How to Declutter Your Bedroom in 15 Minutes a Day

You can declutter your bedroom in just 15 minutes a day. Here’s how!

how to declutter your bedroom in 15 minutes a day

How do you feel inside your bedroom?

Have you ever walked and felt that you can hardly move around?

Can you easily find whatever you need in your bedroom?

Have you ever had a visit from a friend or relative, and you made sure that they didn’t see your bedroom because it’s… well… messy?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, there is no doubt about it – you need to clean up your bedroom!

Your personal space

I know the bedroom your personal space – you are free to do whatever you want within its walls. However, this does not mean that it’s okay to accumulate clutter and not clean up.

After all, you don’t want your personal space to feel like a dumping ground, right? Or feel like a stockroom – like there’s just a bed in a stockroom. (I know. My bedroom once felt like that. But it’s all in the past now – thanks to decluttering!)

More importantly, when you’re a wife and you’re sharing that space with the love of your life, the more that you should clean up and make it feel relaxed, warm, cozy, and well… just… home – home for the both of you.

But don’t worry! Cleaning up your bedroom doesn’t have to take the whole day. Just 15 minutes everyday.

15 minutes daily

When you’re running a busy household, it’s just impossible to have the whole day. And that’s fine. Because as I’ve said, you can do it in just 15 minutes a day.

Now every clean up starts with a good declutter. And it’s much easier to organize and clean when you have removed the unnecessary stuff.

Plus… when there’s clutter… you don’t really organize clutter. If you do, you’re just, well… hiding it.

Let’s not hide clutter, okay?

So, here are a couple of tips and suggestions that can help you declutter your bedroom for just 15 minutes a day!

What to prepare before decluttering your bedroom

Make sure you have these first before you declutter your bedroom.

1. Trash bin

Throw any trash here. This can be old notes, candy wrappers, clothes tags, or any damaged item that can not be used anymore

2. Laundry hamper

Put your scattered clothes here, used or not.

I say used or not because the fact that they are scattered in your room – especially on the floor – already makes them dirty.

You should not place dirty clothes in your closet. The dirt (and smell) can affect the other clean clothes.

3. Container or box for misplaced items

Anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom goes here. Any stuff that does not have a specific place in the house, and ended up in your room also goes here.

Items that you’re undecided whether to let go or keep also goes here – so you can still think things over.

4. Donation box

As you clean, you will encounter items that you have not used for a while, and items that you no longer need. Put these in the donation box.

Donating your things is one good way to get rid of clutter. You do not only end up with a clean room but you also have helped someone who needs the item more than you do.

Just please make sure that these items are still in good condition and that they still work.

There are lots of platforms online and non profit organizations that will accept your donations. They will even cover the cost of shipping. So donate!

5. Box or bin for items for sale (optional)

This is for items that still look brand new, or are really brand new. You can make money out of these by selling as secondhand or preloved items.

If you’d rather donate than sell, then I guess there’s no need to have this bin. Just put it all in the Donate box!

Before you begin to declutter your bedroom

Open your windows!

Let natural light and fresh air in. When your room is filled with light, you will easily see your clutter.

The fresh air blows out any unpleasant odors that may come up. This will also help you breathe easier when you encounter dust.

Take a before picture.

Taking a picture will help you see the changes that you will be making in your room.

It’s also a good motivator. When you see what your room looks like before decluttering, and then compare that with how it looks after you have decluttered for some time, you’ll see how much it’s changed.

I tell you, you’ll be amazed!

Play your favorite song.

Listening to music helps distract your mind from the heaviness or drudgery of what you are actually working at the moment.

It also spices things up! We naturally lighten up whenever we hear our favorite songs. It can make decluttering feel like an enjoyable task. You can even do a little dancing as you clean up! Now that’s fun!

Okay… not that we’ve settled that, let’s declutter!

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

1. Throw the trash.

Do a quick scan in your bedroom. Pick up any trash you see. Throw it directly into the trash bin.

