Nine Amazing Tips to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

how to add curb appeal to your home

The curb appeal of your home plays a huge role in determining its value and presence. Every homeowner is always looking for reliable and cost-effective ways to increase the curb appeal of their home. However, it’s important to note that this endeavor is not limited to someone trying to sell their home.

According to a 2018 report by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), 75% s homeowners who invest in curb appeal say they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project, 59% have an increased sense of enjoyment, and 63% say they feel a major sense of accomplishment.

This tells us that even if you’re not trying to sell your home, you will greatly benefit from its increased curb appeal. Henceforth, if you also want to enjoy its benefits, here are some important tips you must consider!

1. Add some art.

Add some art to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Homeowners want to personalize the exterior of their home to be the best front yard on the block. You cannot consider personalizing any setting without adding art. Of course, you must only consider weather-resistant art for the exterior of your home.

It is best to ensure that the pieces you choose to add aesthetic to your home complement other exterior elements. From the brilliant small yard fountain idea by Soothing Company to wind chimes and metal cutouts, there are several ways to increase your curb appeal innovatively.

2. Enhance the greenery.

Add curb appeal to your home with these outdoor plants.

You cannot consider adding to the visual aesthetic of your home without focusing on the natural elements. Adding greenery and flowerbeds to your front yard is one of the most effective ways to boost your home’s appearance.

From a standing planter to hanging pots, you can incorporate natural elements into your yard in many ways. You can also hire a landscaping professional to help you in the arrangement process. They can offer you personalized and comprehensive advice best for your local climate.

3. Replace outdated hardware.

Replace outdated hardware.

Old hardware elements outside your home, such as a rusty mailbox and outdated light fixtures, can determine how your home is perceived.  Such areas need special attention to ensure that you maintain your home’s curb appeal.

The best thing is that you can undertake projects such as replacing light fixtures and repainting your mailbox hassle-free. You can follow a step-by-step DIY guide from any reliable source instead of hiring a professional and paying them.

4. Reconsider the front door.

Consider the design of your door to add more curb appeal of your home.

The front door of your home is one of the first things a visitor may notice. It can make or break the reputation of your home. Hence, there is no way a homemaker trying to maintain the value of their home can overlook this aspect.

It is always a great idea to consider replacing the door of your home, but it can be expensive. You can consider other options, such as painting your door to give it a fresh look. It is one of the easiest DIY jobs that you can easily do. Just do not forget to do a swatch so that the outcome does not clash with your vision.

5. Install window boxes.

Install window boxes.

Homeowners considering ways to add more curb appeal to their homes understand that they need unique ideas to stand out. One such way is to add window boxes on your property. These are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the curb appeal of any home.

You can choose copper, iron, or wooden boxes for this purpose. Once installed, you can monitor whether these areas get full or partial sun. You can choose the right plants and flowers for each wooden box accordingly.

6. Arrange for light.

 Arrange for light.

A dark entrance can be the most undermining thing for your curb appeal. It can make anyone feel unwelcome in your home. Of course, the looks of your home’s exterior can be further undermined when accompanied by dust and cobwebs. The right resources of light can help you make a change for good.

You can hang porch lights and arrange fire lanterns to light the walkway. Afterward, clean off all cobwebs and debris around outdoor light fixtures, instantly making the space appear brighter and cleaner. A bright and clean walkway and entrance can make anyone feel welcome!

7. Arrange comfortable furniture.

Arrange comfortable furniture.

Whether you have frequent parties outdoors or celebrate only the major holidays in your yard, the importance of good seating cannot be undermined. Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your yard to ensure its longevity and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home is very important.

Make sure you look for water-resistant seating with skids to avoid surface damage. However, you do not have to crowd the yard with chairs. You can also add a few throw pillows and a rug to create a cozy place where you and your loved ones can lounge for hours. 

8. Upgrade your mailbox.

Upgrade your mailbox.

You may think that a mailbox is not a notable feature of the exterior of your home, but you may be wrong. The truth is that mailboxes often reflect the personalities of homeowners. You cannot consider your curb appeal complete without an upgraded mailbox.

As you may be busy upgrading the style of your home, make sure that you also give similar aesthetics to your mailbox. It is important to remember that a mailbox is the closest part of your home to the road. You can personalize it with a unique font, adorable art, or paw prints of your pet.

Using colors that stand out is best to ensure your mailbox stands out.

9. Replace gutters and downspouts.

Replace gutters and downspouts.

Old age is one of the biggest reasons for common gutter system problems. From peeling paint patches to rust spots and mold signs, many problems can be sorted with regular gutter maintenance and timely replacement. A new gutter system can make your life easier and uplift the exterior of your home.

This project can be a bit complicated and dangerous as well. So, it is best to leave such projects to the hands of professionals. They can help you discover the best gutter system for your home and save you time and resources. This seemingly insignificant change can make a big difference to your home’s curb appeal.

Boosting your home’s curb appeal is not that complicated.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to add curb appeal to your home. You don’t have to do them all at once. Just do one project at a time.

Overall, this isn’t just about how your home looks for other people, but it’s about the benefits that you and your family will get from these improvements. If these will add to your family’s sense of enjoyment and accomplishment, and more importantly, if it increases your desire to be home, well, why not?

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Even if you're not trying to sell your home, you will benefit from its increased curb appeal. Consider these important tips to add curb appeal to your home!

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