When you sleep in a small bedroom, you need to use every inch of your space wisely. There’s just no room for clutter!

Organizing a small space doesn’t have to be that hard and frustrating.  All you need is to find the right combination of tips that will fit your own taste and personality.

Take a look at these 51 simply amazing ideas from various sources to maximize your small space.




1. Install built-in drawers under your bed.

A space for extra blankets, pillows and more, built-in drawers also give your bed a neater look.

From Sawdust Girl


2. Turn an IKEA shelving unit into an under bed storage.

If you don’t have a built-in drawer under the bed, you can customize an IKEA shelf to be your storage area.

From Bobvila


3. Use a plastic storage container.

I don’t have under-the-bed drawers and I don’t have an IKEA shelf either so I use this trick to store my extra clothes. Great thing because my small closet doesn’t have to overflow now!

From Pins and Procrastination

This one here comes from Target. It doesn’t have wheels but it has low-friction disks at the bottom so it is easy to slide in and out underneath your bed. It also has a lid which keeps your items sealed and protected.


4. Invest in a flip-up bed with ample storage space underneath.

Maximize every space available plus keep your under the bed storage away from dirt with this. Clever!

From One Kindesign


5. Invest in a container bed.

Can you imagine that a super organized closet can just be under your bed? Really nice.



6. Build an elevated bed.

Climb up to bed for a peaceful sleep. Beside are shelves to store your books. Underneath is another storage area, including the steps.

From Apartment Therapy



7. Use a simple dresser organizer to group your clothes.

From Two Twenty One

Try these amazing tips from The Spruce to organize your dresser.


8. Buy or make a honeycomb organizer.

If you don’t want your clothes bumping on each other when you fold them, this one is a practical tip. Commonly used to separate undergarments, hankies and socks, you may also use this to sort other items.

From Breezeapp

Or invest in a foldable drawer dividers.

From JCPenny



9. Use a small pegboard.

Attach a pegboard at the back of your closet door, together with other storage tools. Utilize that blank space!

From BHG


10. Use pants hanger for scarves.

Pants hanger keep the scarves neat and balanced.

From Just a Girl and Her Blog


11. Put hooks behind your closet door to hang your bras.

From Buzzfeed


12. Create a built-in cabinet with  a mirror.

Turn that unused space into a valuable storage area.

From j korsbon designs


13. Put bins inside the closet.

This will help you use up space as much as possible without the closet looking too crowded.

From Just a Girl



14. Add a shelf or cubby over the doorway.

When I got across this idea, my reaction was immediate – I looked over my door! You wouldn’t normally think of this, but if you have items that you don’t use very often, this is such a perfect place to keep them.

From The Family Handyman


15. Build floating shelves on the corner.

From Shanty 2 Chic

Wanna build something like this yourself? See the full tutorial here.


16. Build a hanging shelf with a secret storage underneath.

Let the Rogue Engineer  teach you how.


17. Install a hanging table.

This is an alternative to the commonly-used bedside tables.  Super cool!



18. Have a bedside ledge.

This is perfect if you have no room for a bedside table and you have very little space.

From Tiphero


19. Create your own corner shelf.

If you can find a simple wooden magazine organizer, you can transform that into a perfect place for your small stuff that you commonly leave all over your room. Impressive!

Learn how from Design Sponge


20. Hang buckets.

This is very easy to make and an absolutely amazing way to store your beauty products.


From Society19


21. Create your own mason jar organizers.

If you are fond of mason jars, build an organizer out of it into the wall. Save a lot of desk space with this trick.

From The DIY Playbook


22. Make your own personalized hook rack.

From The Home Depot Blog


23. Make a frame shelf.

Do you have old frames? Turn them into storage shelves. Make a box from wooden panels and glue it on the frame. And that’s decor and storage rolled into one!

From Shanty 2 Chic


24. Create a hanging bookshelf with a lamp.

This is lighting and storage combined in a perfect nook!

From Coco Kelley


25. Install brackets into your wall.

Your closet doesn’t have to be crammed full. Use these brackets to hang your extra clothing.

From Brit+Co


26. Invest in a Murphy desk.

You can fold it when it’s not in use, plus you have a storage space on the wall.

