25 Nightstand Ideas Perfect for a Small Bedroom

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A nightstand is important. It has to be there, yet it also have to be flexible enough to fit in tiny places, like a small bedroom.

Image From Deavita

Take a look at these creative nightstands for small spaces. They can easily fit a small bedroom! And don’t forget to pin whatever you find useful and adorable!

A traditional nightstand

This simple nightstand has a drawer that you can use for storage, giving you just enough room for the books you’re going to read, your phone, glasses and other bedside essentials.


From La Dolce Vita

Two-drawer nightstand

If one drawer is not enough for all your bedside essentials, opt for a two-drawer nightstand instead.


From West Elm

A nightstand with more storage area

A three-drawer furniture is perfect not only for a nightstand but also for storage. You can even add a toeckick drawer if you need more space.


From Ana White

A tall nightstand

This one is complete with all the different storage options you can have – a drawer, a cabinet and an open space.


From Sf Girl

A small metal shelf and a clip-on lamp

The owner just spray-painted it with gold, then mounted it on the wall. The clip-on lamp came from The Land of Nod (now Crate & Kids).



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