20 Fascinating Fall Decor Ideas for Mantel

Explore these various fall decor ideas for the mantel that will definitely make your fireplace more attractive, and a nice place to cozy up!

fall decor ideas for mantel

Along with the coming fall is the colder weather. Hence, a common activity is staying by the fireplace. Whether you want to enjoy some warm drinks, read a book, or simply cuddle up with your hubby, it would be so much of a better place when you find it attractive!

Decorating your mantel is a great idea to welcome the fall season into your home. Coz what better way to welcome cooler weather and warm colors than gathering by a cute and festive fireplace?

If you have no idea where to start, do not worry. We have gathered tons of ideas to help you get started. And most of these fall decor ideas for the mantel are very easy to make!

Let’s get on with it!

1. Realistic leaf garland

The color of fall leaves is one of the things we love the most about this season.

Now what if we told you there is a way to bring fall leaves into your home? You can do so by creating this wonderful garland for your fireplace.

fall decor for mantel - realistic leaf garland
Image from A Box of Twine

Visit A Box of Twine to get the tutorial!

2. White and gold pumpkins

If you are looking for a classy and elegant modern decor, check out these painted pumpkins.

It’s a very easy DIY project. Simply paint white pumpkins with gold leaf paint!

Get the tutorial at Jessica Welling Interiors!

3. Masculine mantel

The antlers on the mantel give the men of the house a reminder of their hunting days. Combine this with the orange, yellow, and brown colors of fall using pumpkins and leaves. It’s a win-win!

fall decor for mantel - masculine mantel
Image from Miss Kopy Kat

Get a closer look at this setup by Miss Kopy Kat!

4. Card stock leaf garland

This is a quick and simple fall craft idea that you can finish in less than an hour!

Choose cardstock paper that comes in fall colors. Then pick out a few real leaves outdoors to trace on the paper. Make sure you choose different, lovely shapes!

fall decor for mantel - card stock leaf garland
Image from Lehman lane

See how Tara of Lehman lane pulled off this creation.

5. Dried grass wreath

Fall is a great time to collect dried flowers, wheat, and bunny tails. And this wreath is made just out of these dried goods that you can simply pick from your yard!

If you want something that’s not of the usual bright warm hues, this wreath is a neutral-colored, cozy fall decor that you can place above your mantel.

fall decor for mantel - dried grass wreath
Image from The Merry Thought

Get the tutorial from The Merry Thought!

6. Gold pumpkin garland

You can always go gold this fall if you prefer that than the color orange.

This DIY project makes use of plain white mini faux pumpkins, baker twine, eye hooks, and paint. And what is great about it is that it glimmers and catches the firelight once you get your fireplace working!

fall decor for mantel - gold pumpkin garland
Image from Design Fixation

Check out Design Fixation for the instructions.

7. Wheat bundle

If you are looking for something quick and easy, yet aesthetic to represent the harvest season, here is a cute idea!

Tie together a bundle of wheat with a gorgeous ribbon, then put it up on the mantel! It is a great idea if you are looking for neutrals as decors. Here, Ashley paired the wheat bundle with antiques.

fall decor for mantel - wheat bundle
Image from Modern Glam

Check out Modern Glam to see how she pulled everything off!

8. Lined up pumpkins

This is probably one of the simplest ways to decor up your fireplace for the fall and it is so neat to look at.

Just line up a bunch of pumpkins in a neat row over the mantel! It’s as simple as that. Combined with the fire, everything looks great!

Check out this hassle-free set up by A Country Farmhouse!

9. Candy corn garland

This does look pretty and yummy! Thankfully those are not real candy corns! If you have kids in the house, make sure you warn them that it’s not real. Don’t eat them!

fall decor for mantel - candy corn garland
Image from A Beautiful Mess

This was made alongside a faux floral garland for more texture and dimension. The end result is a cozy, beautiful piece that deserves its place over your fireplace.

Get the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess!

