Declutter Apps that Will Help You Get Rid of Clutter

Keeping your home free from clutter has never been this interesting! There are declutter apps now! Would you believe that?

Declutter Apps for smartphones

If it’s taking you a lot of willpower to declutter your home, the key to finally doing it may just be in your smartphone!

Did you know that there are apps that can give you the push and the motivation you need to declutter?

Some of these apps will act as a digital trainer, giving you a systematic guide to follow. Others will just help you stay on top of things by being more organized and giving you reminders.

So, let’s check out 12 of these declutter apps and see which ones would work best for your needs!

1. Decluttr

decluter apps - Decluttr
Image from Decluttr

When you have a lot of Books, Games, CDs, DVDs, and other tech to declutter, you can sell them easily with this free app. All you have to do is use the app to scan the barcodes on your items through your smartphone’s camera.

You will be receiving price offers for each item that you scan and if you accept the price, all you have to do is ship the items.

Shipping is free and Decluttr will pay you on the day they receive your items through direct deposit, check, or PayPal.

The chances of selling your items immediately can be just the motivation you need to start decluttering!

Download the Decluttr App here.

2. Centriq

Declutter apps - Centriq
Image from Centriq

Centriq is considered to be one of the best apps that you can use to declutter paper piles related to your tools, appliances and other home electronics.

Just take their pictures and the app will find warranties, manuals, tutorials, and other information that you may need. This gives you room to get rid of a lot of paper clutter!

Aside from accessing documents for you, the app keeps all the pictures you take so you have an inventory of what you already have at home and see from there which ones you barely use.

Another feature is that Centriq checks your product with the national product safety recall database. If you have something that has been recalled, you will be alerted.

Download the Centriq App here.

3. Tody

Image from Tody

Tody is a cleaning management app that helps you schedule your cleaning tasks and track your progress. The most important tasks will be ranked on how badly you need to do these, not by the date you want them done.

You can easily monitor which areas need the most cleaning and even assign chores and tasks to your other household members.

It has a really simple and clean interface that makes it easy to use!

Download the Tody App here.

4. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan
Image from Adobe

When you have a lot of paper clutter in your home, Adobe Scan can be your next best friend! It creates a PDF or image of whatever document you scan.

The scanning process is so much easier since the app automatically recognizes text. Then, the PDF files of the documents you scan can be edited, highlighted, and shared through Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you happen to have a bunch of business cards, you can also scan these with the app, and the contact information will then be added to your smartphone’s contact list. Pretty cool!

Download the Adobe Scan app here.

5. Clean My House

Declutter Apps - Clean My House
Image from Google Play

This app is a popular schedule maker that does not only monitor your house cleaning schedule but also your errands and other housekeeping-related tasks.

It gives you a reminder of the things you have to do for the day, making your life so much easier. You can set and schedule one time tasks and set repeated tasks in advance.

If you are the type of person that needs to be reminded of things that you should be doing all the time, then this app will do wonders for your life.

The chores are organized by categories and the app is very easy to use. This app is available for Android phones only.

Download the Clean My House app here.

6. Toss – Declutter Fast and Easy

Declutter apps - Toss Declutter Fast and Easy

Take decluttering one day at a time with Toss!

This app gives you tasks to accomplish each day and most tasks just take a few minutes to do.

By the time you finish every task, your house will be decluttered already and you did not even feel the pressure of the whole process.

In fact, the acronym TOSS stands for Time, Organization, Simplicity, and Serenity – all major goals of decluttering!

This app is available for iOS phones only.

Download Toss app here.

7. Get rid of it

Declutter apps - Get rid of it
Image from Google Play

If you’re thinking of becoming a minimalist, this app will help you make a good and easy start!

This will help you get rid of items that seem to have no value in your life. It will also provide you with tips and hints for decluttering.

First, you identify the items that you think you should get rid of. Then, you will be given a challenge. On the first day, you must get rid of one item on the list. On the second day, two items. And so on until you reach 30 days.

