20 Family Activities to Bond with Dad on Father’s Day

Celebrate Father’s Day with any of these fun-filled activities which the whole family will surely enjoy!

Father's Day activities

Father’s Day is that one special day where you can celebrate the fathers in your life – your Dad, your husband, your grandfather, your uncle, and all the other fathers that have made an impact in your life.

Now some of us may not know what to do on this occasion. However, organizing Father’s Day activities that the entire family can enjoy and bond over is not as hard as you think!

Here, we give you 20 activities to bond with the Daddies in your life on Father’s Day. If you are having a difficult time setting something up, try any of the ideas below!

1. Go to the beach.

Father's Day activities - go to the beach

Father’s Day falls in June, so chances are the weather will be warm and the skies clear because it is summer time!

It is a great time to hit the beach for the day. When visiting the beach to celebrate Father’s Day, you can give a gift to your husband or father the best men’s beach shorts on SwimOutlet that are comfortable and stylish. Check them out today!

And make sure to pack up a lot of snacks and do not forget the sunscreen!

You may rent out a beach house and stay for the weekend if you love the beach so much.

For more tips on surviving a great beach day with your kids, here’s an advice from Trent.

2. Put on a talent show.

Father's Day activities - talent show

Here’s another wonderful idea – have the kids put on a talent show for Dad. They can do a skit, a song, or showcase their individual talents.

This is a very fun activity when you have young kids. All Dad has to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

For more talent show activities and ideas for Father’s Day, here’s a list from Firstcry Parenting.

3. Go hiking.

Father's Day activities - go hiking

For the Daddy who loves to spend time with nature, why not take the entire family out for a hike?

Father’s Day falls during summer so it is one of the activities that you can do to enjoy the summer weather. Make sure to bring along a map just in case, and pack a lot of trail mix for everyone too!

To help you out, Parent Map gives outdoor safety tips for hiking with kids.

4. Have a movie marathon.

Father's Day activities - movie marathon

Stuck at home? The entire family can still have fun!

Gather everyone and spend the day watching Father’s Day-themed movies. Make the living room a little more comfortable and prepare a lot of popcorn and other movie theater snacks.

Now what movies to watch on Father’s Day? Here’s a pretty good list from Country Living.

5. Go on a fishing trip.

Father's Day activities - fishing trip

Fishing is a common pastime for most dads. If your Dad is one of them, why not plan a fishing trip with the entire family?

Rent out a cabin and let Dad teach everyone the basics or tricks of fishing. It is a great way to connect with nature and bond with your Dad at the same time!

Here are tips from Suncruiser Media to ensure that you’ll have lots of fun during your family fishing trip!

6. Home improv project

Father's Day activities - home improv project

Is Dad quite the handyman around the house? Then he must have a lot of home improvement projects in mind.

If your father is the type who always wants to improve the house during his free time, why not make a bonding moment out of it? You and the kids may learn something from it too!

Here are home improv projects from Chatter Block. These activities are safe enough for kids to help out with on Father’s Day.

7. Do a family bike ride.

Father's Day activities - family bike ride

Biking has become a popular way to get some exercise these days. If your Dad is quite the cyclist, why not take the entire family on a bike ride?

Dad can show everyone his favorite route, or you can take a scenic lane if you have small kids with you. It is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air!

Here are some tips from Thrifty Nifty Mommy for family bike rides.

8. Take family portraits.

Father's Day activities - take family portraits

Father’s Day is a great chance to get the family together and have your family portraits done by a professional photographer. All you have to do is book a session on the big day and you can prepare coordinated outfits for the entire family. You can even have the shoot out of town to make it a more memorable keepsake!

Check out these creative family picture ideas by Kristen Duke Photography for inspiration.

9. Go golfing.

Father's Day activities - golfing

Summertime is always the perfect time to play golf! If your Dad loves to golf, then you can take the whole family out on the golf range.

If you have little kids with you, find a place that has mini-golf. You can even hang out at the clubhouse and let your dad have some alone time on the range.

If your kids will be doing golf for the first time, here is an article from Active For Life about how to introduce your kid to golf.

10. Go on a car show.

Father's Day activities - car show

If you and your Dad share a love for automobiles – especially classic cars and pimped-up rides, you can take a drive to the nearest car show and spend the day there.

