5 Insanely Practical Steps to Organize Underbed Storage Space

The bed takes up majority of a bedroom’s floor space. You don’t want to miss out on that prime real estate, especially if you live in a small apartment and you don’t have adequate storage.  If you could utilize the space underbed, that would be a really great storage solution!

The best thing about underbed storage is that it is close by, yet it is out of sight, so it doesn’t have to be pretty or well-decorated like your shelves and closets.  But it has to be clean and organized so that what you keep in there are protected and you can easily find what you need.

Here are five easily doable steps that you can follow to keep underbed storage space clean, organized and free from clutter.


1. Decide what to store under your bed.

It is greatly advised to declutter first before you organize your things underbed – so that you know which ones go to it. Coz you don’t want to waste that precious real estate  for clutter.

Now what are the things that you are going to keep underbed?

Perhaps you have a luggage or extra bag that need a home?

Will you be storing fresh sheets, your shoes, seasonal clothing, decorations, memorabilia and important documents in there?

You decide.

Now there are things that you may not need on a daily basis, but you need them on a weekly or monthly basis. So these items should be arranged where you can easily pull them out. You don’t want to lie face down again on the floor when looking for something, right?


2. Use storage containers.

Storage containers are great organizers and they protect your items from dust, hair, and other unfriendly elements lurking underbed.

You have many options out there. And since these containers are mostly out of sight, you don’t need storage bins that match with each other or even attractive.  If you have pretty containers, you can just save them for your closet or shelves, where they will be displayed.

But of course, I leave that option to you. I’m just saying, you don’t have to be too particular about how these containers look under the bed, as long as you keep them well organized and clean. Above all, they should serve their purpose well, and that is to hold and preserve your items safely.

Here are some of the different kinds of containers that you can use. When choosing which one to use, be sure to check first the height and length of your space underbed, so that everything will fit nicely.

DIY from Cardboard Boxes

Isn’t this homemade storage bin adorable?

If you have some cardboard boxes lying around, don’t throw them just yet. Instead, turn them into customized storage bins so you don’t have to buy one. If you have the time, check out the full tutorial from Eileen.

Plastic bins

Invest in clear bins so that you can have a glance of the things inside. It is also the way to go if you want something airtight.  Get those with good locks and wheels so that your items are not only protected, but you can simply roll the bin out to access your things.

Alternatively, you can use a plastic bin with low-friction disks at the bottom rather than wheels. The disks make it also easy to slide the bin in and out underbed.

Underbed Bags

This pack comes with two bags from Walmart and costs less than $10If you are on a budget but have no time for DIY, this is a great option. The bags are not extremely big but you can store a few pairs of your shoes, sweaters, seasonal clothing and blankets in here.  It’s clear so you can see everything that’s inside. .

Shoe Organizer

Get this at Wayfair for $10.97

They were meant for shoes but they don’t necessarily have to be just for shoes. You can use them to store your arts and crafts materials and other memorabilia you need every now and then. The top is clear so you can see everything inside.


3. Use vacuum sealed bags.

Get this at HSN for $14.95

Vacuum sealed bags create more space in the bins, especially if you have this one big plastic bin, and you want your items categorized and separated from each other.

Like your clothes for example, you don’t want them mixed altogether. So get them into these vacuum sealed bags, all nice and organized, then put them into that one big plastic bin.

Now when you need a dress, you can easily search for it. You can easily grab that bag that contains it. If you need to take out every other bag to get it, it is easier to put everything else back because they are already organized in these nice vacuum sealed bags.

These are not only good for storage, but also for travelling.


4. Schedule decluttering and cleaning time under the bed.

Because that space underneath is the home of items that we don’t frequently use, that is often neglected. The items that we think “we need to keep because we might need it in the future” are stored there – things like shoes and clothes which we are not yet ready to part with.

Professional organizers advise that if you have a clothing that you haven’t worn for six to eight months, you can let that go and you will not regret it. So a decluttering schedule of every six months would probably be reasonable for the things stored under your bed.

Dust accumulate under the bed and you don’t want that. Even if it is hidden, you still want to keep that area clean. So vacuuming or mopping the floor probably once every two weeks or a month won’t hurt.

This is another reason why it is very important that you keep this area organized because it will also be easier for you to clean it.


5. Get bed risers and bed skirts.

If you already have super tall beds that have plenty of storage space under it, then you won’t need a bed riser. If you have built-in drawers, you won’t need this too. But if you only have a $100 bed frame from Amazon, then you can make good use of bed risers to elevate your bed and give you more space underneath.

Now to hide that big storage space underbed, coz you don’t want that seen everyday, get some bed skirts. This will look really clean and nice. Just lift up the skirts whenever you need to get something.

All you will see now is a tall and cozy bed.


Okay… that’s it!

Thank you for reading up to the end of this guide.  Start implementing the advice you find here and you are on your way to a well-utilized underbed storage space!

I’ve said this before, but I just can’t help to say this again. You may be a messy person. But you don’t have to be an organization pro to keep your bedroom organized.

Little steps do pile up. And today, simply taking action to organize your underbed space is enough. But remember that when keeping a room organized and clutter-free, consistency is the key.

Don’t give up until you get everything in place, until you finally achieve the organized bedroom that you have imagined. Because it’s very possible, even for a messy person, to make a change and become organized.

Do you have more tips to organize underbed space? If you do, feel free to leave a comment. I’d be very much glad to know about it!


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