20 of the Prettiest Fall Decor Ideas for Front Porch

Be captivated with these beautiful, warm and inviting fall decor ideas for your front porch!

front porch decor ideas for the fall season

It’s time to put away the summer decor and prep your home for autumn!

Fall is a great season to spend time outdoors. Everything is just so colorful, and you feel more connected to nature. Everything about the season just brings a warm and cozy vibe.

And this is the reason why you should also decorate your front porch. With everyone spending more time outdoors and all the holidays coming up – the biggest of which is Thanksgiving, you will surely have house guests coming and going!

Hence, we put together this collection of the prettiest fall decor ideas for your front porch. Feel free to copy these ideas, mix and match, and make them your own!

Here we go!

1. Add pumpkins and fall flowers.

When I hear the word “fall”, the first thing that comes to my mind is pumpkins. And so here is my first fall decor idea – piles of pumpkins for the front porch!

Mix these with mums and you get a very welcoming vibe as you approach the door.

You’ll also love the seagrass chairs, lanterns and wheat stalks in this porch. Plus a wreath on the front door. All these make up for the traditional pretty setup for your porch this fall, and this never go out of style!

2. Always hang a wreath on the door.

Whenever I look for a fall decor for the front porch, I always see a beautifully crafted wreath on the door.

This is a staple in front porch decor, especially during the fall season. Indeed, a wreath does make a big difference on how your porch feels.

fall decor for front porch - hang a wreath on the door
Image from Our Home Made Easy

There are many ways to create a wreath. There are many styles. Whatever wreath you decide to put on your front door, keep it warm and inviting!

3. Use a hay bale.

If you’re a newbie in home decor, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this!

A hay bale makes decorating the front porch for fall easier. That’s because this serves as a base where you can put your decors like pumpkins, leaves, and flowers. The hay bale helps elevate your decors rather than letting them sit on the floor!

fall decor for front porch - use a hay bale
Image from Design Improvised

When fall is over, keep the hay bale, and just use it again the next year!

4. Include a DIY outdoor bench.

A simple way to add a cozy element to your front porch is to put an outdoor seating, such as a bench.

An outdoor bench with burlap pillows doubles as decor and seat during the fall. This will make your home look more inviting!

fall decor for front porch - DIY outdoor bench
Image from Thrifty and Chic

Add some pumpkins and other fall decors on the steps and around it and you easily have captured that cozy fall vibe.

5. Go for a farmhouse theme.

Starting on the chair, to the wreath, then the pillows and blankets – choose those that imbibe a rustic feel.

Add lanterns, pumpkins, and a basket of leaves and flowers, and that’s it – you’ve got the front porch well decorated for fall!

fall decor for front porch - farmhouse theme
Image from A Night Owl

6. Let the pumpkins lead the way.

Arrange plenty of those orange pumpkins and gourds all the way to the front door.

fall decor for front porch - let the pumpkins lead the way
Image from HGTV

Don’t you just love the look? It’s bright, festive and full of colors leading into your home!

7. Bring plenty of mums along the way.

These orange mums are just lovely! Gather lots and lots of these flowers, put them in crocks, and arrange them on the stairs. Add your pumpkin harvest plus seagrass chairs if you have them, and you’ve got a really nice porch setup for fall!

fall decor for front porch - plenty of mums along the way to the door
Image from Liz Marie Blog

8. Dominate with white pumpkins.

Here is a sample of a monochromatic fall decor for your front porch.

Instead of the usual bright orange pumpkins, dominate your porch with white pumpkins. Add pale blue and dark green ones to add variety. Then put a big planter full of mums.

Lastly, change your pillowcases. Choose ones that go well with your monochromatic setup. In this sample the checkered white and blue pillows blend in really well to the whole picture!

fall decor for front porch - white pumpkins are the way to go!
Image from Rooms for Rent

9. Repurpose a wooden ladder.

Repurposing an old wooden ladder to give your front porch a festive look this fall is a cheap idea that you can steal. Use the wooden ladder to display your plants and pumpkins.

