19 Nightstand Ideas Perfect for a Small Bedroom

Nighstands are important. They have to be there, yet they also have to be flexible enough to fit in tiny places, like a small bedroom.

But no matter how small your bedroom may be, what is important is that you have a place for all your bedside essentials.

Take a look at these creative nightstand ideas that can easily fit a small bedroom. Don’t forget to pin whatever you find useful and adorable!


These are just like the typical nightstands, only smaller.

1. A traditional nightstand

This simple nightstand has a drawer that you can use for storage, giving you just enough room for the books you’re going to read, your phone, glasses and other bedside essentials.

You can leave the space on top just for the lamp, the book you are currently reading, and a little decor.

2. Two-drawer nightstand

If one drawer is not enough for all your bedside essentials, opt for a two-drawer nightstand instead.

3. A nightstand with more storage area

This nightstand came from an old work table and some leftover wood. Who would have thought these can be turned into a nice three-drawer nightstand?

But wooden or not, a three-drawer furniture is perfect not only for a nightstand but also for storage. You can even add a toeckick drawer if you need more space.

4. A tall nightstand

From Sf Girl

This one is complete with all the different storage options you can have – a drawer, a cabinet and an open space.

With lots of space available, you can safely place your lamp on the table top; or just mount it to the wall to save space for more essentials.


Float your furniture is a favorite trick among a lot of small space dwellers. 

It eliminates the clutter of legs, making you save that space for something else (your slippers probably), and makes you feel that your furniture is lighter.

For a busy mom, it makes your floor easier to clean! Right, Mama?

5. A small metal shelf and a clip-on lamp


The small metal shelf was bought from a flea market for only $10. How awesome is that?

The owner just spray-painted it with gold, then mounted it on the wall. The clip-on lamp came from The Land of Nod (now Crate & Kids)

6. IKEA Shelves

If you’re a fan of IKEA, you’re gonna love this trick! Simply install IKEA shelves on the wall where you can easily reach them.

Shehzeen of Desi Wonder Woman used two shelves for her husband’s nightstand as shown.

Now, whether you’re going to use two shelves also or even three, or just one, that’s completely up to you and your needs.

7. A little shelf by the bedside

From Tiphero

This is ideal if you have a very little to almost no space beside your bed.

Mount a little shelf that is just enough for your essentials – your water, your phone, and probably a book you want to read before bedtime.

8. An old drawer and a lightbulb



Who knows that you can turn an old drawer into a nightstand?

Polish the drawer with sandpaper until it’s smooth enough. Mount it to the wall. Then attach the bulb’s cord into the drawer’s handle.

Now you have a bookshelf and a lamp rolled into one – as a nightstand!

A little bit of caution though, do this only if you can be comfortable with the electrical cord exposed.

9. A wooden shelf with underneath space

If you need more space for your essentials, but don’t want to leave the surface looking too occupied, go for something like this.

Have the floating shelf installed beside your outlet for an easy phone charging. Then place your lamp, alarm clock, phone, water and personalized decor on top; then your books and other essentials underneath.

10. Open shelves and a plate on a separate table

You may need more space apart from the floating shelves beside your bed.

One great idea is to have a plate on a nearby table, where you can place some cute plant decor and perhaps your essential oils.

Just don’t overload the plate with things. You don’t want a cluttered nightstand.

You’ll want something that adds to the relaxing ambiance in your room.

So just like what you see in the image, keep it simple.

11. Bookcase shelves

This one uses two types of bookcase shelves. One is larger and rectangular and the other is more like a cube.

Depending on your needs, you can try combining different individual bookcase shelves. While it functions as your nightstand, it also serves as an additional storage area for your books, notebooks and other essentials.

Mount the lamp on the wall, so you can have most of the electrical cord hidden out of sight, plus you get to enjoy more free space on the shelf.

12. Concealed floating drawer

From Deavita

Perhaps you want to be a little more private with your essentials? Or you just want to keep your things off the surface as much as possible and enjoy the free space.

Go for a floating drawer!

You can safely keep your essentials out of sight, yet easy to grab whenever you need them.


13. Petite DIY table

If you have a wood slice and copper pipe, you might want to try making this one. 

Pair this to a larger table, so you can have space for more items. But if you have a few essentials, this can be just fine on its own.

I imagine putting here just my water and a book.

14. An ordinary chair

If you are on a tight budget, get one of your chairs, or pick one from a thrift shop and let it serve as your nightstand.

When I was in college, a chair was my favorite tool for keeping my books and notes that I was working on.

Just keep a few things here. Limit it only to the things that you really need, so that it won’t look messy and your items won’t topple when you grab them.

15. A skateboard and a stool

I would say this is quite unexpected. I mean, who would have thought? A skateboard for a nightstand?

Yet here it is!

Works great if you have a low bed. The stool supports the skateboard so it doesn’t roll away. You can also use it as additional space for more essentials.

16. LACK Wall Shelf

Yet another great idea from IKEA!

LACK wall shelf is only under-12-inches wide so it can perfectly fit your bedroom corner. If you have this, you don’t have to buy a separate nightstand because it can already function as one.

17. A Drop Table

From Cuded

This furniture is surely a great piece of work because it’s double-purpose. 

It can function as your working table and nightstand.  When you’re done working, you can simply drop the table.

It has a small part affixed to the wall where you can place your bedside essentials.  A socket underneath is also available for the lights and for an easy phone charging experience.

18. Creative & Chic DIY


If you have an unused table at home, you can turn it into a nightstand like this. This was formerly a four-legged table.

Two of its legs were cut and the other two were partially cut to conform to the height of the desired nightstand. Then it was sanded and spray-painted with pink. Finally, a cleat was installed to the wall, and the table was attached to it.

19. Hanging nightstand

This is made from a cutting table, then suspended in the air through a wire and a hook on the ceiling. Simple, isn’t it?

Here is another one with different materials, but with the same concept.


OKAY… That’s it!

Thank you for reading up to the end of this list. I hope you now have an idea on how you want your nightstand to look like.

Which of these nightstand ideas do you think will work, or have already worked for you? Feel free to leave your comments!

If you have ideas on nightstands that can fit small bedrooms, don’t hesitate to share it. I would love to know!

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