Herbs for Container Garden

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Container gardens are the perfect option for people with insufficient space to plant a garden. They are also quite convenient and accessible. 

One of the crucial aspects of a flourishing container garden is the right choice of herbs. Herbs with shallow root systems are ideal for container gardens as they don’t require a lot of space. Some of these are as follows.


Basil is one of the best hot-season herbs for container gardens. The fresh, aromatic herb needs hot, dry conditions to thrive. Plus, you can put it in a container of any shape or size.



Sowing the coriander plant in a deep container is best to provide its roots enough space to spread out. It also helps the soil retain moisture.



Chives are another fresh herb that can enhance the taste of your meal. The plants can flourish in both full sunlight and partial shade.



Sorrel is the perfect herb for your container garden if you enjoy mixing herbs in one container. It is among the early sprouting herbs as it grows in the early spring. 



Mint is a reasonably popular herb best grown in a container garden. This aromatic herb has aggressive growing habits as it spreads underground.


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