Car shows are a fixture on Father’s Day so chances are there will be one near you.

11. Wine tasting

wine tasting

Is your Dad into drinking wine? If all the kids are grown up, why not visit the local vineyard and arrange for a wine tasting session to celebrate this special day? It is definitely a glamorous way to unwind, isn’t it?

If this is the first time any of you would be doing this, check out this article from Tour DeVine about wine-tasting etiquette.

12. Go camping.


There is a reason why camping is considered to be the ultimate bonding experience.

No matter who you are with, you get to experience and survive a lot of things while in the great outdoors. It can be a very humbling experience and without phone reception around, you really have no choice but to be present and enjoy the moment.

Make a campfire, enjoy the s’mores and appreciate the night sky with your family.

Check out VeryWell Family’s tips on how to plan a great family camping trip.

13. Do some science experiments.

science experiments

Is Dad into science, or the type who loves to see something amazing? You can do science experiment activities together at home on Father’s Day. You will definitely have fun watching different chemical reactions!

Here, No Guilt Mom gathers several science experiments that are simple enough for the whole family to do.

14. Prepare a meal together.

prepare meals together

Is Dad the type who loves to cook? And do you love a particular dish that he likes to prepare? Why not take the chance to learn his recipe?

Preparing a meal together is a great way to bond. Plus, you get to enjoy the meal more knowing that you have contributed to it as well!

Here’s a list of Father’s Day recipes you can work together from Ahead of Thyme.

15. Fill out a Father’s Day fun facts sheet.

If you have young kids, print out this Father’s Day fun facts sheet and have them fill out the blanks. Knowing all the funny things that kids can say, you may end up with some gems that Dad would probably want to a frame-up!

Here’s a fun facts sheet that you can simply print out from The Idea Room.

father's day fun facts sheet
Image from The Idea Room

16. Go on a road trip.

road trip

A summer road trip is one of the best activities to celebrate Father’s Day with the entire family.

All of you cramped in a moving car and doing stopovers to take pictures of scenic views or to fill your tummies have huge unforgettable memory potential. You can even splurge and rent an RV and go out of town for the weekend!

If you’re doing road trips with an RV for the first time, here are fantastic tips from The Traveling Child.

17. Backyard barbecue

backyard barbecue

Dads love barbecues! It’s the time when they can show off their grilling skills. And although you would love to give your Dad the day off today, let’s admit it – he probably won’t let anyone do the grilling!

So, organize a backyard barbecue and assign each family member a dish to do. Make sure Dad always has a cold beer in hand (or coffee) while he is on grill duty. Then play his favorite songs in the background.

Check out this barbecue party planning checklist by The Spruce Eats to make sure you are ready for the big day!

18. Have a spa day.

Father's Day activities - spa day

Men usually shy away from spa activities but believe us – men need to be pampered too! Perhaps you can convince Dad to go if you do it with the entire family?

Set up a group spa activities on Father’s Day, like getting massages together, relaxing in the sauna, getting facials, and even having your nails done. We bet that by the end of the day, Dad will be glad that he went through with this plan!

19. Game night

game night

Whether it is video games, board games, or parlor games, the entire family can enjoy a few hours of game night activities on Father’s Day!

Prepare a lot of finger foods and drinks that all of you can snack on while waiting for your turns. Take it to the next level by having prizes for every game. This will surely bring out everyone’s competitive side!

Take a lot of pictures to document how much fun everyone is having!

If you need family game night ideas, here’s a list from The Chaos and the Clutter. Try it out!

20. Go to an amusement park.

amusement park

When it comes to family time, amusement parks are always a treat. Visiting one during Father’s Day is a good idea – especially if your Dad is fond of going on rides, playing games, or eating the junk food most amusement parks have to offer.

Since it is summertime, expect a crowd. But then again, the more the merrier, right?

Make Father’s Day a special day!

As you can see, there is so much that you can do. No matter what Dad’s interests are, you will surely find something for Father’s Day in this activities list that will appeal to him and the rest of the family.

Hope you get to enjoy a fun bonding moment with the Daddies in your life this Father’s Day!

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These fun-filled activities will surely make Father's Day a special day for everyone in the family!

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