How to Save Time on Household Chores

Implement these strategies to save time on household chores and have more time to enjoy with your family!

How to Save Time on Household Chores

Household chores can be really daunting especially when you have toddlers. You may feel that you are always running around in circles, always trying to compete with time. And if you’re wondering how to keep up with the endless cleaning, dishes, and laundry, you’re not alone.

Many moms have been and are also in that situation as you, me included.

So, my first advice would be…

Don’t beat yourself up.

Stop the blame game. And remember that this is simply a season of life. Your toddlers will grow, and a day will come when the house will always be clean, and you will have all the time to yourself.

But the kids will be, as I’ve said, grown up by that time. And when it comes, you’ll be missing this time, when they are still very young, very energetic, and probably mischievous too.

So, my second advice…

Enjoy your kids while they are still young.

Yes, even if the house is always in chaos. Don’t forget to enjoy your kids. Spend time with them. Keep it a happy home. Because this season will soon pass.

Believe me, they will remember it more than not having a spotless home. When they grow up, what will stick is that they had a happy childhood. And that’s what matters for now, at this season of life.

Now, that being said, we are now ready to tackle the topic for the day…

How can we really save time on household chores?

Because… even in this very busy and crazy season, there are still some things we can do to at least keep things organized and clean at home. Well… not very organized, not Instagram or Pinterest-clean, but at least, reasonably clean and organized.

Here’s what I mean:

  • You can find what you need without having to empty every drawer just to find it.
  • The kitchen table or dining table is clean (without ants) and ready for a good meal.
  • You have clean utensils ready for every meal.
  • Your family eats healthy food and you’re not wasting food.
  • You get to wear clean clothes.
  • Nothing stinks.
  • You can clean the living room or playroom (wherever you always gather and spend time with your kids) in 30 minutes or less.
  • And you still get a good night sleep every time.

Okay, you can add more to the list, depending on what matters to you. But for our family, that’s what matters most. When those are met, life still goes on smoothly.

So that’s where saving time on chores come in really handy.

Indeed, saving time on household chores can make life a lot easier. So here goes our tips to help you streamline your chores:

1. Prioritize tasks.

save time on chores - Prioritize tasks.

Identify which chores are most important and tackle them first. This ensures that essential tasks get done even if you run out of time.

Which chores needed to be done for life to run smoothly in your home. Most of the time, those are:

  • Preparing meals for the day or week.
  • Buying what you’ll need for preparing the meals, either you’re grocery shopping or going to the market.
  • Washing dishes and kitchen tools.
  • Laundry – clothes, bed sheets, pillowcases, and rags too
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning the living room or playroom (wherever you spend most of your time with your family)
  • Keeping the home office organized (if you work from home)

When you have toddles roaming around, those tasks can already be a lot to take in. Which is why, you need the second tip.

2. Create a schedule.

save time on chores - Create a schedule.

Set specific days for certain chores and stick to them. Having a routine can help you stay organized and focused.

For example, in washing the dishes, if you have a dishwasher, you may decide to just wait after dinner to put everything in the dishwasher. Then when you wake up in the morning, you arrange the utensils back to their places.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, like us, you may also decide to just wait after dinner to wash everything. This is how my husband usually does it.

If it’s me doing the dishes I prefer washing after every meal, because that will take me just about 15 minutes to finish. I let my toddler just play near me while I do it.

3. Delegate.

save time on chores - Delegate.

Why do it alone when you can have help? Share household responsibilities with family members.

If you have children who are old enough to do chores, assign specific tasks to them. This makes things go more smoothly. Also, if your husband is willing to share some household responsibilities, by all means, let him!

You can also hire household help from time to time if there’s really no one available to help you.

4. Use time-saving tools.

save time on chores - Use time-saving tools.

Invest in tools and gadgets that can make chores easier and quicker. For example, a robotic vacuum cleaner can clean floors while you focus on other tasks.

Our favorite are simply basket organizers! I have baskets all around our home – in the office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Having baskets help us keep our stuff, especially toys neatly organized and easily accessible, reducing clutter and saving time searching for items.

5. Multitask.

save time on chores - Multitask.

Look for opportunities to combine tasks or accomplish multiple things at once. For instance, you can listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing laundry or cooking.

My husband’s favorite is washing the dishes while running the laundry. No wonder he likes doing chores at night!

