Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and the Best Way to Take It

health benefits of hyaluronic acid

Have you heard of Hyaluronic acid? It’s a buzz-worthy ingredient that has taken the beauty and wellness industry by storm. Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating properties and ability to improve skin texture and elasticity, but do you know its other benefits?

Just like finding the perfect workout routine or morning smoothie recipe, it’s crucial to find what works best for you when it comes to supplements and skincare. While hyaluronic acid has been shown to have numerous benefits, it’s important to figure out how to incorporate it into your routine and what product is best for you specifically.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid is an important health and beauty component of the skin. It has been found to be a key factor in anti-aging and longevity, as well as for improved skin health and brightness.

When used in combination with collagen and other beneficial ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid aids in maintaining moisture levels, strengthening skin, reducing wrinkles, diminishing age spots, and improving overall texture(1).

The health benefits are easy to recognize when one looks at the results of using Hyaluronic Acid. It has the ability to revitalize the health of the skin from the inside out!

What are the Health Benefits of HA?

Don’t think that because we are discussing an ingredient that is great for skin, it’s only used by a specific gender. It’s literally for everyone. Hyaluronic acid is an effective health booster that is scientifically proven to promote health benefits for both men and women. It boosts hydration levels which in turn can help skin feel firmer and smoother while keeping it looking overall healthier.

Its benefits go beyond those that you can see. Although that’s a great plus, hyaluronic acid has also been known to aid joint health and reduce the risk of arthritis(2). With all this evidence coming together, it’s no wonder why reputable companies are incorporating hyaluronic acid into their products. It’s the health boost we could all benefit from!

benefits to skin and health

How does hyaluronic acid help with skin appearance?

If you want to improve your skin’s natural glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, then hyaluronic acid could be one of the secret ingredients that need to be added to your regimen.

But, how does it make the skin look radiant and younger? HA helps skin look radiant and younger by retaining moisture, making skin more supple, and also preventing skin dryness(3). You may even notice the benefits even more if you live in a dry climate and struggle with dry skin.

You can also say goodbye to the makeup cake face. Makeup looks smoother and skin appears naturally full when you consistently incorporate HA in your routine.

Some products that have hyaluronic acid also include other ingredients that can boost the benefits. For example, Ella, the daily beauty protein powder from Naked Nutrition, combines collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other natural ingredients like vitamin C and biotin for a perfect balance to help keep your skin looking its best.

Vitamin C helps to protect against free radical damage and sun damage while also assisting with collagen production(4). Biotin is an essential vitamin for healthy hair, nails, bones, and skin.

Collagen vs. Hyaluronic Acid: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to collagen vs. hyaluronic acid, there are some differences. But they work together to turn back the clock on aging!

Collagen is a structural protein commonly found in the body’s skin, bones, and connective tissues. These supplements are known to improve skin moisture, elasticity, and hydration. This allows them to help reduce wrinkles and roughness for a more youthful appearance(5). Plus, many people take collagen to increase their daily protein and maintain a healthy weight.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan that holds onto water molecules like a sponge(6). It adds hydration to your skin and can help reduce wrinkles and protect collagen fibers from damage.

Together collagen and hyaluronic acid work in tandem through various forms, such as serums and powders, to make up the core ingredients of products we learn to love because they provide us a boost in the health and beauty arena.

taking hyaluronic acid included in drinks

What’s the best way to take hyaluronic acid?

Incorporating a new product or routine into your life can be tough, like learning a new dance move. But fear not!

First, read the instructions (yes, even if you’re a self-proclaimed expert). Then, find a way to fit it into your daily groove. When it comes to hyaluronic acid, you have options: incorporate a supplement or lather on some cream.

For maximum benefits, go with an oral supplement – it’s absorbed faster this way. But hey, if you want to slather on some serum too, go for it! Your skin will thank you.

You may also try a Juvederm product. You can access the latest advancements in Juvederm treatments in Austin to experience the rejuvenating power of hyaluronic acid like never before.

Are there side effects?

It sounds so great, right? Like most products, you’ll want to slowly incorporate them and follow specific directions.

Hyaluronic acid is generally considered to be safe and well tolerated. But some people may experience side effects when taking supplements or topical treatments. These include nausea, headaches, dizziness, and skin rashes. If any of these side effects are experienced, it is important to stop using the product immediately and reach out to your doctor.

Go the extra mile.

Going the extra mile in your beauty routine by including hyaluronic acid can have huge benefits in terms of maintaining youthful, hydrated skin.

For extra health benefits, look for products that already have added nutrients like collagen, vitamin C and biotin. They are like the triple treat for gorgeous skin. Now you can look fabulous and feel healthy all at once – sounds like a winning combination to me! 

Who said looking beautiful couldn’t be easy?

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Go the extra mile in your beauty and health routine by including hyaluronic acid. Here's why you should include it, plus the best way to take it!

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