Stuffed Animals Storage: 20 Impressive Ideas!

When your kids are playing with lots of stuffed animals, it can be a real headache to keep these toys under control. So here are stuffed animals storage ideas that you will surely find useful!

storage for stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are a common go-to present for children (and even teenage girls!). Even I, myself have two stuffed animals and I’m already an adult!

They are so cute, soft, and lovable. What is not to love, right?

But stuffed animals also have the tendency to clutter your children’s room, your bedroom, and your entire home if you are not organized.

Since stuffed animals come in odd shapes and sizes, they can be bulky and difficult to store in a uniform or neat manner.

But don’t worry if you are facing the same dilemma. Because we have found 20 solutions that will organize your stuffed animals.

Here we go!

1. Use a basket

Baskets and wooden bins are great choices for storing stuffed animals. They are actually a pretty storage solution for your home!

Just look at how adorable these stuffed animals are inside!

storage for stuffed animals - using a basket
Image from Made in China

Baskets come in different sizes and there are huge ones that can make it easy for the stuffed animals to be transferred from one room to another.

And here’s an organizing trick! Place the larger stuffed toys at the bottom first and the smaller ones on top for easy stacking.

2. Make use of crates

use a crate
Image from Ana White

Crates are a popular storage options in the home. These will not only keep stuffed animals from being scattered around a room but also, they are actually good investments!

And that’s because crates are so versatile. When your kids outgrow their stuffed animals, you can still use the crates for storing other things such as books, clothes, and many other stuff.

Crates also blend in with almost any theme and they are very pleasing to the eyes.

3. Display in shelves

Stuffed animals are also decorative and these can add a lot of color in a room.

If you have a handful of good-looking stuffed toys that are good enough for display, why not have them displayed in shelves?

Storage for stuffed animals - in shelves!
From Pinterest

The above shelf is actually a DIY project using milk crates. So you don’t necessarily have to buy a shelf. You can make one if you already have some materials at home that you can just repurpose.

However, if you don’t, well, nothing’s really stopping you from getting a shelf for your stuffed animals. And just like baskets, shelves come in all kinds of sizes. Just pick the most appropriate for your home!

4. Make a toy hammock

You can store and display stuffed animals at the same time – by stuffing them in a toy hammock!

You can use an actual hammock or make one yourself, like this fabric toy hammock.

toy hammock
Image from Spunky Punky

Toy hammocks that are usually smaller than regular hammocks can also be bought.

Take note that height will matter for this one. If the stuffed animals are just for display, you can hang the hammock high. But when your kids always play with them, make sure that the hammock is within their reach.

5. Zoo storage for stuffed animals

Zoo storage because it’s like the stuffed animals are in the zoo. We’ll just call the container a zoo holder.

It’s like a basket and a cage combined. It stores your stuffed toys and keeps them in a cute display. Your kids will easily spot what they are looking for.

zoo storage for stuffed animals
Image from Instructables

Strings are used as the zoo’s “cage bars” and helps keep the stuffed animals in place. There are many options for a ready-made stuffed animal zoo holders online.

Or you can make your own DIY zoo holder project. Making one is super easy, anyway!

6. Keep swinging!

This one’s just a really creative and fun storage for stuffed animals – you display them in a swing!

swinging stuffed animals
Image from reddit

Not only is this a great organization idea, it’s also an adorable addition to the décor in your children’s rooms! Just look at how cute it is!

These swings can be bought in stores but you can also make one as a DIY project especially when you have the skills for it.

7. Use a hanging shoe organizer

I am sure you have seen hanging shoe organizers made of cloth or plastic that you can hang behind the door to conserve space.

You can actually use them for your stuffed animals too!

Most stuffed animals would come in sizes that could fit in the shoe slots.

using an over-the-door shoe organizer
Image from Mum Central

For the bigger stuffed animals that don’t fit, simply choose another storage option for these.

Using a shoe organizer is both a creative and budget-friendly way to keep the stuffed animals off the way.

It also looks so cute to see those stuffed animals’ heads popping out! It’s as if they’re guarding your kids as they sleep.

Nah…… it looks more like they’re just there flashing their cute smiles on you, waiting for you to grab them and play with your kiddo! Yeah, that’s more like it!

8. Install a curtain rod on the wall

If your kids want their stuffed animals by the bed all the time, here is an easy solution for you!

Install a curtain rod on the wall by the bed. Then, squeeze in the stuffed animals in the space between the wall and the rod.

It will look like they are hanging out of the curtain rod, all arranged in a row.

stuffed animals in curtian rod
Image from decorecomgaby

It’s a great way to keep all your kid’s favorite stuffed animals nearby without eating much of their bed space. What a clever storage for stuffed animals!

9. Put them into a hanging mesh net

Mesh net storage containers are very cheap and efficient. The only downside is that these containers can not handle heavy items.