From Shanty 2 Chic


27. Install a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit.

This is ideal if you have a really tight corner. Use it to store and display your items.



28. Hang up shelves on the ceiling.

If you don’t have much space for furniture, put your shelves on your ceiling. Get rid of clutter and save a lot of floor space!

From Decoist


29. Make a giant peg board.

If you have lots of small items that often get scattered, this is a great way to group them into one area. Then it will be easy for you to locate them. Plus, it looks like a well-crafted decor on your wall!

From Ginger Snap Crafts


30. Use cube shelves.

This is a great alternative to cabinets and closets  when you want a more personalized bedroom. You can store all kinds of items in this shelves.

From Kelly’s DIY Blog


31. Invest in a double purpose bench.

Be comfortable sitting without worrying about the clutter!

From Pottery Barn


32. Upcycle old tin cans or paint cans to a shoe storage.

Not the traditional way of keeping shoes but a cool way to turn that junk into a practical storage area.

From Wrapped in Rust



33. Place a small shelf at the foot of the bed.

If you do not have a drawer installed at the foot of your bed, this is a perfect storage space to add.

From may richer fuller be


34. Buy a storage basket.

Then you can just put it under your bed or table.  Simple yet classy!

From Wrapped in Rust

Here are similar baskets you will surely love!

Espresso Isabella Baskets from Cost Plus World Market


Woven Seagrass Baskets from West Elm


Nautical Rope Storage Bins from PBTeen


35. Use a bar cart.

This do not only give you some extra space, but also makes your room look super cute!

From The Every Girl


36. Invest in a revolving shelf.

If you don’t want to populate your corners with floating shelves, you can use this one instead.  Simply rotate the shelf to locate your things or change the display.

From PBteen


37. Buy a multi-purpose hamper.

I once thought hampers were made for dirty clothes only. Well, this proved me wrong. Looks like it can also be the best fit for an umbrella!

From BHG


38. Make a multi-purpose headboard to store your items.

Headboards provide your back with support when you’re sitting in bed. But who says it can support your back only? Have it designed for another purpose: extra storage space.

From Woohome


39. Make a bedside pockets organizer.

From Sew Can She


40. Create a make up magnet board.

Do you usually rummage through your cosmetics every morning?  Save your time by this stylish  space-saving trick! You’ll be able to see your choices fast without digging through all of your make up kits.

From Laura Thoughts


41. Turn your wooden crate into a storage ottoman.

Probably, you still have a wooden crate in your basement. Instead of throwing it away, why not upcycle it into a storage ottoman? Perfect for sitting and storage!

From DIY Projects


42. Put a hook at the back of your door.

Easy way to hang your bags, hats and umbrellas.

From For Rent


43. Install storage compartments in the floor.

From DIY Network


44. Use a ladder as a shelf.

Ladders were made to be stepped on. But you can also use it to display your books. Harness your creative side and it can add to the elegance of your room.

From Home Decorations Insight


45. Use ladder as a shoe rack.

Yet another practical use for ladder!

From Design Sponge


46. Use a grid to keep your shoes in one place.

Another creative way to keep those footwear organized. Doesn’t take up too much space either.

From Burkatron


47. Make a hanging laundry hamper.

Save floor space by using a hanging hamper rather than the usual standing hamper. Hang it on your closet door or behind your bedroom door.

From Making Nice in the Midwest


48. Install a jewelry station behind your mirror.

Keep your jewelry organized and well hidden in this clever storage space. Make that small room seem much larger.

From A Beautiful Mess


49. Use jewelry blocks.

No more space for your jewelries? No worries. Just let them hang on the wall using these blocks!

From Emily Henderson


50. Use a doorknob organizer.

This is the last thing you will see before you walk out of your room. You don’t have to forget those important small items again!


51. Use the stairs.

Build pull-out drawers into the stairs.

From Mocha

Whew… That’s it!

Thank you for reading up to the end of this list. I hope you now have an idea on how to turn your room into a place of calmness.

Make the most now of every inch of your room. You know that you will feel a million times better when your room is organized. Do not let that limited space stop you from creating your own haven.

Which of these organization hacks are you planning to try or have already tried? Feel free to leave your comments!


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