10. Painted pumpkins

Ever wondered how people get such great, smooth-looking pumpkins?

Well… they paint them!

But… how you paint them (yes, the technique), lies the key to a smooth-looking pumpkin.

Whether you have real or fake pumpkins, you can get that fancy decorator look with this painting technique from Home Stories A to Z!

11. Origami fall leaf garland

This is a sweet take on the classic fall garlands that we usually see over the fireplace. And you can easily make one in the afternoon.

Origami fall leaf garland
Image from Gathering Beauty

The paper leaves are easy to fold, and you can go with any color theme you like. Get the tutorial from Gathering Beauty!

12. Wreath on mirror

This is a great idea if you are looking for a bright and rustic way to liven up your fireplace!

Hang a nice fall wreath on a mirror. Then add some harvest touches with wheat on vases or that small pumpkin plopped on top of a candle holder. It all goes well together!

Visit The Frugal Homemaker to check out the rest of this setup!

13. Gourd garland

Here is a nice fall garland that does not necessarily come in bright and warm hues of orange and yellow, but still screams “fall is here!”

Gourd garland
Image from Thistle Key Lane

It’s made of dried field gourds in the shades of orange and green. It will definitely make your fireplace stand out, plus it comes with that unexpected but whimsical vibe.

Get the full tutorial from Thistle Key Lane!

14. Fall banner

Announce the coming of the fall season by making this banner in just a few minutes! All you need are some burlap pennants and mini clothespins! Check out how The Savvy Sparrow pulled this off!

Fall banner
Image from The Savvy Sparrow

15. Origami pumpkin garland

You can’t really get through fall without pumpkins. So why not hang an origami pumpkin garland over your fireplace? It’s a cute way to add a very simple fall decor around the house.

Origami pumpkin garland
Image from Gathering Beauty

Get the tutorial from Gathering Beauty!

16. Gather sign

I especially love this Gather sign, perfectly denoting the great season of harvest.

Gather sign
Image from Fun 365

This is made out of a salvaged pallet sign, and then the words are a wood cutout. You can then frame them with wheat and small pumpkins and gourds. Check out the whole concept by Laura Russell at Fun 365.

17. Mirrors and candle sticks

If you have a minimalist theme in the house, or you simply love an all-white setup, this is the fall decor for your mantel!

Get some antique-looking mirrors and candlesticks. Then pair them with white pumpkins! Take a look at this setup by Life Is Better at Home!

18. Velvet pumpkins

This is a fall decor that you can use not only for the mantel, but also anywhere around the house. And it is a great thing if you want to join along the festivities without having to deal with real pumpkins around your home.

Velvet pumpkins
Image from Twelve on Main

Get the full tutorial from Twelve on the Main!

19. Wooden blocks fall sign

If you want something neutral, this is for you.

The fall sign that takes center stage on the mantel is made of wooden blocks with grapevine balls in between them. They are then casually stacked on top of some small logs. Then the logs are surrounded by pinecones and metal pumpkins.

Wooden blocks fall sign
Image from Dining Delight

Check out the full setup at Dining Delight!

20. Give Thanks and fall leaves

Don’t forget to put up a sign like this to remind your household to be grateful for the blessings you have received this year.

You will need lots of leaves to setup this fall decor for the mantel. Enjoy gathering them!

Now to get the illusion of leaves falling, tie them up with a fishing line. That’s truly adventurous!

Check out how everything was put together at Adventures in Decorating!

Let’s sit by the fireplace!

The fireplace is just the best place to cozy up with your family. Whether you have an electric fireplace, a wood-burning one, or just a decorative accent for your home, keep it attractive this fall with any of these decor ideas for mantel.

We highly recommend that you cozy up with a nice, themed treat like a slice of apple pie or a good warm cup of pumpkin spice latte. It is just one of the best ways to admire a crackling fire!

Looking for more ideas for the home specifically for the fall season? Check these out!

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Cozy up in the fireplace this fall. Decorate the mantel with any of these awesome ideas!

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