How to Choose the Most Appropriate Kitchen Utensil Holders

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how to choose the most appropriate kitchen utensil holders

Most of us may not give enough thought to what kitchen utensil holders to get. But this is a purchasing decision that needs real consideration since we use it every day. We need something that will work efficiently with our needs and will make moving around the kitchen easier.

Whether you have a small kitchen, or you don’t have kitchen cabinets, or you simply want all your utensils to be accessible while you cook, there’s an appropriate kitchen utensil holder for you.

Hence, in this post, we share with you the factors to consider before choosing a kitchen utensil holder. We have also included some best buy products from Amazon that might fit your needs!

Factors to consider when choosing kitchen utensil holders


Think about the utensils you have at home. You need a kitchen utensil holder that is big enough to fit all of them. If you have tall utensils, you need a utensil holder with the right height so there’s no tipping over.


A kitchen utensil holder that comes with compartments is very ideal to help you organize your utensils easily. If they are all arranged in different compartments, you know where to put and where to get every utensil.

Countertop space

How much space do you have available in your counter? If it’s limited, pick a kitchen utensil holder that comes in a square or rectangle shape. This takes up less space compared to a round kitchen utensil holder.

Water drainer

Do you put away your kitchen utensils right after you wash them? If you do, look for a kitchen utensil holder that has holes below for draining the water out. Drainage is important because if water is stored at the base, that’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

Rotatable or not

If you are storing kitchen utensils that come in different lengths and sizes, a rotatable kitchen utensil holder saves you time. You’ll easily get what you need while cooking. Simply turn the holder to spot the utensil you need.

Style and material

Do you have a knack for interior design? Do you want everything displayed in your kitchen to match? If so, be mindful of the style and material of the kitchen utensil holders.

For example, when you have stainless steel pots and pans displayed in the kitchen, you may want to get a stainless steel utensil holder to match.

The best kitchen utensil holders that you can buy from Amazon

1. MDZF Sweet Home 3-in-1 kitchen utensil holder

If you have a modern or dominant black kitchens, this is a great addition to your countertops. It’s multifunctional and looks sleek and stylish!

There are three different kinds of storage available. You can have tall cooking utensils on one side, knives and scissors on the middle, and short cooking utensils on the other side. It has anti-slip feet for enhanced stability and for it to be kept securely in place even if the countertops are wet.

It also comes with a draining system that is easy to clean and dry.

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2. Cooler Kitchen extra large rotating utensil caddy

This kitchen utensil holder has a diameter of 7 inches, allowing you enough space to fit all your kitchen utensils in. It’s big enough to handle 15 to 20 large-handled kitchen utensils!

It comes with three compartments that will allow you to organize your utensils. It also has a weighted base with rubberized feet. Hence, it will not tip over when you grab something or slide around your counter when it is wet.

The material is made out of rust-proof stainless steel and it is very easy to clean. It rotates for easy access and comes with a drainer to keep water from gathering at the base.

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3. MobileVision bamboo rotating utensil holder and kitchen organizer

If you are looking for a kitchen utensil holder with generous space and lots of compartments, here’s one from MobileVision.

It has a total of 8 compartments. Then the center compartments have a removable divider in between them in case you need a compartment with more space.

It is made of lightweight bamboo material. But it’s sturdy and works well not only for kitchen use. You may also use this for bathroom, makeup and cosmetics, and home office tools. It also comes with a unique design that definitely stands out from most kitchen utensil holders!

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4. Homestead Trend kitchen utensil holder

Looking for something rustic and elegant? Check out this bamboo kitchen utensil holder by Homestead Trend.

It is made out of a durable premium bamboo material that has a waterproof and scratch protection finish. It has three compartments, allowing you to organize the utensils you put in it. The design is adjustable so you can set it up however you want to.

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5. Lifestyle Banquet copper kitchen utensil holder

If you’re a coffee lover, you will surely like this copper kitchen utensil holder from Lifestyle Banquet.

Doesn’t it look like a fabulous jumbo rose gold coffee mug?

This utensil holder is made of 100% solid copper so you can expect it to stay shiny for a long time. The package also includes 10 metal hooks so that you can hang smaller kitchen utensils on their rim.

It’s a great addition to any kitchen that needs a splash of color!

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6. Knife block storage with utensil holder

This multipurpose holder will take up just a small space on your counter. It is made out of stainless steel material and comes with a drain for you to easily keep everything clean and dry.

If you only have a few utensils needed while cooking, this holder will do. It also has space for organizing knives and scissor.

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7. Enchanted Talavera ceramic utensil holder

Do you have a funky or colorful kitchen? If so, this hand-painted ceramic utensil holder from Enchanted Talavera can be a fun and decorative addition to your countertop!

It’s made out of heavyweight ceramic so it does not tip over. It comes with four compartments to allow you to organize your utensils.

Each piece is handpainted by artisans so there may be variations in color and design. But this only means that each product is truly one of a kind!

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8. Spectrum Diversified twist round holder and organizer

This metal kitchen utensil holder from Spectrum Diversified comes with a twisty style that makes it a decorative piece for your countertops. The beautiful and graceful arcs in the design definitely make it stand out among most solid-walled kitchen utensil holders!

It has a sturdy steel base that supports the weight of the utensils. This also ensures that the holder will sit evenly on the countertop.

You can easily see that it has a mesh-like metal bottom. Hence, you can place wet kitchen utensils in it without having to worry about bacteria growing in pooled water.

Now it does not come with compartments like the usual. But this is a great kitchen utensil holder to get if you do not mind compromising functionality for style.

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9. Homeries marble kitchen utensil holder

Here is a kitchen utensil holder that will blend well with marble countertops.

This comes with a non-slip pad on the bottom to keep it stable and secured in place. Hence, don’t worry about it sliding over the countertop.

The marble is thick and so elegant looking that people will think it is more expensive than it really is. It is definitely a subtle and simple piece that can enhance your kitchen’s interior design!

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10. Besti wooden kitchen utensil holder

Got a farmhouse interior? This wooden kitchen utensil holder from Besti surely fits in!

It comes with three compartments for organizing your utensils. The whitewash finish also gives it a timeless decorative touch to your kitchen.

Because of its decorative rustic look, you can also use this for other purposes. These can be a utensil caddy on your next barbeque, a cutlery holder on your next picnic, or something to hold small flower vases.

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Let’s get those kitchen utensils organized!

Indeed, having the best utensil holders can make your kitchen space look neat and organized – even when you have all your kitchen utensils near the stove.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, we hope that you now have a good idea as to what utensil holder you should be aiming for!

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