It keeps track of your progress. You can even share your decluttering progress on your social media accounts.

This app is available for Android phones only.

Download the Get Rid of It app here.

8. Clutterfree

Clutterfree app
Image from Clutterfree

This app combines some of the world’s top decluttering experts to give you a step by step roadmap for decluttering your home.

It tracks your progress and gives you inspiration. You also get bonus decluttering plans solely made for your house. There are challenges you need to complete, which I think is good enough to push you to work on your home.

Take note though that this app is not for free. The subscription fee is $3.99 per month. However, it does have a 14-day free trial period so you can still make use of it for free if you act fast.

Since you will be getting personalized decluttering plans from experts, it will be worth it to subscribe – especially when you do have a lot of clutter to deal with!

Download the Clutterfree app here.

9. BrightNest

Image from BrightNest

BrightNest gives you customized recommendations in organizing your home.

You can maintain a personal cleaning schedule with this app and it will give you reminders. Aside from cleaning tips, this app also provides you a lot of DIY projects and interior design ideas.

There are also quizzes and for each quiz, the app will recommend a helpful article or give you a tip.

This app is available for Android phones only.

Download the Bright Nest app here.

10. Evernote

Image from Evernote

Evernote allows you to keep any kind of file, image, note, and many others. It’s you digital planner, organizer and notepad rolled into one!

Use it to organize invoices, bills, receipts and other important documents and information. Write your to-do lists here as well – make it like a checklist with boxes that you can check off when you’re done!

Think about all the notes you can make with Evernote – that’s how many papers you save – preventing paper clutter.

Not just that. You can make a checklist of every decluttering project that you need to do. And just like your to-do list – know what you need to do, do it, then check off when done.

You can also use this app to involve household members in declutering and cleaning. Assign tasks and remind them about it through the app. Sort, tag and collaborate with your household members to update notes and you will all be notified in real-time.

The best part? It can sync to multiple devices! So whatever info you save in your phone, you can also access that in your Ipad or computer.

Download the Evernote app here.

11. Byebye: Declutter

Declutter apps - Byebye: Declutter
Image from Apple

Byebye is an inventory and management app that also has its own social network. By comparing your inventory to others, you get an ideas of which ones are really more valuable.

You will have to create categories in the app and start adding items to each category. Once done, you will have a clear inventory of what you want to keep and which items you should get rid of.

Your dashboard will track your purchase patterns, your regrets, and your excessive spending habits. It also can notify you whenever something is no longer being used.

You can also gather support and advice from the community of members who are decluttering too. Have discussions in the forum or chat with a member.

Download the Byebye: Declutter app here. (for Android phone)

Download the Byebye: Declutter app here. (for iOS phone)

12. No Waste

Declutter Apps - No Waste
Image from No Waste

Do you know that food can be clutter too? This is the case when you are the type who stock up on food as if you are facing an apocalypse.

No Waste is a food inventory list that lets you know which ones are about to expire or those that have already expired.

You get to sort your food items by expiration date, name, or category. This allows you to easily track, organize, and manage the food you have. It helps you determine which food items you need to consume first and you can then plan your meals accordingly.

Through No Waste you can see what you already have at home when you shop. So it helps avoid unnecessary purchases and duplicates.

As the name applies, nothing goes to waste!

This app is only available for iOS phones.

Download the No Waste app here.

Make an ally out of your smartphone.

We must admit that one of the common distractions we have today is our smartphones.

But these declutter apps are one proof that we can make the best of our smartphones.

Together with a declutter app, your phone can be your new best friend in your home – making it clean and clutter-free.

So, pick your declutter app now! Start using it to declutter your home!

Looking for something tangible to help you declutter? If you think you’re better off with a printable checklist than an app, then our Mini Declutter Workbook is for you!

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Declutter apps for smartphone

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