Small Closet Organization Ideas: 20 Easy Solutions

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They say the smaller the closet is, the more difficult it will be for it to stay organized. But this is just a common misconception! There are lots of organizers that can make life easier for you!

All you have to do is use a few styling tricks to make a small closet work! Here are 20 small closet organization ideas that can surely turn things around for you!


Declutter first before you organize your closet. Removing the clothes, accessories and other stuff that you don’t need anymore will surely give you more closet space! 


Clear out seasonal clothes

Instead of keeping these together with your everyday clothes, store them in baskets and plastic bins, then place them at the very top of your closet.


Go minimal

A minimalist closet does not mean you have just a single pair of jeans and two shoes. It means you have what you need.


Store things you barely use on the top shelf

When you have a tall closet, it usually has a top shelf that’s a bit harder to reach. Use this space to store the things that you barely use.


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Get a pants organizer

One good choice for a pants organizer is a simple rod that you just screw into the wall of your closet. Simply hang the pants on the bars.


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