5 Insanely Practical Steps to Organize Underbed Storage Space

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The best thing about underbed storage is that it is close by, yet it is out of sight, so it doesn’t have to be pretty or well-decorated like your shelves & closets. But it has to be clean & organized.

Here are five easily doable steps that you can follow to keep underbed storage space clean, organized and free from clutter.

Decide what to store under your bed

It is greatly advised to declutter first before you organize your things underbed – so that you know which ones go to it.


Use storage containers

Storage containers are great organizers and they protect your items from dust, hair, and other unfriendly elements lurking underbed.


Use vacuum sealed bags

Vacuum sealed bags create more space in the bins, especially if you have this one big plastic bin, and you want your items categorized and separated from each other.


Schedule decluttering and cleaning time under the bed

Dust accumulate under the bed and you don’t want that. So vacuuming or mopping the floor probably once every two weeks or a month won’t hurt.


Get bed risers and bed skirts

If you only have a $100 bed frame from Amazon, then you can make good use of bed risers to elevate your bed & to hide that big storage space underbed, get some bed skirts. 


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