BuJo Habit Trackers to Inspire Building New Habits

Improve your life by forming new habits. Make it easier by using habit trackers!

habit trackers

We all want to improve something in our lives. The best way to get there is to start practicing better habit!

However, forming a new habit is always easier said than done. So you must keep yourself on track. And one of the best ways to do it is to keep a bullet journal.

A bullet journal can be used to track anything – and that includes the better habits that you want to start and maintain. Keep tabs on your progress by creating habit trackers!

Why create habit trackers?

1. Easy and quick tracking

Habit trackers only take up time at the start when you are creating layouts. But when you’re done with that, you simply write down the habits you want to keep, then you simply tick it off or color it when you do it. It’s a no-fuss tracker that asks little of your time!

2. Motivation

When you’re tracking your habits and you can see that you’re actually doing it daily, it can be just the motivation you need to continue doing it even when you feel lazy, or you just feel like you want to give up already.

3. Assessment

Habit trackers can help you assess how much you have accomplished in a week’s or month’s time. You can quickly scan how much you have done and see what needs to be improved. This will wire your brain on improving the things that you have been struggling to maintain.

Depending on what type of habit tracker you are using, you can even see patterns on how you are doing.

4. Reminder

You can format your habit trackers weekly or monthly. Either way, inputting what you have accomplished can quickly remind you about the habits you are trying to maintain.

Eventually, when the habits have already become second nature. you will not forget to do them anymore! It will be like you’re on autopilot!

5. Accessibility

Having your habit tracker on your bullet journal means you get the advantage of keeping track of all your habits in one place.

6. Achieve your goals

The most essential advantage that you can get with a habit tracker is that you get to set your goals and achieve them by developing the habits needed and staying on track.

Now that you know the importance of habit trackers, let’s see some samples made by other bullet journal enthusiasts. When you find something that you like, feel free to copy the layouts in your own BuJo!

General Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

Combining many habits in just one tracker layout is a common practice in the bullet journal world. If you want to see all your habits in a glance, this is for you.

There are different ways you can create this kind of habit tracker. It depends primarily on how many habits you want to fit in there, and also on how you want to design it.

Let’s see some samples!

1. Minimalist habit tracker by Federica Santaroni

This is a very simple and clean habit tracker. In a glance you can easily see how you are doing in each of the habits you’re building for that month.

Each habit has its own box and a designated color. Every box then has a number representing the dates in that month. Accomplished habits are shaded with color.

minimalist habit tracker
Image from Bullet Journal

2. Circle tracker by Masha Plans

Circle trackers are a standout when it comes to habit trackers. They are very creative to look at! However, take note that it is also one of the most challenging layouts to set up.

circle tracker
Image from Masha Plans

You have to calculate how many sections you need first before doing the work. In this sample by Masha, every column represents a date, and every row is designated for a habit. The habits are also in color code so it’s easy to see which is which.

3. Habit tracker by The Petite Planner

This is a simple habit tracker where you make an “invisible” grid and just use dots to indicate whether you have fulfilled the task or not.

You can see the habits on the left side of the box and then every column represents the day and date.

4. Habit tracker by Live Love Simple

Here is a simple habit tracker that you can easily follow – no need for charts. Just make circles and fill it in when you accomplished the task.

To make the page more interesting, add some design and doodles on the top and bottom.

5. Bubble tracker by magicalbujo

This is another unique monthly habit tracker. Instead of drawing squares or rectangles to contain the dates, Faye of magicalbujo used circles and made it look like bubbles! Interesting!

bublle habit tracker
Image from magical bujo via Pinterest

6. Homey Habit Tracker by Aprina @ awng bujo

Obviously, these trackers do stand out because of the doodles around it. It’s like you’re in the living room! And it does feel home.

7. Honeycomb Habit Tracker by The Island Bujo

Yellow is not my favorite color but this sure does capture my attention.

It’s a very colorful and cheery way to track your habits monthly, and you can form the honeycomb in whatever way you want.

honeycomb habit tracker
Image from The Island Bujo

Specific Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

When you want to strictly focus on learning a new habit, you can make an entire layout just for it. That’s what this second type is all about.

Every habit has its own page, just for it, where you can bring out all the details that you want to see.

Let’s get on with it!

1. Exercise tracker by Aimibujo

If you truly care for your health, exercise is a must. And if you have a routine that you want to go through each time you exercise, not missing anything, this exercise tracker is for you.

exercise tracker
Image from Bullet Journal via Instagram

Each part of the routine has its own calendar box. Aimibujo gave it a creative look by illustrating the poses as well. I sure will copy this idea for my yoga practice!

But if you’re not good in drawing (like me, haha), don’t worry, here’s an alternative. Look for the position’s drawing or picture in the internet, copy that in your computer, print, then paste into your journal! Easy!

2. Simple workout tracker by Bullet Journal Ideas

If you don’t like putting pictures and you simply want to keep things simple in tracking your exercise habits, just create a calendar. Then use color codes to indicate the type of exercise you’re doing each day.

3. Steps and sleep tracker by Ava’s Bujogram

This habit tracker focuses only on two things – steps and sleep. You see, when you’re mindful about your health, these two things are very important.

steps and sleep tracker for better health
Image from Ava’s Bujogram via Instagram

Walking is a great workout – that’s what the steps tracker is monitoring. Ava used a scarf in circular form to indicate how many steps she walked on a day. The length of the scarf tells us how many (in thousands).

As for the sleep tracker, it’s a very straightforward tracker. You can easily see how many hours she slept for the day, and what time was that.

4. Water intake tracker by A Sparkle of Genius

Another great habit to develop – drinking water.

We should drink at least eight glasses of water daily to be healthy. But are you drinking as much? The water intake tracker will help you answer that!

This one is actually a printable, but you can easily copy this for your bullet journal.

5. Weight Loss Tracker by The Petite Planner

Seeing how much you’re progressing, even if it’s just a small progress is a great motivator to help you keep going. When you want to lose those extra pounds, tracking your weight is one of the best motivators you can have!

6. Reading list tracker by A Star in the Sky

If you are a bookworm, you will love this reading list tracker!

Draw books, then write the title of the book you are reading. Color it when you are done!

reading list tracker
Image from Reddit

7. Expense tracker by Oh My Planner

An expense tracker is really a financial tracker. But I included it in habit trackers because if you think more about it, an expense tracker shows you your spending habits. It tells you what do you really spend your money on.

So it’s still a habit tracker. And it goes very well with a budget tracker, helping you see whether you are spending according to your budget or not.

expense tracker
Image from Oh My Planner

This expense tracker is very simple. You simply list your expenses and categorize it. Then compare it with your budget. Are you still spending within the budget? You’ll answer that easily!

However, if you want to be fully in control of your money, an expense tracker is not the only tracker that you need. Here are other financial trackers that will make you feel more in control of your finances.

Time to build that new habit!

Creating new habits is really not as easy as we often think. Even if you feel very determined and enthusiastic when you start, it becomes harder to maintain as time goes by.

But as you can see, habit trackers can make a big difference! It’s an excellent tool to help you achieve your goals, improve your lifestyle, and, overall, upgrade your life.

So, pick out a habit tracker from the above samples that you think works best for you – or get creative and make a design of your own.

Whatever habit it is that you want to build, you can make a tracker for it!

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Bullet journal habit trackers to inspire you to build a new habit and maintain it!

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