Beginner’s Guide to Spray Painting

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Whether you’re sprucing up old furniture or giving new life to something you found at a garage sale, spray painting is a quick and easy way to give any item a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re in to learn something new, follow this beginner’s guide and you’ll be confident in your skills in no time.

What is spray painting and what are its benefits over other forms of painting?

here are some quick options for choosing spray painting: - It’s a fast way to change the color of an object - It can provide a smooth, even finish - It’s relatively inexpensive


The different types of spray paint available on the market

Some of the most popular types include: - Acrylic spray paint - Enamel spray paint - Latex spray paint - Metallic spray paint - Chalkboard spray paint


What types of spray paint equipment is there?

In addition to spray cans, ideal for individuals, there are also more heavy-duty options. These are ideal for covering large areas or for professionals who spray paint a lot.


A spray gun is an upgrade over using spray paint cans

Some of the reasons to use a spray gun include: - More even coverage - Less waste - Faster application - Better quality finish


Mixing paint is an option with spray paints and a paint cup

You can also use old paint in a spray gun. But consider using a paint thinner or a paint strainer to make the paint less thick.


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