Lucky for you, stuffed animals are not heavy at all!

Even if you put them all together in one container, they will not be that heavy. Therefore, a hanging mesh net would be a perfect storage for stuffed animals!

You can hang them inside the closet or keep them in display by hanging them from the ceiling.

10. Use a wall planter

A wall-hanging planter is another cool storage for stuffed animals.

It comes in various sizes and with elegant designs as well.

wall planter as storage for stuffed animals
Image from Oma Socks

Since everything will be up on the wall, it’s also a great space-saving option – especially when you have small rooms for the kids.

11. A hanging planter looks nice too!

Hanging planters can also be repurposed as a storage for stuffed animals. They can even double as cute chandeliers!

hanging planter
Image from DIY Inspired

Since the planters are hanging from the ceiling, they save up a lot of space too.

However, it takes some effort to get a toy from above and return it, so this is best only if your kids don’t play much with these toys anymore.

12. Use laundry hampers

Laundry hampers are a great storage for stuffed animals too. They work just like baskets!

laundry hampers
Image from A Thrifty Mom

They come in different sizes, styles, and materials. Some have covers while some do not. You can easily get one that would fit into the theme of your kid’s bedroom.

13. DIY fabric bag

Using a fabric bag is another convenient way to keep stuffed animals in place. You can make one yourself!

Either you make a small bag or a big one, or both, depending on how much stuffed toys you will be putting in there.

DIY fabric bag for stuffed animals
Image & DIY Instructions from DIY Network

Just like with baskets and hampers, fabric bags are very easy to carry around. Your kids can easily pick them up and bring them to where they want to play.

14. Bring out the baby crib

Do you still have your kid’s crib? Why not bring it out and use it to store the stuffed animals?

repurpose a baby crib
Image from Storables

It’s a simple and practical storage solution! Cribs are not that big so they will not take much space but it will have enough room for all the stuffed animals lying around in the house.

15. Use an indoor ball pit

Indoor ball pits come in small sizes but deep enough for kids to jump in. You can also use this as a storage alternative.

Instead of filling the pit with balls – you fill it with the stuffed animals! Your kid can also jump in too!

indoor ball pit
Image from Uncustomary

This is a fun alternative to let your kids play with stuffed animals without having to scatter them all over the room!

16. Stuffed animal bag

Think of a beanbag – only instead of beans, the bag is full of stuffed animals! This is a genius way to store stuffed animals while making use of them.

Of course, since stuffed animals come in different shapes and sizes, you will not end up with a perfectly shaped chair (unless you squeeze everything in tightly), but it will be more comfortable than it looks. It’s also good enough for your kids to lounge in their rooms.

When they want to play or hug a stuffed animal, all they need to do is open the bag, and there goes everything!

To do this, buy bean bag containers or big pillow covers. If you have the sewing skills, just make one yourself!

17. Use buckets

Buckets can also act like baskets – another great storage solution for stuffed animals.

Image from World Wildlife

Most buckets come in affordable prices. You can also get one with intricate designs (it’s a bit pricey though), so you can still use it in the future when your kids will outgrow their stuffed animals.

To save space, mount the buckets on the wall.

buckets for stufed animals
Image from Itsy Bits & Pieces

Take note, however, that since these buckets will be around kids, it is best that they are made out of lightweight materials.

18. Invest in a toy chest or bench

Here’s a multipurpose storage for stuffed animals – get a wooden storage chest that can double as a bench!

toy chest or bench
Image from Target

When your kids grow up, this toy chest can be used for so many other things. It is actually a good investment.

A little storage tip: Don’t keep your stuffed animals together with other toys that may have sharp parts. These can damage the stuffed toys.

19. Use a revolving shoe tree.

Shoe trees can also be used for storing your stuffed animals.

Put the biggest stuffed animals at the bottom and the smallest ones on top. Or just use it for the small-sized ones.

revolving shoe tree
Image from Pinterest

Your kid can simply rotate the shoe tree to spot the toy he wants to play with – very easy!

20. Huddle them in a tepee!

An indoor tepee is turning out to be a popular must have when it comes to decorating a kid’s room.

They can play in them and it adds a certain charm to the overall design of the room as well.

tepee for stuffed animals
Image from Kidizen

Huddle all the stuffed animals inside! Your kid can even huddle inside with them and lean on the stuffed animals as if they were a bean bag.

For the love of stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are really adorable toys and I’m sure your kids love them. Just don’t let your home be overrun by these cute and fluffy creatures!

You now have ideas on storage for stuffed animals. Use what you think is best for your kids and for your home.

Above all else, remember that when there are stuffed toys that are not being played with anymore, and they’re still good, storing them may not be the best option anymore.

Give them away to other kids, donate them to charities, or sell them – choose whatever you want. Just don’t keep on storing them.

Let these stuffed animals find a new home – with kids who will play with them and love them as your kids have loved them!

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