more unique your designs, the better.

You will need to set up an online store, load the products with your designs, and then wait for customers to make an order. Then, the supplier will take care of the rest – including shipping!

It’s a low-risk and low-investment business because you only pay for the printing and the product after you make a sale. It’s no wonder this type of business is becoming so popular these days!

If you’re interested, consider starting your own print on demand business with Gelato where you can easily create and sell customized products without any upfront costs.

3. Create a subscription box business.

If you have a great product to sell, why not turn it into a subscription business? This means customers pay you upfront to keep receiving your product every month.

The benefit of this type of business is that it is predictable. You know how many products you need to make every month based on the subscribers you have. So, you do not waste any resources.

There are a lot of products that can fit this type of business model. You can send a bunch of handmade jewelry, a box filled with food products, a set of beauty products, a book of the month, or wine of the month – you get it. Just make sure that whatever you decide to sell, you must have a constant supply.

4. Sell your photos.

Are you good with a camera? You can monetize your photography skills by selling your photos as stock photographs. You can sell them on stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Alamy, or iStockphoto.

If somebody wants to use your photo for a blog post, a magazine article, an album cover, a book cover, or a social media post, you get paid for it. The stock images can be sold multiple times to multiple buyers so if your picture is really good, you can expect it to be seen anywhere.

Take note that you are not technically selling these photos. Instead, you are giving the buyers a license to use them. You still retain the copyrights.

5. Be a virtual assistant.

A lot of businesses are making the digital shift and operating online. Because of this, there is a growing demand for virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants work from home and help out with tasks like responding to emails, invoicing, organizing meetings, online shop management, managing social media, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks.

There are VAs who can do it all and they can demand a higher rate while some would have a certain specialty. This is an option that you can use to earn money full-time with the right client.

6. Upcycle and sell vintage clothing.

Are you good with a sewing machine and do you often alter your clothes to make them unique? If so, this can be a good home business for you! There are a lot of people who have a passion for vintage and secondhand fashion.

Just browse through your local thrift stores and collect clothes that you know have potential. Once you alter it, you can sell them for a higher price and get a profit.

You can sell your pieces online. Make sure to get clear photos of your products because when it comes to clothing, people like to see everything in full detail.

7. Be an online tutor.

Are you an expert in a subject? You can make extra cash from home with online tutoring.

Most tutoring gigs will require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the subject while some can give tutoring jobs to those who have finished high school.

The important thing is that you only tutor subjects that you are good at. Since everything will be done online, there is no need to leave the house – just meet your students via Zoom or the tutoring website.

8. Start a blog.

Blogging is one of the oldest methods for making cash online. You can monetize your blog through ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. You may also sell digital products through your blog. If you have a physical product, you may also use a blog to promote it, thus, increasing sales.

But fair warning though – it takes a while before you can generate a following for your blog. Once you have your regular visitors, it is only then that you can actually start earning money.

It helps to blog about a specific niche so you can be viewed as an expert on the subject. Make sure you choose a niche that you are interested into. You must be interested enough so you don’t give up on the first few months because that’s when it’s the toughest.

Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re in for the long term!

9. Sell your unwanted stuff online.

Look around the house – we are sure you will find some things that you do not really use anymore but they are still around because they are in good condition. If you can live without them, why not sell these things online?

You can sell a lot of secondhand stuff through sites like eBay, Craigslist, VarageSale, OfferUp, and your Facebook Marketplace.

While you’re at it, take this as the chance to do a decluttering session around the house. You will surely find a lot of things that you can sell online after that.

For example, if you have collected many books in the past, consider selling the books that you’re no longer reading.

10. Be a social media manager.

These days, social media presence is important for business. It’s not just free marketing but it is also a way to connect with customers. For small and growing businesses, keeping an eye on their social media can be a time-consuming task so they delegate this to social media managers.

And this is where you come in. You do not need to have a background in business to handle this job. You just have to know your way around different social media channels. Your client would most likely train you on what to post and how to interact with customers.

11. Be an influencer.

You can get paid to post on your own social media accounts if you have a large following on Instagram and Facebook by becoming a social media influencer. Influencers make money through affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

Just like blogging, it helps to focus on a niche as an influencer such as fashion, beauty, food, travel, fitness, etc. When you pick a niche, focus all your posts on that niche and you will gain followers that are interested in the same thing. Niche-related brands and companies will soon be working with you.

12. Answer surveys.

You can make extra cash by just sharing your opinion and taking surveys. Go to survey sites like SurveyJunkie or MyPoints and they will pay you for your time.

Just remember that the surveys are looking for specific people to answer them so there may be some that you may not qualify for. Also, you need to answer a certain number of surveys before you can withdraw your earnings. But if you have a lot of time on your hands, it is a good way to earn extra cash.

Ready to make extra money from home?

Whether you are looking for a long-term way to earn extra cash or you just have a few hours each week, making extra money from home is not as hard as you think. There are a lot of options to choose from and you can start earning right away!

Anyone with an Internet connection can make extra cash from home these days. Most of these jobs do not have huge demands. Sometimes all you need is a good Internet connection, and you are good to go.

Remember to choose a job that suits your skills and talents. The more you are good at it, the better the chances that you can earn more from it. So, choose your jobs wisely. And consider the time that you will need to spend on it.

Whichever you choose from this list, we hope you will be able to find success and that you get to start making extra money from home!

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Whether you are looking to make extra cash for just a short while, or you need a long-term income on the side, here are proven ways to make money from home!

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