How to Dye Leather Shoes at Home

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Dyeing leather is a popular way of giving a pair of leather shoes a new lease of life. It is a creative, fun & relatively simple way of making an old pair of leather shoes feel brand new.

Need to dye your leather shoes but not sure how? Here’s a simple guide to help you!

Prepare the shoes

You should first remove this coating using a leather deglazer or leather preparer. To do so, coat a clean cloth with the deglazer and then use the cloth to rub away the glaze. 


Test the colours of the dye

While you wait for your shoes to dry, get the test swatches of leather and test out your dye on them. This will help you to determine how many coats it will take to dye the shoe. 


Dye the leather shoes

It is now time to dye the shoes. Before you begin, put some nitrile gloves on and place your dye into a plastic cup. Shake the dye before opening.


Finish the shoes

Once your leather shoes have been painted, they will need to be polished and conditioned. The dyed surface will likely be relatively dry after being coloured.


Ready to dye your leather shoes?

If you want to learn to dye your leather shoes yourself, it’s worth giving it a try! You already have a guide at your fingertips. Just follow it and you’re good to go!

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