20 Smart Ideas for Water Bottles Storage and Organization

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water bottles storage solutions

Water bottles are not that easy to organize. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can’t exactly stack them on top of each other. You can’t also just dump them in a kitchen cabinet cause they have the tendency to fall over when you open the cabinet.

Hence, in this post, we have come up with 20 water bottle storage solutions to help you organize your own collection at home.

Here we go!

1. Magazine rack

You can use the magazine racks you use to file away old magazines to organize your water bottles.

Flip the magazine rack on its back. Then stack the water bottles inside.

water bottles storage - magazine rack
Image from Driven by Decor

It is easier to spot the one you need without having to wade through a whole stack of water bottles. Check out how Kris of Driven By Decor set this one up!

2. X-cosrack adjustable water bottle organizer

This is a four-tier water bottle rack that is perfect for countertops, pantry storage, and kitchen cabinet storage. You may also mount it on a wall.

You can adjust the spacing between each tier to accommodate the space that your water bottle needs.

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3. YouCopia bottle stand

This water bottle stand allows you to store water bottles horizontally or vertically. It comes with a non-slip border so that you can be assured that it would stay in place. The best thing about it is that you do not need any tool to set up this stand. Everything just snaps together in place!

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4. DIY pull-out water bottle drawer

If you have a drawer that gives you a lot of space to store standing water bottles, you’ll greatly benefit from this DIY divider by Jamie Costiglio. The water bottle divider she created kept the bottles standing in neat even rows.

water bottles storage - DIY pull out drawer
Image from Jaime Costiglio

5. Rolling side storage cabinet

Are your water bottles of the slim type? Organize them in this slim storage cart.

Then you can easily tuck this away on the side of any bigger appliance or kitchen island.

If you need a water bottle, simply slide out the cart. As you can see, the racks are placed at different heights so you can store both tall and short water bottles in there.

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6. Wine rack

Here’s another great DIY idea to store your water bottles. Use a wine rack to hold them in place. Each water bottle has its own spot so you can easily grab one without disturbing the others.

This storage idea is best if you can have a little more room to spare since this wine rack is not actually the most compact. Check out how Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog did it!

7. Auledio adjustable water bottle organizer

This is a water bottle organizer rack that can be assembled in two different ways. You can have your water bottles stored horizontally or at a tilted angle. It has two racks that can be used separately or stacked on top of each other.

You may also mount this organizer on the wall to help you save space.

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8. Wire basket bin

This method keeps all the water bottles contained. Simply gather them in a wire basket. This way, they do not fall over or tumble out of the cabinet when you need to get one. It’s a nice idea to try when you are also using your pantry cabinet for storage space.

See how Sara of Sweet Lil You did it in their home!

water bottles storage - wire basket
Image from Sweet Lil You

By the way, there are other ways you can use wire baskets for organizing your home. Check this out – How to Use Wire Baskets for Storage at Home

9. mDesign plastic stackable free-standing bottle organizer

Each rack of this organizer can hold up to five water bottles. Then you can stack each rack together to create stacked vertical storage. This helps maximize the space in your kitchen cabinets or shelves!

Its modern and sleek design also makes it perfect to be displayed on countertops.

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10. Freestanding tall and narrow cabinet

Do you need a separate storage space for your water bottles? If so, this freestanding cabinet might just be the right solution!

It’s tall and slim. Hence, it won’t occupy much space in the kitchen.

It comes with layers that are tall enough to accommodate even the taller water bottle products. It will even give you some space for other items that need storage like mugs or glasses.

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11. Wall display

If you have quite the collection and have no plans to declutter them, you may display them on the wall, like a decor. Look at how these water bottles are arranged by color. It could easily turn any plain wall in your home into an accent wall!

Make sure to pick an adhesive that can withstand the weight of the bottle.

12. Plastic storage bins

If you have lots of water bottles in the house, you may have noticed that every family member has his/her personal favorite.

Gather everyone around and ask them to pick out their water bottles. Have their favorites be stored in the kitchen. Then arrange what remains in plastic storage bins like these.

You may store them under the sink or in the basement. This way, if one of the favorite water bottles gets damaged, you can just retrieve the bin and give them a backup.

Or, if after a year, it proves that these water bottles are no longer needed, you may simply declutter.

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13. Bamboo water bottle holder rack

This is a free-standing water bottle rack organizer that you can use in your kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves, or have them displayed on countertops.

It has a no-slip design because of the bamboo partitions. Hence, you can expect your water bottles to stay in place when you only need to grab one.

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14. Over-the-door shoe organizer

An over-the-door shoe organizer is a practical organizing tool when it comes to any room. And in this case, it works wonders for water bottles that come in different shapes and sizes. Every water bottle has its own pocket so you can easily grab what you need without making a mess!

15. DIY sliding wine rack cabinet

If you love DIY woodwork projects, you might want to try this one! Replace one of your lower kitchen cabinets with a wooden wine rack. Simply slide the rack out to get what you need.

The best thing about DIY projects is that you can specify the measurements according to your needs. Although most water bottles can fit wine racks, you may use your biggest water bottle as the basis for the measurements of the grid to ensure that everything can fit in this storage.

16. mDesign plastic free-standing water bottle organizer

This plastic rack can hold up to five water bottles. These are stackable so it’s easy to add another rack as you need. The bottles will be stored horizontally in their own compartments. Again, it’s easy to grab what you need!

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17. Acrylic bins

If you have deep kitchen cabinets, buy acrylic bins and arrange your water bottles this way.

If the water bottle you need happens to be at the back, you do not have to rummage through or take everything out. Simply slide out the acrylic bin to get the water bottle.

It’s a very simple and effortless solution!

18. DIY storage cubbies

Ana White created this beautiful storage cubby intended to keep her children’s toys. we love how she used wooden crates to keep everything stored in the cubbies hidden!

water bottles storage - DIY storage cubbies
Image from Ana White

The plan can be used for any room. Hence, this is a smart solution when you need more storage space, not just for water bottles.

19. Zero-G Bottle Boss

Here’s another water bottle storage solution that lessens clutter and does not take up much space. You can set this up in the doors of your kitchen cabinet, under kitchen wall shelves, and even on the wall itself!

The best thing we like about it is that it can accommodate any type of bottle and of any size.

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20. Plastic baskets

Do you have oddly shaped water bottles, or some water bottles that do not fit your organizers?

Corral them into a high plastic basket so that you get to store them in a way that would not seem messy. This is how Angela of Blue I Style dealt with the water bottles that did not go well with her store-bought organizers.

water bottles storage - plastic baskets
Image from Blue I Style

Your water bottles don’t have to be a mess anymore.

As you have seen, there are many storage solutions to get your water bottles neatly organized. Hence, you do not have to keep putting up with the mess.

Take action now. Choose an idea that you think will fit your home best. Then you can just grab the water bottle that you need without turning everything into chaos!

Need more organizing solutions in the kitchen? Check these out!

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Organize your water bottles neatly with these storage solutions! Choose the most appropriate for your home!

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