20 Home Office Desk Ideas to Try When You Live in a Small Home

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home office desk ideas for small spaces

If you work from home, you know that the desk plays a very important role in your office space. It should be functional and comfortable – especially when it comes to working in small spaces. Here, we have gathered the best home office desks for small spaces that you should check out!

Foldable desks

Sometimes, it is more fun to mix up your working spot from time to time. Spend today working in the garden, the next in the living room, and the next in the kitchen. All that is possible with foldable desks that you can easily carry around from one spot to the next.

Check out these desks from Amazon:

SEI Furniture convertible fold-out desk

This wall-mounted fold-out desk just looks like a box on the wall when folded up. When you fold it out, you will see that it forms a small desk and there are bill organizers, two small, fixed shelves, and a corkboard on the inside. Its design also allows you to have a lot of legroom.

SOFSYS modern folding desk

If you do not really need a permanent home office space and you just need a simple desk that you can tuck away when not in use, you should check out this folding desk from SOFSYS.

It has a minimal and modern design that can go well with any color palette or theme of the room. It is also very budget-friendly. It’s foldable and very light so you can easily carry it around the house and set up your workspace wherever you want to.

Table Mate II TV Tray

TV trays make a great work-from-home desk if you just need enough space to work on your laptop and your mouse. This model comes with a cup holder on the side too, so you do not have to worry about making spills on your laptop when you have to move the table around.

It’s also foldable and can be adjusted to 6 different heights.

HUANUO folding tray table

If you are looking for a foldable small table that looks classy and stylish, this could be the desk for you. It is small, foldable, and very portable.

It has a marble tabletop that is water-resistant and easy to clean. Also, you can easily tuck it away when not in use and simply pull it out and have it ready when you need it. It comes with non-slip pads to make it sturdier and more stable too.

Floating desks

Sometimes all the space you have left is a wall. Thankfully there are floating desks where you do not have to worry about occupying huge floor space. Some of them are wall-mounted and permanent while some can be folded away when not in use. Check out these floating desks from Amazon:

KZHOME wall-mounted folding table

This is a space-saving wall-mounted desk because you can fold it up when you are not using it. When folded, only the items on the upper shelf will be seen. This provides you a permanent space to work with although you would have to store your laptop somewhere else once the table is folded away.

Haotian FWT18-SCH wall-mounted workstation

This wall-mounted workstation has a lot of shelves and drawer space for you! This is not a foldable floating desk, however, so you have to think well about where you would want to set this up.

It makes a great permanent home office desk because of the generous space it provides for all your needs.

ARTETHYS wall-mounted desk

This foldable wall-mounted desk comes with two cabinet doors and one open shelf at the top. One of the cabinet boards has a tack board behind it where you can pin your notes. The other side of the cabinet has a detachable metal barrier to prevent books or other items from falling down when you suddenly open the cabinet.

The table can be folded in when not in use so you can set it up without having to worry about occupying floor space.

Fytz Design floating desk

Are you looking for something small and simple? This may be the right desk for your home office!

The whole design is very simple and minimalist. The desktop gives just enough space for a laptop, and it comes with a shelf that you can install above or below the desk. Take note that the desktop is not foldable so you have to consider that when deciding where you should install it.

Bed desks

What if you are living in a studio, a bachelor pad, or just one whole room? There probably won’t be enough floor and wall space for you to keep a desk.

The solution is to work in bed or on the floor with bed desks. Check out the following products from Amazon:

Cooper Mega Table lap desk

This is one desk in the bed that gives you a lot of working space and there are a lot of compartments for your other things as well. It has a book stand, a tablet holder, a cellphone holder, and a small drawer.

The table is also foldable so you can tuck it away under your bed or on the side.

Besign LT06 Pro adjustable laptop table

This foldable bed table comes with a groove to hold your tablet or phone and a small storage drawer for your pens or additional cords you might need. There is also a built-in groove to support your laptop and mouse so that they stay in place even if you tilt the table.

The height of this table is also adjustable. You can even place it on top of your table or kitchen counter and convert it into a standing table.

