20 Awesome Bedroom Shelves for Saving Space

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One of the best things you can do to maximize your space is to install shelves in your bedroom. Let these shelves serve as a storage area, a working desk, a nightstand, or a simple nest for nice decors.

This story will show you different bedroom shelves ideas (mostly are bedroom shelves for the wall) that you can follow to save space in your bedroom, and feel relaxed and at home in it.

Install a floating nightstand

Floating nightstands open the space underneath to visually enlarge the space. It’s the perfect fit for any room!


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Hanging nightstand

Just like the floating nightstand, you’ll save lots of floor space with a hanging nightstand. Not only is this space saving and functional, but it’s a way for you to create your own vibe.


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Maximize the corner with floating shelves

With floating shelves, transform any corner into a bookshelf! This is a great way to save space, and still have a place to display your framed photos or favorite books.


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Install shelves near the ceiling

Install shelves near the ceiling for items that you don’t use a lot. If your room allows it, provide space between the ceiling and the shelves, so that you can still use the space in between.


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Use crates

Wooden crates can be fitted together to create a mini library in your bedroom and a place for some nice decor.


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