Mine is folding clothes while playing with my boy. Actually, he does the playing, while I fold the clothes.

6. Set a timer.

save time on chores - Set a timer.

Challenge yourself to complete tasks within a certain timeframe. This can help you stay focused and prevent tasks from taking longer than necessary.

I always do this when I declutter. I always tell myself to just focus on this part of the house – like a corner that has become a dumping ground of stuff, or the top of the drawer. Then I set the timer for just 15 minutes. And that’s it! Just 15 minutes.

7. Minimize clutter.

Minimize clutter.

Keep your living space organized to reduce the time spent cleaning and tidying up. Consider decluttering regularly to prevent messes from accumulating.

In this busy season of life, I cannot stress enough the importance of decluttering. If there’s one very important thing you can do right now to save time on chores, it’s this one. Reducing clutter is really life-changing. It reduces your chores, literally!

So remove the things that you don’t need. For example, remove the seasonal clothes from your drawers. Keep them safely in an organizer, and don’t combine them with your usual. Just put them out again in your wardrobe when the right season is back.

Also, for kids’ toys, remove the toys that your kids don’t usually play with anymore. Keep them in a storage container and if you have a storage room, or a garage, just keep them there. Put them out after a few months and see if your kids still show interest on them. If not, you can sell them or simply donate them.

8. Utilize short windows of time.

save time on chores - Utilize short windows of time.

Take advantage of small pockets of time throughout the day to tackle quick chores, such as wiping down countertops or sorting through mail.

This can be as short as five minutes. In fact, this is how we keep our little dining table clean and free from ants. Wiping it clean after every meal doesn’t take long.

9. Plan your meals.

 Plan your meals.

Plan your meals for the week and prepare ingredients in advance. This can save time on grocery shopping and cooking during busy weekdays.

If you haven’t started with meal planning yet, now’s the time! I tell you, you’re going to save lots of time when you plan your meals. It may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually a straightforward process that will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

Meal planning also encourages you to try new recipes and experiment with different ingredients. By planning ahead, you can incorporate a variety of flavors, cuisines, and cooking methods into your meals, keeping your diet interesting and enjoyable.

10. Streamline cleaning supplies.

Streamline cleaning supplies.

Keep essential cleaning supplies easily accessible and organized. This prevents wasted time searching for items when you need them.

This is where storage bins, and in our case, baskets, come in really handy. Using these tools will help you keep your cleaning supplies neatly arranged, even when you’re very busy.

Also invest in high-quality cleaning tools that can make your cleaning tasks more quickly and with less effort. For example, choose durable mops, brushes, and scrubbers that can withstand frequent use. Doing so means you won’t have to replace them as often, saving you money in the long run.

11. Batch tasks.

Batch tasks.

Group similar tasks together to increase efficiency. For example, do all your vacuuming and dusting in one session rather than spreading it out over multiple days.

My husband loves collecting all the laundry and reserving them all for just one or two nights! Doing so lets him do the laundry in less time, with less effort, and also with less soap than when it’s done daily.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer doing it daily. But then again, as I’ve said, if your husband is willing to help, by all means let him! And knowing that laundry is being taken care of already just feels really good!

12. Learn shortcuts.

Learn shortcuts.

Discover shortcuts and time-saving techniques for common chores. For example, using a squeegee to clean shower walls can be quicker than scrubbing with a sponge.

Here are others that you may find helpful and interesting:

  • Use microfiber cloths for dusting as they trap dirt more effectively.
  • Clean as you cook to avoid a big mess afterward.
  • Meal prep in bulk and freeze portions for easy dinners.
  • Use grocery delivery or pickup services if available to save time.
  • Invest in low-maintenance plants that require less care.
  • Clean as you go – wipe spills immediately and tidy up as you move through your home.
  • Pre-treat stains immediately to prevent them from setting.

Start today.

There it is! As you can see, there are many things you can do to save time on chores. By implementing these strategies, you will definitely save time on household chores and free up more time for activities you and your family enjoy.

So, among these strategies, what is one thing you can do today that will help you save time on chores in the long run? Start with that. Then slowly build on that.

It won’t happen overnight. But try to be consistent everyday, as your day allows. Then after a week, you’ll see that you’re already making some progress, even little by little. And that’s what important in this season of our lives!

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These strategies will help you save time on household chores. Doing so will not only keep your home organized, but will also give you more time for family!

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