Laptop desks

Working from home is a breeze if you only need a laptop to do the job. You will have no problem finding desks that can accommodate only a laptop. Check out these products from Amazon:

Lufeiya small computer desk

This desk from Lufeiya comes with a waterproof rustic tabletop that is about 31 inches wide. It also comes with a storage bag on the side where you can place your documents, notebooks, and other things you may need for your work. There is also an iron hook on the other side of the table where you can hang your headphones.

Henn&Hart Pentagon brass corner desk

This is a very simple but classy-looking desk that converts any corner of your house into a functioning office space. There are no shelves but it provides a lot of legroom for you to work comfortably. Its brass steel frame and tempered glass top make it a very chic office space for the lady boss in you.

Spirich small computer desk with hutch

This table is small enough for you to work comfortably with your laptop. It comes with three compartments on the tabletop for you to sort out your bills, mails, or documents. It is an ideal desk for small rooms while providing enough space for you to work with.

CPU setup desks

A laptop is great but some jobs call for a powerful CPU. It could be a problem though if you have to work in a small space. But there are small CPU desks that can do the job and have a place for everything while giving you enough room to work comfortably. Check out these products on Amazon.

ALISENED home office computer desk

If you are working with a CPU and monitor setup, here is a small computer desk that can work for your needs. This desk comes with a built-in monitor stand. There is also a drawer for your keyboard and mouse so you still get a lot of surface space for writing and holding coffee and snacks.

Furinno JAYA computer writing desk

If you need a small working space with shelves, this is the product for you. It’s a simple working desk that has shelves on both sides. The lower shelves are the perfect size for a CPU and if you are working with a laptop, you can place your documents in the space instead.

The desk has two surface boards. The higher one can serve as a monitor stand or additional shelving.

Ladder desks

Ladder desks are popular for small office spaces because they take advantage of horizontal space instead of vertical. These are also a great option when you want a small desk with shelving space. Check out these products from Amazon:

Rolanstar wall-mounted industrial ladder desk

This desk converts unused wall space into an efficient home office. It comes with two levels of open shelves and a metal pegboard where you can hang your work accessories. It also comes with a modern, minimalist, and rustic look.

Haotian ladder bookcase with foldable table

This ladder bookcase can be converted into a temporary working space with a fold-out desktop. If the desktop is folded up, the surface is converted into a memo board. It works as a great space saver. You can work comfortably and when there are guests around, just fold the desktop up.

Standing desks

The reason why people who work in front of a computer every day suffer from back pain is all that pressure on the spine while you are seated for hours. A lot of office spaces are now getting standing desks for health reasons.

If you also have back pain problems, it would do you good to switch to a standing desk for your home office. Check out these products on Amazon:

AIZ adjustable computer desk

This small computer desk is adjustable so you can use it while you sitting or standing. It also comes with wheels so that it is easy to move around. The lower board can also be flipped so you can type in a slanted angle if you want or for you to write your notes better.

If you need more surface space, you can put the table on seated mode and combine the two boards.

Mount-It mobile stand-up desk

This stand-up desk is perfect when you use a CPU setup. The height of the desk is adjustable so you can also use it while sitting down. This desk has four platforms for your monitor, laptop, keyboard, printer or speakers, and CPU. The top two platforms are adjustable.

It is also very portable because it comes with wheels and locking brakes when you want it to stay in place.

TORRAINAKE rolling laptop desk

This is a desk that you can use sitting, standing, and while you are in bed. It is a great option if you want to work in different areas of your home. It has wheels so you can just roll it when you move it and it is also foldable so you can easily tuck it away when not in use.

Furthermore, it has just the right amount of space for your laptop and your notebook or coffee so it is a winner when it comes to small spaces.

These desks will help you maximize your space in your home office.

As you can see, you do not really need a separate room to convert into a home office. You can fit these desks in any spot in your home without taking up so much space.

With these suggestions above, you can have your own tiny office space at home where you actually want to sit down and do some work!

Need more tips or ideas for living in a small space? Check these out!

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