20 Beautiful DIY Winter Wreath Decors for Your Front Door

Embellish your front door this winter with these simple yet beautiful DIY wreath decors!

DIY winter wreath ideas for front door

The thing about winter decorations is that most people focus on Christmas alone as a theme. Once December is over and it is time to take down the holiday decor, the rest of the house looks bare and gloomy until the next seasonal change.

So, doesn’t it make sense to focus instead on Winter-themed decorations that you could put up until February instead of just for one month? It can save you lots of money, time and effort!

If you’re on the same page with us, then here are 20 winter wreath decor ideas for your front door! Whether you are looking for a one-time wreath for the whole winter season, or something to replace your Christmas wreath once the holiday is over, you will surely find something here that will suit your taste!

Let’s get on with it!

1. Snowy red cardinal winter wispy wreath

winter wreath for front door - snowy red cardinal winter wispy wreath
Image from Made In a Day!

Here is a winter wreath project that will surely impress your guests!

Red cardinals are a symbol of love, hope, and family so they add the perfect shade of red to this winter wreath. The nest and the eggs also give a cute, homey touch.

Get the full instructions from Made In A Day!

2. Neutral winter wreath

If you are looking for something neutral or dominantly white, this is for you. It looks so pretty that you wish you could hang it on your door all year!

winter wreath for front door - neutral winter wreath
Image from Elle Marie Home

Actually, you can do that. Just modify it a bit to adjust to the seasonal changes.

That’s the best thing about neutral wreaths – you can make them fit for any season with just a few modifications!

Visit Elle Marie Home for the tutorial.

3. Winter dried flower wreath

Here’s a winter wreath having the stylish and rustic look of bohemian chic. It’s made from a grapevine and assorted white dried flowers.

Oh, how we love those white bunny tails! It reminds us of snowballs, and it adds a fluffy texture to the whole thing.

Visit Green Wedding Shoes for the tutorial!

4. Minimalist eucalyptus wreath

If you are looking for a simple DIY project, this minimalist eucalyptus wreath is perfect for your front door this winter!

winter wreath for front door - minimalist eucalyptus wreath
Image from The How To Mom

It has the Scandinavian style and can be done in just a few minutes! The frosted eucalyptus leaves are definitely a nice touch. Also, that white ribbon blends really well!

Visit The How to Mom for the tutorial.

5. Book page wreath

I never thought that book pages can be made into a beautiful winter wreath decor!

But here it is, and it barely costs a thing!

You will need an old book, some berry floral stems, a ribbon, and green paint.

Once done, this winter wreath will give your front door a vintage and rustic look. It’s really beautiful and will not mess with your budget!

Get the tutorial from Sparkles of Sunshine.

6. Embroidery hoop winter wreath

This wreath is made out of two embroidery hoops, winterberry stems, and hydrangeas.

The result is a simple yet elegant wreath that definitely captures the winter season. Also, the whole project just costs about $10. Yay!

Get the full instructions from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry!

7. Neutral paper leaf wreath

Here’s another winter wreath in neutral colors – which you can actually use all year long! It’s made of a foam wreath and card stock.

neutral paper leaf wreath for winter
Image from HGTV

Visit HGTV for step-by-step instructions.

8. Winter paper wreath

The colors of blue, white, and brown in this wreath thoroughly capture winter, so you can hang this on your front door all season long.

winter paper wreath
Image from Jennifer Maker

Get the pattern and instructions from Jennifer Maker!

9. Fluffy winter wreath

If your front door is painted with non-conventional color, like yellow, this fun-looking winter wreath will definitely make your door pop out!

fluffy winter wreath
Image from Lovely Indeed

This fluffy wreath is made from holiday decor and a wire wreath embellished with two large fake flowers.

Check out Lovely Indeed for the instructions.

10. Pinecone wreath

This project is created using pinecones and a grapevine wreath. A gingham bow is used here but you can choose any bow of your liking too.

pinecone wreath
Image from The How To Mom

Visit The How To Mom to get the full instructions.

11. Magnolia wreath

Here’s another lovely wreath that you can use all year round!

magnolia wreath
Image from Love Our Real Life

It’s simple but looks very refreshing to the eyes. Made of faux Magnolia leaves, you can be assured it would last for a long time!

Visit Love Our Real Life for the tutorial.

12. Pom pom wreath

This is a wreath that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

The pom poms look so fluffy that you’d be tempted to reach out and touch them all the time. It’s a simple wreath reminding you of snowballs!

Visit It All Started with Paint for the tutorial.

13. White winter wreath

This wreath can brighten up your front door all winter!

It is made out of a white wooden wreath embellished with faux pinecones, flowers, and leaves. Indeed, it is very simple, and you do not need much time or materials to make it!

Visit Hometalk for the instructions.

14. Rustic farmhouse wreath

If you are looking for a simple and classic wreath that can be used all winter for a rustic farmhouse home, this is the DIY wreath project for you.

rustic farmhouse wreath
Image from The Idea Room

This wreath is made of faux materials, but even so, looks natural and fresh!

Visit The Idea Room for the tutorial.

15. Winter wreath with bells

Here is a wreath that makes you use the beauty of natural winter greenery! You can use any green leaves you have at the moment, plus a grapevine wreath.

winter wreath with bells
Image from The Turquoise Home

The golden bells do add some holiday cheer. And because of these bells too, this winter wreath can alert everyone in the house when the front door opens and closes.

Drop by The Turquoise Home for the instructions!

16. Arm knitted wreath

Here’s an arm-knitted wreath made of chunky wool and a wooden frame embellished with felt flowers.

arm knitted wreath
Image from Happy Happy Nester

It’s pretty and versatile enough to hang all year long no matter what the season or holiday is! Plus, you may also use this indoors.

Visit Happy Happy Nester for the tutorial!

17. Winterberry wreath

Want something glamorous yet natural winter wreath for your front door? Here it is!

It looks very luxurious despite its simplicity. Plus, the gold accents are perfect to start off the New Year celebrations! Indeed, a timeless wreath that you can use for many years!

Get the instructions for this DIY project from That’s What Che Said.

18. Snowy poinsettia wreath

What is winter without poinsettias? Go for white poinsettias!

snowy poinsettia wreath
Image from The How To Mom

This wreath looks great enough to hang on your front door till the end of winter! Use a grapevine wreath as base for this snowy poinsettia wreath.

Visit The How To Mom to see how to make this wreath.

19. Snowball wreath

This fun and elegant-looking snowball wreath is made of Christmas balls and yarn-covered styrofoam balls. Then it was adorned with beautiful snowflake ornaments.

snowball wreath
Image from Two Junk Chix

If you live in a modern minimalist home, the chosen neutral colors of white, grey, and brown make it a great choice!

Get the full tutorial from Two Junk Chix!

20. Falling snow winter wreath

This is a wreath that also comes with the illusion of snow falling from it thanks to the styrofoam balls hanging on transparent strings.

falling snow winter wreath
Image from Scratch and Stitch

It is the perfect wreath for a dark door and a house that is surrounded by a snowy winter landscape.

To get the instructions, visit Scratch and Stitch.

Ready for your winter wreath?

It helps to choose a few key pieces of winter decor that would work for the whole season.

Whether you are looking for a wreath that you can hang on your front door the whole winter, or something you can replace your Christmas wreath until it is time for the pastel colors of Spring, one of these wreaths will definitely do the job for you.

Or… combine ideas from one wreath to another, until you come up with your own unique winter wreath!

Looking for more ideas to prepare your home for the winter season? Check these out!

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Looking for winter wreaths that you can use throughout the season? Try making any of these winter wreaths - they're gorgeous for your front door!

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