20 Crafty & Beautiful Outdoor Decor Ideas for the Fall Season

Feel the beauty of the season with these outdoor decor ideas for fall!

Lovely outdoor decor ideas for the fall season!

Fall is such a beautiful season! Everywhere you go, there are warm colors – orange, yellow, red, and brown. Everything feels more relaxed and cozier. And we suddenly love being outdoors! More of us are taking walks and everyone’s outdoor areas are all spruced up and decorated!

Indeed, there are many ways to decorate your outdoor areas for fall. If you’re in for some great tips, here are 20 outdoor decor ideas for fall that you can easily copy in your own home!

Let’s dive in!

1. House number pumpkins

This is a fall outdoor decor idea that is not only adorable but also practical. Make your house number clearer by creating these house number pumpkins and lining them up by your mailbox!

You will need some pumpkins, house numbers, and a burlap ribbon. This will definitely make your mailman smile the next time he delivers you a mail!

Visit A Diamond in the Stuff for the instructions!

2. Fall rustic mason jars

Looking for an outdoor decor that will go with a rustic theme? This fun and easy craft will add a rustic and vintage touch to your outdoor area!

You will need some mason jars, white paint, twine, and vinyl letters. Fill the mason jars with wheat stalks. Or you may fill them up with flowers too!

outdoor decor for fall - rustic mason jars
Image from Sincerely Jean

Get the instructions from Sincerely Jean!

3. Pumpkin man

If the winter has a snowman, the fall has a pumpkin man! And he would make a lovely addition to your garden or yard!

Secure three different-sized pumpkins with a stick running down from the middle to keep him standing. Then, dress him up and draw his face in whatever way you please!

outdoor decor for fall - pumpkin man
Image from Jennifer Faris

The fall leaves garland used as a scarf in this one surely adds a nice touch!

Visit Jennifer Faris for the instructions.

4. Indian corn wreath

Want a wreath that is easy to make yet filled with the colors of fall? Check out this Indian corn wreath.

outdoor decor for fall - Indian corn wreath
Image from Stone Gable

Doesn’t it look fabulous? It is an eye-catcher and people will notice it from across the street!

To make this, you will need a straw wreath, hot glue, and several multi-colored Indian corns. Get the full instructions at Stone Gable.

5. Birdbath fairy garden

Do you have a bird bath in your garden or yard? You definitely should consider this idea for your outdoor decor! It is seriously cute!

You do not have to copy it exactly. Just get the gist of the idea and decorate it the way you want, but we do love the idea of the pumpkin fairy house and the fairies happen to have pumpkins with them!

Check out Across the Boulevard and see how this project came to life.

6. Craft pumpkin candle holders

Put a romantic touch on your outdoor area with candles! Just make sure you keep an eye so you do not start a fire.

You may also use this to decorate your interiors.

outdoor decor for fall - pumpkin candle holders
Image from By Stephanie Lynn

Creating this DIY project only requires a few materials and you do not need any special artistic skills to pull it off!

7. Harvest display

Fall season also means Thanksgiving. And for most of us, this is the time when the harvest is abundant!

You may want to incorporate that into your outdoor decor by doing a harvest display just like this one.

outdoor decor for fall - harvest display
Image from Three Pixie Lane

This harvest display is made of a large, galvanized tub. The tub is filled with hay, pumpkins, berries, and corn.

Check out how Christie of Three Pixie Lane did it!

8. Falling leaves

Do you have a glass door leading to your outdoor area? If you do, try this falling leaves decor idea!

If you use the right adhesive, it can look good from the inside as it does from the outside. Make sure you clean the glass first before placing the leaves!

Get the tutorial from Jeanette Chaney of Country Design Style!

9. Fall mason jar candle holders

Decorate the place with mason jar candle holders crafted for the fall season! They can give your yard a warm and romantic glow.

Because of the candles’ heat, it is best to use fake autumn leaves for this project. Visit Hello Newlywed Life for her tutorial!

10. Pumpkin crate

Here is a cute way to embellish your entryway without having to spend too much on decor. Set up a pumpkin crate display!

outdoor decor for fall - pumpkin crates
Image from Life as a Thrifter

You can get the crates at thrift stores or grocery stores. Then simply grab some pumpkins of different sizes!

11. Sunflowers and pumpkins

If you love sunflowers, you are going to like this idea!

Layer up pumpkins and carve holes into them so that they become vases for sunflowers just like this one. This would be a bright and cheerful addition to your yard!

sunflower and pumpkins
Image from Bloglap

12. Dried corn garland

Love the color yellow? Bring some balance to all the orange hues around the place and hang up this dried corn garland all over your front porch!

Check out how Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict dried her corn and created this cheerful fall garland.

13. Wooden pumpkin display

Now, this is an outdoor fall decor that you can reuse each year!

Craft some DIY giant wooden pumpkins for your yard! Then simply add some more decor around it like twinkle lights or fall leaf garlands. The possibilities are endless!

wooden pumpkin display
Image from First Day of Home

Get the plans for these DIY woodcraft from First Day of Home!

14. Fall leaves garland door frame

You can add some fall colors to your door by going crazy with a fall leaves garland just like this one.

Fall leaves garland door frame
Image from Thistlewood Farms

Karianne from Thistlewood Farms used different kinds of leaves to achieve this look. Check out her blog to see the rest of her fall setup!

15. Mailbox pumpkin patch

It is a reality that not everybody has the energy or time to grow a real pumpkin patch. But you can easily give the illusion that you have one – and a thriving one too!

All you need are some store-bought pumpkins and dried vines!

Mailbox pumpkin patch
Image from Miss Kopy Kat

Check out how Gayle of Miss Kopy Kat made her instant pumpkin patch!

16. Fall rake decor

During fall, you rake leaves more often than you do. And by the time you pull out your rake, you might notice you need a new one. But here’s a really nice way to repurpose the old one!

Check out how LZ of The Summery Umbrella created her beautiful rake decor for fall.

17. Outdoor pumpkin topiaries

Here is a glamorous outdoor decor idea for you! Create this pumpkin topiary using urns, different-sized pumpkins, and a fall leaf garland.

In this DIY project, the pumpkins are made to stay on top of each other with the help of earthquake putty, so it is actually a temporary adhesive. It brings a great touch of fall to your entryways!

Check out A Diamond in the Stuff for the full tutorial!

18. White pumpkins

If you have a minimalist home, or maybe orange is just not your color, you do not have to miss out on fall decorating! Simply paint your pumpkins white like this!

White pumpkins
Image from Stone Gable

The plaid black and white ribbon is also a nice touch! Check out how to make your own from Yvonne of Stone Gable!

19. Pumpkins and succulents fall wreath

This is one of the most adorable fall wreaths that you can make. It works very well for rustic and farmhouses too!

The combination of succulents, pumpkins, and pinecones gives this a charming vintage feel! Get the tutorial from Debbie of Confessions of a Plate Addict.

20. Pumpkin tree

If you have the resources and the time, go big with your outdoor decor for fall – with a pumpkin tree!

Pumpkin tree
Image from Residence Style

It will take tons of pumpkins to pull off an impressive pumpkin tree like this one. But as I’ve said, if you have the resources, why not? You can even put more d├ęcor to this tree by adding other fall decorative elements.

Make your outdoor space look as lovely as the season itself!

As you can see, whether you have a small or a big yard, there are many things you can do to add pretty fall colors and designs. With these outdoor decor ideas, you can make any outdoor space look as lovely as fall itself!

Now go ahead and bring out that creative genius in you!

Looking for more decor ideas for the fall season? Check these out!

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Feel the beauty of the season with these lovely decor ideas for fall!

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