20 Best Jewellery Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

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best jewellery gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is that designated day of the year where everyone gets to show their appreciation for all the Mothers in their family – especially the one who brought you into this world.

Our moms have been so selfless over the years, putting everyone’s needs first before their own that we barely notice they have their own needs and wants too.

For others, the difficulty of gift shopping lies in the fact that they find it hard to find the right gift that can sum up all their love and appreciation for their mothers. After all, what could you give someone who has probably given most of her life towards your well-being?

If you are one of the many who have no clue what gift to get this Mother’s Day, we have a tried and tested solution for you!


It does not matter if you are giving it to your mother, grandmother, or your mother-in-law – you can never go wrong with jewellery.

Thus, to help you out, here’s a list of 20 jewellery gifts for Mother’s Day. Check it out!

1. M Mooham Morse code bracelet

Do you share lots of secrets with your Mom? Maybe it’s about your love life, or a secret recipe, or something embarrassing?

Whatever it is, you can include all the secret-keeping you share through this morse code bracelet. From afar, it looks ordinary but the beads actually spell out the word “Love You Mom” in morse code.

Isn’t that cute? And so thoughtful too!

2. Anne Klein Premium bangle watch and bracelet set

Get her something she can wear for every occasion like this premium bangle watch and bracelet set.

It comes in rose gold and silver. It’s very elegant and a nice accent with any dress!

3. Shonyin Mother Daughter matching necklace set

This is my favorite among these jewellery gifts for Mother’s Day. Matching necklace sounds sweet and really personal!

Here is a cute mother and daughter necklace set. Your mom gets the bigger pendant with a dandelion that has a few pieces blown away. Then you get the smaller pendant with a piece of the dandelion.

4. Healing crystals earrings

Not just a piece of jewelry, but something that can bring healing effects.

You get one pair of Amethyst earrings and another pair of rose quartz earrings. Amethyst helps ease mental anxieties and emotional difficulties. Rose quartz is known as the love stone and therefore enhances love. These are things that we want for our moms, right?

5. Birthstone Family Tree Caged Locket

Here is a necklace that will keep everyone in the family close to your mother’s heart wherever she goes! The pendant is a cage and in it are birthstones of the members of the family.

6. Elastic beaded bracelet for watch

Here’s something that’s convenient yet stylish – an elastic beaded bracelet that will fit all type of Apple watch.

Your mom can easily put this on because of the elastic band. And since it makes use of high-quality crystal beads and pearls, it looks very stylish and classy. She can use this even on formal occasions!

7. Mother of pearl teardrop earrings

Remember all the times your mom cried for you and with you? Those are heartwarming moments that you should never forget in your lifetime!

Show your appreciation for being around when times are tough through this teardrop mother of pearl earrings.

8. Heart mom necklace

Express your love for your Mom in this very simple necklace.

“I love you to the moon and back” – your mother will treasure this for sure!

9. Zodiac ring

Is your mom interested in zodiac signs and horoscopes? If so, it is most likely she will appreciate a zodiac ring. Here is an affordable one that you can get her!

FindChic Zodiac Band

10. Queen bee necklace

Moms can be as busy as a bee! But at the end of the day, they are the queen bee of the hive.

This queen bee necklace is a reminder of who really is in charge of the house. It also comes in an eye-catching design which is a plus!

Ross-Simons Bumblebee Pendant Necklace

11. Rope Mother’s Ring

Here’s a ring that can boast the birthstones of each child your mom gave birth to. You can request for 1 to 10 birthstones in one ring! So it fits whether you have a small or big family.

This ring will definitely add color to your mom’s attire. And by simply wearing this ring, she is also celebrating the lives of those she loves the most!

12. EFYTAL Circle necklace

This family necklace has three interlinked ring pendants.

It can mean you, your Mom and your Dad. It can also mean your Mom, then you and your brother or sister. Or if your Mom has three children, it can mean you and your two siblings.

13. Linked rings family necklace

This is a bit similar to the previous necklace.

It also features interlinked ring pendants, but this time, you can have your names engraved in the rings.

14. Infinity Bracelet

Is your Mom your best friend? If so, you are truly blessed!

Consider giving her an infinity bracelet. It is a great symbol of the unbreakable bond and unconditional love that you share.

Aihitero Always My Mother Forever My Friend Love Bangle

Silver I Love You Mom Heart Infinity Bracelet

15. RESVIVI Personalized mom necklace

Here is another personalized mom necklace piece. The pendant is a heart with the word “Mom”.

What comes next are so unique- cute little feet charms with her children’s names!

16. Family tree birthstone bracelet

This is similar to the birthstone necklace. If your mom prefers a bracelet, then this is it!

Make your mom feel proud of the kids she gave birth to with this family birthstone bracelet. Simply make a request for you and your siblings’ birthstones to be included in the bracelet and that’s it!

17. Mother and child heart necklace

I love this Mother’s Day jewelry gift!

The pendant features a mother holding her child, enframed by a heart embedded with stones. It’s a great pendant that represents every mom.

Plus, it’s a hypoallergenic necklace so it is perfect for moms with sensitive skin!

18. Motivational Mantra Cuff Bangle

Let your Mom know how thankful you are to her with a motivational mantra cuff bangle!

Here are three messages that your Mom will definitely love:

  • Everything I am you helped me to be – Mom
  • Mothers and daughters never truly part, maybe in distance but never in heart
  • With brave wings she flies

19. CDE Angel Wing Love Heart Necklaces and Earrings

A special jewellery for a very special person.

Your Mom can wear this everyday or during special occasions. The necklace has the perfect length and the earrings are just the right size too. These also look gorgeous. I’m sure your Mom will love these!

20. Heart locket necklace

Of course, this list of jewellery gift ideas for Mother’s Day will not be complete without a locket necklace!

Lockets have always been a special gift to give someone because you can keep items in them. Choose a good photo of you and your mom and place it in the locket. You’ll always be close to her heart!

Forever In My Heart Locket Necklace

You’ll never go wrong with jewellery gifts for Mother’s Day!

Jewellery is something that your mom will actually use and wear with pride.

Any of the items above can give your mom a special treat and will show her how much you appreciate her. We are sure you will be able to find an item that will suit your budget range and your mom’s style and taste.

This Mother’s Day, do not forget to let your mom know how grateful you are for everything she has done. Let her know that she did a good job in raising you.

Surprise your mom (or any other mother in your family) with any of these thoughtful jewellery gift ideas, and I’m sure she’ll end up with a huge smile on her face!

Looking for more ideas to make your Mom’s day extra special? Check these out!

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