Organization Hacks You Need to Try to Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger

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Having an organized bathroom can help make your mornings run smoother, speed things up, and it sure does make cleaning a lot easier.

Here is the rundown of genius organization hacks that you can easily DIY, and which will give your small bathroom a bigger view!

Make your own basket system

Baskets are awesome! They’re pretty. You can choose whether you’ll use a small or a big one. And they are really great for storage!


From Pottery Barn

Use ladder shelves

From the bedroom, to the kitchen, and now the bathroom. This is clear proof that ladders can be something other than a thing to step on.


From Pottery Barn

Try a floating ladder shelf

Here’s another great option to try whether the idea of organizing with a ladder fits in your bathroom. You don’t need a whole ladder. A small version of it, like a floating ladder, will do.


From Anika’s DIY Life

Use the vertical space above the toilet

Given a small bathroom, that space is something.  So why not install shelves or cabinets in there? Or perhaps invest in a furniture that you can easily fix behind the toilet?


From Wayfair

Towel bars on the door

Who says you can only have one towel bar on the door? Martha Stewart has three and you can have that too! Perhaps even more. If that’s a space saver, why not, right?


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