In this set up, the mums and ornamental kale give a floral, natural element to the front porch decor.

fall decor for front porch - repurpose a wooden ladder
Image from Our Home Made Easy

10. DIY a rustic wheelbarrow.

Fill a rustic wheelbarrow with fall goodies like leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, acorns and corns stalks and this easily makes it a very festive attraction on your front porch. You can make one from scratch just like this one!

DIY rustic wheelbarrow
Image from Remodela Casa

11. Have a bushel basket full of fall goodies.

A bushel basket is another simple way to add some rustic charm to your front porch this fall. And depending on the size of the basket you use, you can fill it up with different fall treats and flowers.

Combine it with other decors, and your front porch exhibits such abundance and beauty!

a bushel basket full of fall goodies
Image from Craftberry Bush

12. Add a succulent pumpkin planter.

If you love succulents, here’s a really charming addition to your front porch decor this fall!

This large fairytale pumpkin can last for a month or two as long as you place it in a cool area and mist it twice a week. Not so hard to maintain!

succulent pumpkin planter
Image from Flower Duet

You can also use this indoors since succulents do well as indoor plants.

13. Try a plastic pumpkin planter.

This fall planter project is created using a huge plastic pumpkin. The pumpkin is then filled with mums.

Try a plastic pumpkin planter.
Image from Iriemade

The scarecrow stake is also a nice touch, but you can swap that for a turkey if you like!

14. Add a DIY scarecrow.

Nothing welcomes the fall like scarecrows! And we have found a good tutorial on how to make your own scarecrow. This way, you do not end up with a creepy looking one.

Haha! It doesn’t look like a scarecrow if you ask me. But that’s the point – I don’t want to scare anybody in my home!

Get the full tutorial on how to create your own scarecrow from Front Porch Ideas and More!

15. Use a fake fall tree.

Fall is more on orange, hence adding a faux maple tree like this to your front porch decor is just awesome! Try looking for one in your local garden center.

Now to bring balance to all the reds and oranges, add some neutral-colored pumpkins and white lanterns on the base.

16. Try a different color palette.

Again, fall is more on warm hues, hence the classic shades that dominate are those oranges, reds, and yellows. Now you can make your front porch stand out by going with a different color palette.

Yes, you can deviate a little!

You will still be using the same fall colors. But add in some deep purple and magenta shades in the mix. This will create a unique-looking front porch for fall.

Try a different color palette.
Image from Jenna Kate at Home

Those tea candles also add a nice romantic touch!

17. Put corn stalks near the door.

Frame your door with corn stalks! After all, fall is the season of harvest, and even though pumpkins are the first things that come to my mind, I must admit, pumpkins are not the only ones you harvest!

Get corn stalk bundles from your local farmers. It definitely adds a nice rustic and farmhouse touch to your front porch!

Put corn stalks near the door.
Image from The Dainty Darling

18. Create buffalo check pumpkin signs.

Signs can make instant decors. But store-bought signs can sometimes be too generic looking.

This project gives your fall signs something extra and they are made out of cheap Dollar Tree craft items! And these buffalo plaid-inspired signs are just perfect for your front door!

Get the tutorial at Lake Life State of Mind.

19. Repurpose summer flowers.

Stay well within your budget and keep things simple by holding on to summer flowers for fall decor!

If you have loads of them during the summer, collect and dry those lovely blooms. Then put them in a vase or use in a wreath.

Repurpose summer flowers.
Image from Gardening etc

Here’s a detailed instruction for drying flowers.

20. Try the minimalist look.

Stick to a neutral color palette, then add textures. Keep things simple from the wreath to the pumpkins, vases, plants and candles.

Ready to prepare your front porch for fall?

Fall is probably the best season for front porch decorating. Hopefully you have found takeaway ideas for your own home. Most of these decors are very easy to make yourself!

There are many ways to celebrate the season of fall and your front porch should not be left out. After all, it is the first part of your home that people see when they visit. Keeping your front porch nice and beautiful will definitely give them a warm welcome!

Looking for more decor ideas for fall? Check these out!

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