2. Mind the floor.

Have you been tripping over stuff in your bedroom lately? This means you have too much clutter on the floor.

This could be magazines, books, clothes, and other items that have somehow ended up on the floor. Remove these items right away before you seriously hurt yourself.

Scan your bedroom floor. Pick up every clutter that you see. Put back items in their designated places in your bedroom.

Put clothes in the laundry hamper. Then any misplaced item goes to the designated container. When you land on something that’s still good, decide whether to sell it or donate it, then put it to the donate or sell box.

3. Check the surfaces.

The next thing you should do is clear any clutter in the surfaces of your room. This could be the top of your dresser, your desk, or your bedside table.

Decide which one to go through first. Then remove everything on it. Classify the things accordingly. Then dust off the surface with a wet rag.

Let it dry. Then put back the items that really belong on that surface.

As much as possible, have fewer items on your surfaces. This will make your room look bigger and cleaner.

It doesn’t have to be completely bare. The keyword is minimal. Either it’s something that you frequently use, or it’s a nice decor like a family picture, an inspiring quote, a plant or any other decor that you love.

4. Make your bed.

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom so of course, it has to look nice and clean.

A neat and made-up bed also helps make your room look a lot cleaner than it really is. (Wink)

Make sure you straighten your bed sheets and blankets. Tuck them in tightly. No wrinkles if possible.

Fluff your pillows, then lay them out neatly.

Use matching bed sheets and pillow covers. This will make your bed look neater and in order. It also adds to the attractiveness and uniqueness of the room.

Then, make your bed daily. It’s one of the easiest maintenance you can do in your bedroom to make it look neat and inviting!

5. Focus on one stuff or clutter area at a time.

You will not be able to declutter your entire bedroom in just one sitting.

So, focus on just one stuff or one area at a time.

For example, today, your first day, you will do the first four tasks – pick up any trash you see, clear out the surfaces and make the bed.

Tomorrow, make the bed again. Then, start digging deeper into your stuff. Focus on shirts. Tomorrow, second day, declutter your shirts only.

The next day, third day, declutter your sleepwear.

On the fourth day, declutter your jeans and shorts. but let’s say this time you don’t get finished in just 15 minutes.

No problem! Simply extend it to the fifth day.

On the sixth day, declutter your undergarments.

By this time you have already decluttered your shirts, sleepwear, jeans, shorts and undergarments. Now that’s something!

Continue this 15-minute decluttering habit, and before you know it, you already have a clutter-free bedroom!

6. Sweep or vacuum the floor.

Of course don’t forget to clean up the floor! Even if you haven’t finished to declutter the whole bedroom yet, you deserve a clean floor.

If you have hardwood floors or tiles, give it a sweep and a mop. If you have a carpeted room, use a vacuum to clean up.

7. Add some scent.

Use natural air fresheners to make your room smell good. It will also add to the relaxing aura in your bedroom.

8. Revisit the stuff in the container for misplaced items.

Remember the container for misplaced items?

Don’t forget to bring the stuff belonging to the other rooms in your home back to their designated places.

If there are still items remaining there, keep the container in a temporary place. Give yourself six months to see whether you will still need a stuff from that container.

And then, donate whatever remains untouched for six months, because it means you won’t need these anymore.

If you’re still unsure of six months – take it to the maximum – one year. Within one year you would have gone through all the seasons. So it’s very safe now to say that you really don’t need those things anymore.

Make decluttering a habit.

This is why a 15-minute declutter everyday is much more effective than decluttering for a whole day, and then forgetting about it after that.

Doing it everyday makes it a habit. And that’s where the difference lies.

It becomes second nature.

After a couple of months, decluttering, and even organizing and cleaning, won’t feel so difficult anymore.

Definitely not as difficult as when you started.

It will also be easier to maintain things. Because again, you already have the habit!

So don’t stop in your bedroom. Extend your decluttering efforts to the other rooms in your home.

Need more help decluttering?

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how to declutter the bedroom in just 15 minutes everyday

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